Best Folding Study Table India 2023

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6 Best Folding Study Table In India 2020

Nowadays, the demand for a folding table has increased drastically, the reason being, most of the people are working from home.

Hence, it becomes a bit comfortable to work or read from anywhere as per your convenience.

There are great models of folding table for students as well that you can choose especially for your kids.

If you are looking for students, then you’ve to make sure the table is multi-faceted so that reading & writing shouldn’t become inconvenient after a few hours.

Further, I am going to list down the six best tables that are adjustable in height and are incredibly spacious.

Let’s get started!

Folding Study Table In India Online

6 Best Folding Study Table In India 2020

Folding study tables have been considered a piece of essential furniture for the home for ages.

They have top-notch quality material used which is odourless & non-toxic. Additionally, they are designed in a way that allows a person to install them easily into any corner.

Even if you have a small-sized room, these tables are incredibly portable and pre-assembled. Once you receive it, you’re all set to use it right away.

The best part is that they are incredibly lightweight and compact. In addition to a perfect place to study or work, you’ll get abundant storage space where you can keep other stuff as well.

Further, in this list, I’m going to mention six best folding study tables. After hours of intensive research, I’ve shortlisted the brands to ensure you get the value of your money.

Let’s dive in!

1) Smart Shelter Folding Study Table

Smart Shelter Folding Study Table

First one we have is a smart, portable and foldable product. It has an intelligent tilting platform with an easy locking mechanism to ensure ease of work.

Somebody can use the product as a study table, individual dining table or a laptop table at any elevation and comfortable angle.

The material used is of top-notch quality, the premium quality high-density particleboard top & steel body for extended durability and great feel.

 Smart Shelter Folding Table

It can be used comfortably by all age groups; the height has an adjustable mechanism within 22″ – 30″.

The mechanical design makes it one of the sturdiest study/laptop tables for rough & tough use, ensuring increased lifespan.

Specs Overview:-

  • Top Material – Engineering Wood
  • Colour – Black
  • Type of Wood – Metal
  • Dimensions – 55 x 40 x 10 xm
  • Model Number – SSLP99
  • Weight – 7.62 KG
  • Extremely Sturdy & Strong
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Convenient for all age groups
  • Easy to assemble small table with wheels
  • Adjustable Desk as per your convenience
  • Top-Notch Quality Material and increased lifespan
  • Instruction & User Manual isn’t included.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total height of the laptop table when extended upwards?

Approximately 3 feets

Does this product include an auto wheel lock facility?

Yes, it includes an auto-lock feature.

Can I use it for YouTube videos?


Can I keep a TV on it?

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2) Portronics POR-895 Adjustable Laptop Table

Portronics POR-895 Adjustable Laptop Table

This one of the robust and adjustable folding tables, the vertical extension of angular and leg adjustments (0-30 degrees) of the top.

The design is beautiful with beautiful finishing. You can easily fold the legs, which makes it highly portable.

While working from home, we realized that a dedicated & comfortable space needs to be in place. That said, the compatible strength and size ensure that all types and sizes of laptops can be mounted with ease.

Additionally, you’ll get a separate dedicated space to keep the mouse. It includes soft notches given on one side of the flat top to prevent things from rolling down when tilted.

Portronics POR-895 Adjustable Laptop Table

The laptop protection, noiseless & cooling fan speed of 1800 RPM ensures that the laptop remains cool even after hours of usage.

Somebody can wipe the smooth top with a moist clean cloth without even affecting the top body part.

This cooling pad laptop table is compatible with almost all sort of sizes and dimensions available so far in 2023.

Specs Overview:-

  • Top Material – Soft Silica Rubber Material
  • Colour – Brown
  • Type of Wood – NA
  • Dimensions – 52 x 30 x 9.5 cm
  • Model Number – POR895
  • Weight – 1 KG 500 Gram
  • Quality of the wood is excellent.
  • Extremely Lightweight & Convenient
  • Aesthetically Classy
  • USB 2.0 available to connect the cooling fan with a laptop
  • Sturdy and Robust Material
  • Value for money
  • Table at times not stable on the bed, you need to set again.
  • A bit uncomfortable with large sized laptops

Frequently Asked Questions

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3) Qualimate Folding Laptop Table

Qualimate Folding Laptop Table

It has the most classy look in the entire list. The laptop table is manufactured of a tightly bonded triple-layer board that includes matte wooden textured top layer.

The foldable legs of the product make it even convenient & portable. You can even carry it to your office or on vacation.

As per my experience, whatever things you go with, it becomes a bit comfortable after a certain extent when you are working while sitting on the bed.

Hence, it elevates the visibility to a perfect eye level. You won’t have to change positions or minimize the neck to access the device.

 Qualimate Folding Adjustable Laptop Table

It ensures to prevent disorders such as neck pain, stiffness, backache which may get caused by sitting long hours in the bent posture.

The powder-coated finish on the steel legs is specially designed to maintain the best possible durability & stability.

Specs Overview:-

  • Top Material – Durable Material
  • Colour – Pick your own choice colour
  • Type of Wood – High-Density Fiber Wood
  • Dimensions – 60 x 40 x 5 cm
  • Model Number – Black Laptop Table, foldable & adjustable
  • Weight – 200 Gram
  • Robust & Sturdy build quality
  • Excellent design and appearance
  • Extremely spacious and durable
  • You can adjust legs with ease with padding.
  • Leg padding is not sturdy, packaging requires improvement.
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4) Lap Desk Nnewvante Bed Tray Table

Lap Desk Nnewvante Bed Tray Table

It is one of the latest tables in the market with fantastic user reviews. Once you open its two legs, it can be used as a bed tray as well.

