Best Water Purifiers In India 2020

Hey, are you thinking of purchasing one of the best Water Purifiers in India to purify the Water?

If your answer is yes, then definitely you are at the perfect place.

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The concern here is everything from Water to air, and food is being harmed by pollution.

We all should be thankful for water purifiers. By installing a water purifier in the home, we can drink safe and pure Water with peace of mind.

Yes, we all get confused because of multiple marketing terms such as UF, TDS, RO, and UV…


Let’s make it most simple here, the TDS level in your water source should be less than 300PPM.

If it is more than that, then Water Purifier is must required in your home.

Based on complete research, we are here so that you get the value of your money.

Almost every water purifier comes up with a merger of UV and UF filters, which makes sure the Water is more than 100% pure and safe.

Also, we would highly suggest you go through the Water Purifier buying guide and details just at the end of this article to make sure you can get in-depth knowledge regarding the greatest and latest technologies.

Let us know if you have any doubts or questions selecting water purifier purchase, and please do let us know in the comment section, we’ll answer that as soon as possible.

4 Best Water Purifiers In India 2020

1) Kent Grand 8- Litre Mineral RO and UF/UA Water Purifier

Image of Kent Grand 8- Litre Mineral RO and UF/UA Water Purifier which is one of the best water purifiers under 20000

Kent is a brand that has managed to keep an excellent reputation in the market as whenever we talk about Water Purifiers, the very first thing we think is the name “Kent.”

They have some fantastic products and especially water purifiers.

  • Capable of 8 Liters
  • Food Grade Plastic Tank Material
  • Indications of Water Level
  • Best Fit for Home
  • RO T M Invented Technology
  • Reassured Double Purification of Water

Specs Overview:-

This specific model of Kent comes up with an acquire TDS Control, including RO ™ technology, which makes sure you get the purest and freshest drinking water for yourself and your family.

This water purifier is supreme for almost every condition as it can easily handle direct water supply and regular, grounded Water.

Kent Grade 8 model is slightly different from its squint as it comes initially enabled with an advanced dual water purification facility that contains RO and UF/UV.

This latest technology gets completely rid of the contamination, including viruses, bacteria, and solvate salts, which makes sure you get the purest Water.

During the water purifying process, it is natural to lose the minerals; however, the exception feature TDS controller helps in getting the crystals back, which gets lost during the purifying process to ensures to give you the pure and luscious drinking water.

There is a unique Computer Controlled Operation, and it also has a high water storage capacity.

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2) Havells Max 8- Liter RO UV Water Purifier

Image of Havells Max 8- Liter RO UV Water Purifier which is one of the best water purifiers under 20000

Havells is also one of the believed Brand of Water Purifiers In India.

This device utilizes both UV and RO proficiency, which makes sure you get more than 100% of pure and freshwater. They are famed for their fantastic bodily aspect.

  • Capable of 8 liters 
  • Revitalizer restructures the water molecules
  • Best Budget RO water purifier
  • Purification Technology- UV+RO
  • Mineralizer Function Restores lost Minerals

As mentioned above, one of the best parts about this Water Purifier is that it has the dual water purification system to purify Water.

Specs Overview:-

The UV Purification technology gets rid of any remaining bacteria or virus, and the RO Membrane destroys the bacteria, viruses, or any other kind of impurities. The dual system ensures you get 100% pure water.

This model from Havells comes up with a fantastic mineralizer facility by which a solid substance not only freshen up the RO purified water with necessary minerals but also sort out the value of the Water.

Overall, the complete process assures that you get pure and tasty drinking water anytime.

The best part about Havells Water Purifiers is that it comes with initially activated Revitalizer that reorganizes the water molecules which biologically activate them; hence it enhances the mineral soak volume of Water and improves the water moisturization.

This is an ideal artificial appliance that has the latest and smart iProtect feature, which makes sure the water purifying process remains continuously up and running.

The most convenient part about this Water Purifier is its creative make and design, and you can place it anywhere in your home, or you can even hang it on the wall as per your preference. It also has the Food Grade tank included.

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3) LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UF + UV + Mineral Booster Water Purifier

Image of LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UF + UV + Mineral Booster Water Purifier which is one of the best water purifiers under 20000

LG is a kind of Brand that is right at the top of all consumable things throughout the world.

Whenever we see an Appliance or we talk about it, the very first name which comes in our mind is LG.

Not only electronics, but LG also has some impeccable Water Purifiers designs as well.

  • Capable of 8 liters
  • Mineral Booster
  • Dual Protection Steel Tank
  • Digital Sterilizing Care
  • UV, IF and RO Filtration

Specs Overview:-

The best and the unique part about this Water Purifier from LG is that it has a high Spotless Steel Tank, whereas almost every Water Purifier model has the plastic tank.

LG is the first one in the industry to accomplish Sterilizing Technology in the Water Purifier.

It has five unique ways of purification, which is 5 Stage RO Filtration system consists of internal sediment filter, RO membrane layer, pre, and post activated carbon filter, mineral booster, and the external sediment filter.

LG mentions True Filtration technology.

With the help of the Mineral Filter, it automatically re-enters the crucial minerals which are removed during the filtration process.

Besides, there is a dedicated faucet on the appliance whereby you can wash the fruits and vegetables directly in the sink.

The intelligent Ultraviolet Rays purifies the Water for around 75 minutes every 6 hours to avoid the bacteria and germs from reproducing.

It has a smart Water Level Indicator, UV Sterilizing, and great filter.

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4) Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus 6 liters UV+ RO+ MTDS Water Purifier 

Image of Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus 6 liters UV+ RO+ MTDS Water Purifier which is one of the best water purifiers under 20000

Eureka is also one of the trusted brands and manufacturers of Water Purifier and other appliances.

As the same, this Brand also uses the dual purification process, which makes sure the inventory of more than 100% of fresh and pure Water.

  • Capable of 6 liters
  • Electricity Saving Mode
  • Food Grade Plastic Tank
  • MTDS controller
  • UV+ RO purification technology

The model of Eureka Forbes Water Purifier has the capacity of treating all sources of Water, which includes natural, grounded Water, bore wells, tankers, or Well Water.

It is a value of your money as it has the most extensive 6 phase water purifying technology which includes:-

Pre Filter to get rid of abundant germs and bacteria

Specs Overview:-

Chemi Block with an inbuilt bit trap filter to get rid of bad smell and mixed organic infected contaminants.

Membrane Life Booster avoids and removes the scale of mixed salts like Calcium and Magnesium

The feature RO Membrane is used to remove TDS, which is the hardness of the Water and remove excessive hardware like lead and arsenic.

The taste enhancer re enter’s the essential minerals which are lost during the filtration process

Once the Water gets purified by the RO, it again destroys the bacteria and germs with the UV Disinfection chamber

It is an excellent fit for around 4 to 5 family members as it is capable of 6-liter water storage.

The design and weight of this appliance are very convenient as you can easily hang it on the wall, or you can either place it anywhere in the home.

It has automated LED Indicators, which indicates a lack of water supply, any defect in the appliance, and purification process.

It has a very long life of purifying, which is around 6000 liters water as the RO Cartridge is designed everlasting.

The existence of the TDS regulator makes sure to refill the necessary minerals that get lost during the purification process. Thereby, you

This is an intelligent appliance in multiple ways. It automatically gets turn off once it detects that the tank is full of Water, which is power-efficient.

The Smart Plus feature deals and adjust the machine accordingly during times of voltage fluctuations between 150 and 270V.

This model is still considered to be one of the Best Water Purifiers In India

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