Best Kitchen Hobs in India 2023

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In this era, we are moving towards kitchen hobs instead of traditional gas stoves. They are both the same, just that, hobs are considered as the upgraded version.

There might be a chance that you are either renovating your kitchen or building it from scratch. And when you choose to make it even more attractive, you certainly put in a lot of effort.

Best kitchen hobs look far more stylish than the traditional stoves. Additionally, they come with many benefits such as powerful burners, sturdier, and are priced slightly higher.

Usually, you’ll see these hobs built into the kitchen slabs, and you can’t easily remove them. Naturally, it occupies less space.

Now, the market is full of brands and varieties. You get to see many sizes, shapes, features, material, and much other crucial information.

I would therefore suggest you go through the buying guide mentioned right at the bottom of the article. It will first help you understand the one that best suits your requirement.

Later, you can proceed to make a final call. That said, let’s jump to the comprehensive list of best kitchen hobs in India 2023.

Top Built-In Gas Kitchen Hobs in India

Best Kitchen Hob
Best Kitchen Hob

Elica Classic Burner Gas Hob

Glen 4 Burner Built-In Glass Hob

Bosch Gas Hob

Hindware Elisa Gas

Sunflame Hob Class Top

Prestige Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Seavy 3 Brass Burner Built-In Hob

Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop

Glen Built-In Hob

9 Best Kitchen Hobs in India Reviews & Description

1) Elica Classic Burner Gas Hob

Elica is a famous brand known for its high quality and chimneys. We’ve even had a discussion regarding Elica vs. Faber chimney.

That said, they provide value to their products, and that’s what makes them more reliable.

This model from Elica is specially designed to service various types of cooking requirements. 

The cooktop is featured with one dual, one mini triple ring, two double ring, and four different sized burners, which best suits your varied cooking requirements.

The cooktop features a toughened premium glass finish that upscales the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Additionally, it is scratch and corrosion-resistant.

The metallic knobs of this product are made of top-notch quality material. It is fitted with quality metallic operating knobs that have a frictionless rotation to adjust the flame’s temperature.

Most importantly, a smart cast iron pan support around the grid that ensures the cook pots and cookware are stable while you cook. The matte enameling ensures the cooking process becomes entirely safe.

It is designed in a way that can easily match any sort of kitchen decor, making it look more impressive at the same time.

You can even multitask with peace of mind as it has excellent multi-flame controlling features; they are highly efficient and help you speed up the cooking process. Lastly, you get a five years extended warranty on the toughened glass.

  • Quality Metallic Knobs For Better Efficiency
  • Great Design and Color
  • Top-Notch Quality Material
  • Multi Flame Control for Multitasking
  • Toughened Glass Premium Finishing
  • Entirely Stainless Steel
  • Ring Grass Burner
  • Excellent User Reviews
  • NA

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2) Glen 4 Burner Built-In Glass Hob

Here comes the number second of our list. You can undoubtedly trust Glen when it comes to kitchen appliances.

In my opinion, it is a great all in one combo pack. You’ll find it pretty easy to clean as compared to the traditional stoves. It has a thick, toughened glass that ensures maximum safety.

A unique black powder-coated base blend, which enhances the overall decor of your kitchen. You’ll have access to 4 burners, and it is ample space for you to multitask conveniently.

The knobs are extraordinarily robust and sturdy to use; they also have a firm grip and feel the professional look.

Some foods require low steam up to a certain extent. Hence, it includes a European sealed burner especially designed for low heat cooking purposes.

Glen features Italian gas valves to ensure every food you cook gets perfect flame and heat. It keeps the product safe from any sort of leakage.

The Pan’s are strong and can easily balance and accommodate heavy and large utensils, ensuring stability. It is made of a stainless steel drip tray so that you can clean the food spillage easily yet conveniently.

The package comes with four different sized burners, including one big triple burner, one auxiliary burner, and two semi-rapid burners. It features auto-ignition technology and is made of pure aluminum.

  • Excellent Design
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Low Flame Technology
  • No Sim off
  • Extended two years warranty on the product (t&C apply)
  • Toughened Glass
  • Pan Support
  • Drip Tray
  • Italian Gas Valves
  • The warranty is only on the product.

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3) Bosch Gas Hob

This kitchen hob from Bosch is merely outstanding. Though it is priced slightly higher, however, the quality of the gas hob says it all.

One of the best parts that I like is the flame failure safety device. At times, due to any reason, the flame goes off. In those scenarios, the device will automatically shut off the Hob, making it entirely safe.

It is available in a couple of variations. You can go with either 4 or 5 burners as per your requirements. 