It is an incredibly perfect fit for a 15.6 inches laptop, and you get a dedicated space for the mouse. The portable lap desk ensures that you can get your work done from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

The folding legs are for easy storage, and you’ll get a storage drawer as well, which will be helpful in case you have extra accessories.

The best part is that you’ll get access to the phone and tablet slots to the cord holes for convenient charging access.

Lap Desk Nnewvante Bed Tray Adjustable Folding Table

It can serve multiple purposes with ease such as breakfast in a bed tray, lap desk, standing Desk for office workers, writing desk for kids & so on.

The magnet tabletop lock can also stabilize the table whenever you want to use it for writing or dining. Additionally, you’ll get five different adjustable tilt angles.

Specs Overview:-

  • Top Material – Bamboo Material
  • Colour – Availability of Blue, Black & White
  • Type of Wood – High-Quality Wood
  • Dimensions – 55.1 x 35.1 x 22.9 cm
  • Model Number – Nnewvante 
  • Weight – 3 Kg 180 Gram
  • Excellent Design & Spacious
  • Product Packaging is very well.
  • You can easily elevate the head of the Desk.
  • Has a main & a mini desk ( mini one doesn’t move)
  • Sturdy & Spacious
  • Robust material and great user reviews
  • Slightly Expensive
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5) Tarkan Classico Bedside Portable Table

Tarkan Classico Bedside Portable Table

It is made of natural wood surface material that is smooth and non-toxic. The premium quality plyboard is water and dirtproof. Moreover, it is elementary to clean.

The table is compact and effortless to assemble; it includes components such as tightener, wheels and its screwdrivers.

You can adjust the height as per your convenience. It is ideal for all age groups to use it for different purposes.

Tarkan Classico Bedside Portable Table

Wheels of the table are lockable to prevent unwanted movement and better stability. The four wheels bottom design makes it easy to move around or relocate as it is lightweight.

I would suggest you do not use it for heavy-duty tasks like printers. However, it is steady & robust enough to hold laptops or books.

Specs Overview:-

  • Top Material – Natural Wooden Surface
  • Colour – Availability of Beige & Black
  • Type of Wood – NA
  • Dimensions – 66.2 x 45.6 x 7.2 cm
  • Model Number – Classico 
  • Weight – 4 Kg 460 Gram
  • Multipurpose & Occupies Less Space
  • Extremely spacious to place mouse, coffee mug etc
  • Highly Adjustable and can be used for multipurpose.
  • Includes user manual and other accessories
  • Excellent User Reviews and available at best price
  • Manufacturing could have been better.
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6) Cubix Engineered Wood Table

Cubix Engineered Wood Table

This model is extremely versatile in its approach. You’ll get ample space while doing homework, eating food or using a laptop on the sofa or bed.

The lap table has excellent compression resistance; it is manufactured of powder-coated metal tubes and top-notch quality engineered wood that makes the structure sturdy & durable.

These powder-coated metal legs are foldable to make daily storage even more straightforward. It has an excellent design and appearance, which will surely enhance the overall interiors of the house.

Cubix Engineered Wood Table

You can use it for different purposes such as laptop computer dining tables or as a studying desk. All age groups can use it.

Specs Overview:-

  • Top Material – Engineered Wood
  • Colour – Design 002 (Brown)
  • Type of Wood – Metal
  • Dimensions – 69.8 x 47.1 x 7.4 cm
  • Model Number – TBL011 
  • Weight – 3 Kg 100 Gram
  • Excellent Finishing & Design
  • Great dimensions super wide
  • The black foam on the legs looks feathery.
  • Additional assistance and excellent service
  • Easy to fold and great aesthetics
  • Packaging needs improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

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Study Table Desk – Explained!

Top 6 Best Folding Study Table In India 2020

The laptop desk is in one of the different kinds of furniture that’s available in today’s market and can be used for various purposes.

Because of the pandemic, most of the people are working from home. Hence, it gives you the convenience to do your work from anywhere.

It is incredibly compact as the height, weight; legs can be adjusted. Additionally, the auto-locking system lets you work with peace of mind.

Some people are experiencing a dilemma, whether it is good to invest in these kinds of mini furniture online. My answer to them is yes; the compact table is undoubtedly a value for money.

It can be used as a multifunctional study desk, laptop desk, reading, working & writing desk. You can easily clean it using a cotton smooth dry or wet cloth.

There are several varieties in the market. These tables have a foldable design, sturdy & compact, which gives you ample space while you are doing your work.

You can easily fold and place it anywhere when it’s not in use. It is the best suitable fit for people who love to work sitting on the sofa or bed.

Most of the models are manufactured using MDF coated plywood material that’s among the best in the market.

Either way, the investment is very minimal, and it is conducive in overall every aspect.

Multi Purpose Folding Study Table Desk in India 2023

Top 6 Best Folding Study Table In India 2020

As the name suggests, multipurpose folding study tables can be used for multiple purposes. 

These are entirely compatible with smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop and few other compact electronics. You can use it to watch tv, work purpose, eating breakfast/dinner and students can study with ease.

You can ed breakfast table or a study table which you can install anywhere, and it’ll serve the purpose in the best possible manner.

These tables are pretty easy to clean. Moreover, the surface is designed in a way that it gets compatible with almost all dimensions of laptop, smartphones etc.

Moreover, the locking system is extremely efficient; it auto-locks the legs wherever you place it, which makes it even stable.

The height of these folding study tables is designed in a way that it matches the precise eye-level, ensuring complete convenience.


This brings me to an end to the folding study table reviews. After hours of comprehensive research, I shortlisted these six models, which are highly rated.

I’d also recommend you to make sure the product is made of high-quality material and go through the user reviews thoroughly before making a final call.

In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to post it in the comment section below:-

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