1 Ton vs 1.5 Ton AC – Difference Explained!

At the point when one plans to buy an air conditioner, the first and foremost question is what’s the difference between 1 ton vs 1.5 ton ac and which one should I choose?

1 Ton vs 1.5 Ton AC

With summer coming right up, it’s crucial to have an air conditioner installed. In fact, it has become a necessity for every household nowadays.

Let’s start with a basic idea, so the power of ac is measured in tons. It basically refers to the unit of refrigeration effects; the value in the SI unit is 3.5 KW or 210 KJ/per minute.

Let’s not get into those technical terms. So, in layman’s language, a ton is precisely equal to the amount of heat required to melt 1 Ton of ice within a period of 24 hours.

So, the most crucial requirement is to understand the capacity you are looking for and how fast you are looking to get the cooling of the room. And that can be done with both, 1 ton or a 1.5-ton ac.

Further in this article, you will understand the difference between 1.5 ton and 1 ton air conditioners, how they are precisely rated and which one you should choose based on the room size and other vital factors.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in…

1 Ton vs 1.5 Ton Comparison Overview:-


1.5 Ton AC

1 Ton AC


Great effeciency even if you cover wide area of more than 190 SQ Ft

Less effeciency if you are looking to cover large area

Maintainence Costing

Almost same for both



Slightly expensive

Economical in price

Capacity of cooling

Provides better cooling experience

Slightly Less


Cools the room of 180 sq ft fast

Takes a bit longer to cool the room

Electricity Requirement

High Power Requirement

Power effecient


Warranty period is extra for most of the models

Less warranty period (depends on the model)

Essential aspects to consider in an Air Conditioner

If you do not wish to review the complete article and want to go ahead with the expert recommendation, I suggest you consider this excellent brand of 1-ton ac; it is one of the best in terms of features and reliability. For 1.5 ton, you can check this great model on Amazon, which is available at the best price.

I believe this part of the article would cover all the answers that you are looking for, and if by any chance anything gets missed, I’ll make sure it gets covered further in the post.

Now, I’d be sharing some of the most crucial points which you need to focus on to make sure you end up making the right choice.

Lifespan – Purchasing an ac is a considerable investment, and we need to ensure that the product is reliable and durable. Make sure you go through the reviews thoroughly, and the brand needs to be with excellent post-sales service.

Electricity Consumption – Buying an ac is undoubtedly an easy task; however, the recurring cost can most certainly be a matter of concern. Hence, go with a unit that is power efficient (highly rated by BEE) which will ultimately save some money on electricity bills.

Maintenance and Annual Service – This point again covers the recurring cost; some of the air conditioners’ maintenance cost is high. So, it would be even better if you go with an extended warranty period to prevent additional charges.

Now, I am sharing some of the other factors that might require you to select a higher capacity unit. The below chart would help you choose the exact cooling capacity, which matches the room size.

Go with higher capacity only if:-

  • The walls of your room are directly exposed to sunlight.
  • The ceiling height of your room is more than ten sq ft.
  • If there are multiple windows in the room.
  • The room has loads of furniture.
  • Room is situated on higher floors of the building (3rd or higher)
  • If the temperature touches 40 degrees or goes more than that
  • If the external unit (compressor) is mounted on the rooftop

1 Ton vs 1.5 Ton AC: Differences Overview

Difference between 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton AC

I am sure the above information isn’t still enough to choose between 1 Ton Ac or a 1.5 Ton Ac. No worries, I’ve got you covered; below, you will understand what all other aspects make the capacity different.

Now before I dig deep into the article, I must say that initially, I also didn’t have an idea; however, I kept on researching, and it took me a while to understand the clear difference between the two.

So the difference between the two is basically the refrigeration effect that they can provide.

In other words, a 1 Ton of ac would take somewhere around one hour to cool down the room. Simultaneously, a 1.5 ton of ac would take around 30-35 minutes to cool down the similar size of the room. Hence, the area of the room decides the capacity of the air conditioner you should choose.

Ultimately, a 1.5 ton ac has better refrigeration efficiency, and it would be an ideal choice if you are willing to cover a large area.

Also, the fact that the 1.5 ton air conditioner’s coolant area is massive. And because of this improved refrigeration effect, the ability of cooling would be even better. Overall, the cooling system would be highly efficient even with low power requirements.

And as mentioned above, ton basically refers to the unit of refrigeration effect. Its function is simply re-circulation of warm/hot air into cold air. An ac of 1 Ton takes the energy of about 3.5 kW or 210 KJ/per minute to cool the warm air from the surroundings, thus causing the equivalent amount of cooling effect.

1 Ton vs 1.5 Ton AC: Final Verdict of which one should you choose?

1.5 Ton or a 1 Ton AC

Since we have already discussed that the capacity only differs due to the baggage of cooling efficiency, I believe in choosing the right one depends on the size of the room you are looking to cool down.

Both units have their advantages and disadvantages. The 1-ton unit is slightly on the lower side when it comes to pricing, and additionally, it is also lightweight.

Though there isn’t a lot of difference when it comes to service and maintenance, however, you will have to pay extra bills in a higher ton capacity, whereas 1 ton would turn out to be power efficient.

If the room you are trying to cover is around 185 sq ft or more, you can go with 1.5 ton ac because the more expansive area needs better refrigeration. In this case, initially, you will have to pay extra; however, the experience would be exceptional.

For rooms less than 180 square feet, you can choose to opt for the 1 ton ac. Higher capacity can make a smaller room cooler than usual, which at times can be harmful to health.

And if we talk about Indian weather conditions, almost every year, the temperature goes below par, and there is a lot of humidity in the air.

As the amount of humidity in the air is higher, an air conditioner with high capacity would come up with better humidification capabilities.

Purchasing a home appliance like an air conditioner is a huge investment one makes and expects it to work for a more extended period of time. That said, I’d suggest you check all the requirements and then go for a reliable unit. Because spending once is much better than can be appreciated later.

So that was all about the ultimate guide of difference between 1 & 1.5 ton air conditioners. I hope this guide helped you make the right choice. In case of any doubts or queries, please do let me know in the comment section below.

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