That said, both of them have auto-ignition features.

This Hob has a unique and impressive black finishing that can easily match the interiors of your kitchen.

Image of Bosch Gas Hob Features
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The five-burner set comes with two standard burners, one rapid burner, one wok & one economy burner. However, the 4 set comes along with one economy, one wok & two standard burners.

In my opinion, the four sets would be more than sufficient; however, if you have any additional requirements, then you can opt for the five sets.

Both models come with tempered glass that is pretty easy to use and clean. Indian vessels are mostly shaped in curved bottoms.

That said, you can easily place these sorts of vessels instead of a flat one. Let’s now discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Brand Reliability
  • Great Design
  • Purchasing Compatibility
  • Failure Safety Device
  • Great Design Black Finishing
  • Tempered Glass Easy To Clean
  • Amazing Reviews
  • Slightly Expensive

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4) Hindware Elisa Gas

Hindware is a famous brand of home and kitchen appliances. They manufacture quality products at affordable prices.

This model has a great design and size. You’ll get three powerful burners, including one auxiliary burner, one triple ring & one mini triple ring.

It comes with a 1.5 V DC battery operated auto-ignition feature. The pan supports are made of top-notch quality cast iron to give your vessels better stability while you cook.

Just like the above products, it is scratch and corrosion resistant, having an increased lifespan.

You’ll find the spills extremely easy to clean as the glass body is smoothly manufactured with high quality toughened glass.

Image of Hindware Elisa Gas Features
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The product has an impressive and sleek jet black body that matches the interiors of a modern kitchen.

One of the best parts is, this knob is exceptionally spacious in dimensions. It will undoubtedly be a hassle-free experience for you to move massive vessels.

The only thing which I feel requires improvement is the price range. You are getting the value of money; however, extra features could have been provided depending on the price range.

Lastly, you get one comprehensive warranty on the product (T&C apply)

  • Sleek & Compact
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • 3 Powerful Burners
  • Auto Ignition
  • Strong Pan Support
  • Brand Reliability
  • One year warranty on the product
  • Only Built-In Compatible
  • Slightly Expensive

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5) Sunflame Hob Class Top

If you are looking for a decent and straightforward kitchen hob, this model from Sunflame is for you. The best part is it is available at a great price.

A hob is used daily, that said, it has to stand with rough and harsh conditions. Hence, top-notch quality stainless steel is made of top-notch steel and has a non-magnetic matt finish, which makes it durable.

Quality matters the most, they say! Well, yes, that’s correct. Sunflame features high-efficiency brass burners that saves a considerable amount of LPG.

Additionally, the heat and flame are far better than the traditional aluminum gas stoves. At times, we tend to place heated utensils on the Pan.

Image of Sunflame Hob Class Top Features
All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

With Sunflame, you won’t have to worry about that. It is equipped with high-temperature resistant pan support, which has a unique coating.

It has an excellent design and appearance. The toughened glass is break & heat resistant, and you’ll find it a lot easier to clean it. 

Most importantly, the product is scratch and stain proof as well. It is an ideal fit for large families.

Sunflame has always been in more advancement and the latest technologies. It requires very minimal maintenance and will serve the purpose for many years.

You’ll get a two years warranty on the product (T&C apply)

  • Available At Best Price
  • Durable & Robust
  • Excellent Design
  • Spacious
  • Toughened Glass
  • Heat Resistant
  • Matt Finishing
  • Efficient Burners
  • Increased Lifespan
  • 2 Years warranty
  • NA

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6) Prestige Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

A few days back, we discussed stainless steel cookware brands wherein Prestige’s journey was discussed.

If you are a small or medium-sized family, let’s say around 4-5 members, this product would be the most suitable one for you.

It is a three burner auto ignition gas stove that comes with a bunch of convenient features. The cast-iron support of this product gives excellent support and stability to heavy weighted and large utensils.

The best part is that the product is a convertible type. Yes, you read that right. You can even use this as a gas stove or a hob as per your convenience.

The material used is a toughened Schott glass surface that is extremely durable and looks impressive.

When you walk up in the market to buy a hob, it makes sense! And when you say that it’s for Indian kitchen purposes, that helps more.

This Hob provides uniform heat and saves the LPG as well. Prestige features unique sabaf burners that provide long-lasting performance.

With this one, you won’t have to worry about the size as well because it is compact and has an ultra-slim body. It can easily fit in any kitchen size.

  • Unique 3 Sabaf Burners
  • Convenient
  • Brand Reliability
  • Spacious
  • Toughened Glass Material
  • Auto Ignition
  • Schott Glass
  • Excellent Design & Appearance
  • Decently priced
  • Awesome Reviews
  • The material could have been better.

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7) Seavy 3 Brass Burner Built-In Hob

No products found.

I am sure it sounded very new altogether, and that’s correct. Seavy hasn’t been in the market for a long time, and most people are not aware of it.

This model from Seavy is pretty compact and will not occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. Now, the best part is that it includes three different sized burners.

The pan support is extremely robust, it has corrosion and rustproof coating, and the infrastructure is pretty simple to clean.

You can use it without getting worried about peeing off. The burner space and position are designed so that it becomes incredibly convenient for you to use big pots or pans.

The Hob comes with rustproof pan holders, toughened glass cover, and an auto-ignition feature. All these features provide the best performance.

This product has a unique and classy black finish appearance. It is the best fit and will upscale the decor of your kitchen.

Seavy aims to build trust amongst its users by providing exceptional quality and service. They understand the importance of kitchen looks.

Thereby, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the meticulously crafted products specially designed to enhance your culinary experience. You will get a one year warranty with this product.

  • Available at Best Price
  • Toughened Glass Cover
  • Compatible
  • 3 Different Burner Size For Better Convenience
  • Impressive Black Finish
  • Auto Ignition
  • Great Reviews
  • One year warranty
  • Value for Money
  • Users reported stains

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8) Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop

And the second last in the list of best kitchen hobs is another outstanding model from Elica. We will discuss the features and descriptions below.

It should be a perfect match for you if you are a family of around 3-4 members. The Elica Flexi hob comes up with Heavy Brass burners that are different in a couple of sizes.

It has two large size burners and one small. This helps people with multitasking, it helps in variations in cooking and stabilizes the large Pan and pots.

It is pretty easy to use and is a freestanding cooktop. You’ll find it pretty simple and easy to use, and it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Image of Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop
All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

The placement of each burner is done in a way that you get an ample amount of space while you cook. 

The high quality cast iron supports make the Hob entirely safe for you. At times, the large pots become heavy, so it quickly stabilizes the balance.

The Ultra-slim floating design of this kitchen looks premium. It is compact and wouldn’t acquire a lot of space in the kitchen.

You’ll get a two-year warranty on Micro Switch, Spark Plug, Jets, Generators, and burners. Most importantly, the brass burners coated with black heat resistant paint are not covered under warranty. (Additional T&C apply)

  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • Great Safety Measures
  • Ultra Slim and Floating Design
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Impressive Black Finishing
  • 360-degree rotating high-quality knobs
  • Perfect for Small Families
  • The material used could have been better under this price range.

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9) Glen Built-In Hob

This model from Glen is the last recommendation of our list. I feel like it has the most luxurious and premium look on the entire list.

The knobs are robust and sturdy to use. Glen features smart and elegant alloy knobs that firm the grip, making it look professional at the same time.

The knobs are robust and sturdy to use. Glen features smart and elegant alloy knobs that firm the grip, making it look professional at the same time.

The pan support is constructive, they provide incredibly durable enameled MS pan support that can easily withstand heavy utensils with ease.

If you are fond of cooking multiple dishes at a time and having a large family, then Glen would be the ultimate choice for you.

Two of the burners are close, whereas the other 2 have a lot of space, you can cook several dishes simultaneously.

You can cook with peace of mind without worrying about leakage, thanks to its high precision Italian gas valves.

Lastly, you get a two years warranty on the Hob and five years warranty on the glass valve (T&C Apply)

  • Spacious
  • Great Brand
  • Extremely Impressive Design
  • Premium Finishing
  • Italian Double Ring
  • Four burners
  • Water Proof
  • Scratch & Heat Resistant
  • Durable MS Pan Support
  • Excellent Reviews
  • No cons for this product

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Buying Guide For Best Kitchen Hobs

Image of Buying Guide For Purchasing Kitchen Hobs

A kitchen hob is an appliance purchased once, and we expect it to serve us for years. That said, it can’t be removed easily, and if removed, it results in increased cost.

Now that you are planning to purchase one, I’d recommend you to go through the pain of reading the complete buying guide. It’s a matter of 10-15 minutes; however, it is undoubtedly worth it.

Before you go ahead and make a final call, there are a few important details which you need to keep in mind.

Consider the hob size, material, pan support, burners, hob type, and a few other advanced features which we will discuss below.

I’ll make sure the buying guide remains super engaging right till the end. Let’s get started!

Gas Stove vs Electric Stove Infographics

(i) Burner Types

So, typically you’d see three types of burners: single, double, and triple Corona. Let’s understand how it works.

 (a) Single Corona:-  Single ones are rapid, skimmer & semi-rapid. They only provide one ring of flames, which makes it most suitable for low heat cooking purposes.

(b) Double Corona:- As the name suggests, double ones provide two rings of flames in which one is on the outer side while the other is concentrated towards the center.

(c) Triple Corona:- Again, as per the name, triple one provides three rings of flame. The first one is on the outer side, second in the middle, and third in the center, ensuring even distribution.

Most importantly, the double and triple are also named as WOK burners. The WOK burner power is extreme up to 4.5 KW.

However, the single corona standard burner power is around 1.75 KW.

(ii) Accessibility & Control

Knobs are essential in running the Hob. They are typically used to control the flame. Nowadays, there are a variety of designs and dimensions in the market.

That said, most of the hobs have the control knobs either on the top of the top right and sometimes on the front side.

Front side knobs usually were a part of traditional gas stoves. I would recommend you go with a knob with a rubber gasket because it prevents any issue with water interference.

(iii) Surface Of The HOB

Just like we discussed earlier, all the models that I have recommended have either stainless steel surfaces or toughened glass.

These are the only two that I’ll recommend to you. The reason being, these are top-notch quality material and are extremely helpful in resistance to corrosion, scratch, stains, and heat as well.

(iv) Should have to be Spacious

Well, this is the most crucial thing to consider as it will be the only thing which will decide the cooking performance.

Make sure there is ample space with at least two burners so that the heat gets evenly distributed.

Many of the manufacturers make it extremely convenient with even four burners. That’s because the Hob might be of considerable size, and they have maintained an ample amount of space between the burners.

Many of the manufacturers make it extremely convenient with even four burners. That’s because the Hob might be of considerable size, and they have maintained an ample amount of space between the burners.

(v) Material Quality

This is again a critical aspect to consider because it is the only parameter that decides the product’s lifespan.

You will find materials like glass, steel, aluminum, etc. The price slab changes depending on the quality.

I’d recommend you go for the best quality that can prevent damage due to heavyweight utensils.

Image of Best Kitchen Hob In India
All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

(vi) Hob Size

Well, it is imperative to consider the right size so that it can best suit your requirement.

The hob sizes come in a variation of up to 90CM. However, based on user reviews and other resources, 60 CM is the most preferred market size.

Another important aspect is, suppose you are a large family and frequently get into dinner or typical guest gathering. Then you may rethink the size and burner quantity as well.

(vii) Auto-Ignition Feature

In traditional gas stoves, we tend to use lighters or match sticks to burn the flam. Now with the advanced technology, auto ignition has made our lives easier.

Most of the models that I have suggested above have this feature. You can just press the knob to ignite the burner.

This process connects the knob to the burner cord. Additionally, some of them work with batteries as well. Either way, this feature is a must to have in the Hob that you select.

(viii) Safety & Security

And as the topic is regarding burning, it is far more essential to look at it in overall safety aspects.

Most of the models that I have suggested above have the built-in fame guard that cuts off the gas supply entirely if it detects any leakages.

(ix) User Friendly & Easy Maintenance

Almost all of the models come with unique and impressive surface designs. So, cleansing won’t be an issue.

Make sure you clean it with liquid detergent & water every ten days. The reason being, high-quality products automatically shine back once cleaned.

(x) Requirement of Burners

Now, there are several burners available in kitchen hobs. You can get 3, 4, or even more than that. 

Deciding the number of burners depends on your requirement. However, the more burners won’t be that much productive.

I’ll explain why?

Placing four or more burners in a hob consumes a lot of space. Therefore 4 of them would get very minimal space between them.

And you’ll get 1 in the middle. If you are a large family, then 4 or less would work, but I wouldn’t recommend choosing more than that.

That wouldn’t allow you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, as we discussed regarding a single corona burner type.

Those four would only help low heat cooking purposes, but the middle one will generate three rings of high flames.

(xi) Brand Reliability, Price & Warranty

This is where I put a lot of attention, and I would recommend you to do that same. Number one, the brand has to be reliable. It needs to provide a considerable period of warranty.

Lastly, I wouldn’t say that I choose a cheap priced product. See, you can surely get affordable and less priced products as well.

However, the only thing is the service and quality wouldn’t be as per expectation. But it ultimately depends on your budget, whether it is more or less.

For people who are looking for a premium quality product. I would say, choose a product that costs more because it will ultimately provide outstanding performance.

You might spend more in this case, but I assure you that you’ll end up recovering around 10x more than what you spend initially.

Also, check the user reviews before making a final call. In the above models, I have kept all these things in mind.

Now, I’ll share some vital information that you need to keep in mind.

Precautions and Tips While Using Kitchen Hobs

Image explaining Precautions and Tips While Using Kitchen Hobs
All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

Which kitchen hob should you buy? I hope you got the answer in the above recommendation and the “Buying Guide.”

Now, I’ll take this article to the next level and share some information that will be most helpful for you while using Kitchen Hobs.

Let’s dive in!

  • Keep kids away from the Hob while you are cooking.
  • Ensure the gas valve is closed while the Hob is not in use.
  • Please hold the utensils with Handles properly while you cook.
  • If possible, wear safety gloves and a mask as well.
  • Open the gas valve before you ignite the burner.
  • It would be better if you go with removable control knobs.
  • The Auto-Shutoff feature turns the power off when the cooking is completed.
  • Always clean the Hob using liquid soap and hot water.
  • Switch off the Hob while you move the utensils.
  • If you find anything suspicious, seek help immediately.
  • Make sure you do not put any other material boxes or plastics on the top of the stove burners.
Image explaining Precautions and Tips While Using Kitchen Hobs
All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

How To Clean A Kitchen Hob?

  • First, remove all parts of the burners and cooktops
  • Then soak them in hot water & liquid soap.
  • Soak them for around 10-15 minutes.
  • Clean the parts thoroughly.
  • While the parts are soaking, clean the surface gently.
  • Once cleaned, keep all parts in sunlight.
  • Let them get dry completely, which will remove dust and impurities
  • You’re all set after 15-20 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Image of frequently asked questions about kitchen hobs
All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

What is Auto-Ignition Gas Stove?

The Auto Ignition feature helps in lighting up the flame by just pressing the knobs. You’ll find these features in the entire list of products that I’ve recommended.

Which is the Best Hob In India 2023?

Since the list of recommended products that I have created is of 2021. Naturally, the products are currently trending. However, based on your question’s nature, I would say Bosch and Glen have the best products currently.

How long can you use a Kitchen Hob?

Well, it entirely depends as to how you maintain it, such as cleaning, maintenance, usage, installation, and other factors. However, on average, a kitchen hob lasts for around five years.

What is the ideal size of the Hob?

The hobs’ size comes between 60-90 cm; however, 60 cm is the most suitable for around 4-5 family members. Additionally, you can also consider the space in your kitchen.

Is Elica a Good Brand?

Elica is among the most popular brands in kitchen appliances. That said, you can certainly consider them in the kitchen hob as well.

Do Glass Top Stoves break easily?

As we discussed above, toughened glass is one of the best material quality. It can easily withstand heavyweight as it is powerful.

Can you use Cast Iron on Glass Top Stove?

This will make the appliance even more sturdy and durable. The models listed above have pan support.

Is Auto-Ignition necessary for hobs?

We advise you to go with this feature because it will make the process even more convenient for you.

Which pans can’t be used on a Glass Top Stove?

Since the quality is strong and durable, it is compatible, and you can use all sorts of pans.

How do you protect your Glass Top Range?

We suggest you clean it regularly and be a bit more cautious while moving utensils. Cleaning it once a week would be best.

What is the difference between an ordinary gas stove and a kitchen hob?

Kitchen hobs use more electricity and take more cooking time. However, gas stoves use flammable gas, and the cooking process becomes slightly quick.

Is a cracked glass top stove dangerous?

Of Course, it is, in situations wherein the glass gets cracked, we would suggest you contact the manufacturer or local authority and get it fixed.

Is three burners better or four burners?

Well, it depends on your requirement. If you are a small family, then three burners would be more than sufficient for you.

Do glass top stoves cook a bit slow?

The high energy efficient burners are incredibly efficient. They instead increase the cooking time and make it quick.

Are induction cooktops safe to use?

Using the electromagnetic field induction, induction cooktops are undoubtedly safe to cook food.

Can you use a copper chef on a glass top stove?

Yes, you can use it.

How do you remove scratches from the glass stovetop?

Do not use unnecessary chemicals. Use glass cleaning spray and wipe it off gently with a soft cloth.

Can you put a hot pan on a glass top stove?

Yes, the hobs are heat resistant, so you can surely put them in a hot pan as well.


This brings me to an end of the best kitchen hobs in India 2023. I hope you find the guide helpful.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, we all tend to put extra efforts to ensure we have all the useful amenities, making it look stylish at the same time.

After hours of comprehensive research, I gathered all these details, including buying guides and FAQs. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to post it in the comment section below.

I’ll be glad to answer it all!

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