Best Home Appliances Brands of 2023 in India

Buying an appliance for our home in India can be slightly confusing as there are a lot of brands available in the market and we therefore look for the Best Home Appliances Brands In India. Thereby, we need to make sure that we choose the right brand, and most importantly, it has to be a value of our money.

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At some point or the other, all of us buy appliances for our houses as those are the only things that will stay with us for a more extended period of time.

These appliances are for daily use and are extremely important; I would say it is far more critical first to research the brand and its reliability and then go with it.

Being a customer myself, I understand it’s imperative to spend money in a brand which is reliable and provides a hassle-free experience.

Another way, we also tend to take advice from our friends or any family members and are perfectly fine with that.

I would say this is also one of the best ways to make a decision. Reason being the fact that they have used and experienced the brand and its reliability, all have been witnessed.

Having said that, I just wanted to express my thoughts based on my research skills and expertise. 

Below I have listed the best brands bases on the customer choices and reviews.

Keep reading to see the complete list:-

Major Area of Concern :-

There are a lot of questions which gets triggered in our mind as we look forward to buying:-

  • Which is the best brand?
  • What is the capability of the brand?
  • Is the brand reliable?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • How about the post-sale service?
  • Why should I trust this brand?
  • Have I thoroughly gone through the reviews and ratings? And many more…

A lot of times, we go ahead and buy the brand suggested by one of our friends or family members; however, at times, it can be challenging as well while making the right choice.

Don’t you worry, after comprehensive research and based on the latest reviews. We have made it the most straightforward and most relaxed for you by listing the top best home appliances brands in India.

By the end of this article, you will be able to figure out the right brand to buy home appliances.

India Consumer Electronics, Kitchen & Home Appliances Brands In India 2023

1) Whirlpool

Image of whirlpool company which is one of the best home appliances brands

The headquarters of Whirlpool India is in Delhi/NCR Gurugram. Whirlpool is primarily engaged in manufacturing appliances like Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Refrigerators and a lot more.

The very first manufacturing of Whirlpool was in Pondicherry. They entered India late in the 1980s as part of its global expansion strategy. Their business was started under a joint venture with the TVS group.

The reputed brand acquired Kelvinator India Limited and got a remarkable entry in the Refrigerator market as well. Two of the brands were consolidated to establish, Whirlpool of India Limited.

Customer Care Number:- 1800-208-1800 (Toll-Free)

2) Samsung

Image of samsung company which is one of the top 10 kitchen appliances brands

The second most trusted best home appliance brand is Samsung. It is ranked in the top 10 reputed brands across the globe. Samsung is also the senior leaders in technology globally with their massive success in electronics.

Most importantly, Samsung justifies its reputation as they can build top value in top home appliances as well, like Washing Machines, Cooking Appliances such as Pressure Cookers, Air Conditioners, and Refrigerators.

Customer care number:- 1800-40-7267864

3) Haier

Image of Haier company which is one of the top 10 home appliances brands

As per the Euro monitor Statistics report of the year 2003, Haier was declared as the 2nd vast Home Appliance brand across the globe. Haier initially started its business in 1984 In China.

They currently have a manufacturing plant in Pune, and overall they have around 33 up and running operations in India now. The Group is completely supplemental to the Haier Appliances India Pvt. Ltd.

Customer care number:- 1800 40 7267864

4) LG

Image of LG company which is one of the best kitchen appliances brands

LG is one of the greatest brands. In the 21st century, they invented a lot of new products with the latest technology like Smart TV’s, Cell phones, Laptops, Computers and a lot more. LG is basically a South Korean multinational company.

The best part about LG is its logo, which indicates a lot. The letters L and G are in the circle, which represents a smiling face. The logo is also emblematic of humanity, youth, and the world.

LG is an excellent reputed brand that made its presence and reputation in the Indian market. They manufacture almost every home appliance in addition to the electronics.

Customer care number:- 1800-315-9999

5) Godrej

Image of Godrej company which is one of the best home appliances brands

Godrej is considered to be one of the best brands. Their Group is an Indian conglomerate, and its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

It all began in 1958 when they invented their first Refrigerator (Fridge) that was in India. And today they are all set for the upcoming latest technologies, washing machines, cooking technologies, air conditioners and a lot more to a very great extent.

Not only this, Godrej is the only brand who can manufacture HFC and CFC- HCFC free refrigerators in India.

Customer care number:- +91-22-6796 5656/5959

6) IFB

Image of IFB company which is one of the best kitchen appliances brands

IFB is a kind of brand that focuses on the permanent resolutions to make everything convenient, like preparing food, washing clothes, cleaning, making and reheating dishes using Microwave Ovens, and a lot more. The operation of IFB was started in 1974 in India.

IFB is known for its continual high-quality material and latest technologies in India. IFB is a reputed brand manufacturing since its inception for over three decades.

One of the most essential parts, IFB, is the only company to design and manufacture India’s first-ever front load washing machine.

Customer care number:-  1860-425-5678

7) Bosch

Image of Bosch company which is one of the best home appliances brands

When it comes to Consumer goods in India, Bosch is an excellent brand of providing services and the latest technology.

Bosch is an excellent multinational engineering company, and its manufacturing operation was started in 1951, which has grown massively over time. Currently, it includes seven application and development centers and overall 18 manufacturing sites, which is tremendous.

Furthermore, Bosch Home Appliances definitely worth your money as they are wholly dedicated towards intelligent, appealing, and reliable permanent resolution so that they can make our life more accessible than ever.

Besides that, if we talk about the reviews and choices of customers, Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of appliances like Dishwashers, Dryers, washers, and the best kitchen appliances in India. 

Customer care number:-  +91 80 6752 1111

8) Voltas

Image of Voltas company which is one of the best kitchen appliances brands

Voltas Limited is a specialized manufacturer company in Air Condition, and also known as Tata Enterprise. 

They are considered one of the world’s leading engineering and service providers company, they are also known as India’s largest AC manufacturing company,

The company provides technology solutions to a vast extent in areas like ventilation, air conditioning refrigeration, and heating. Voltas (a Tata Enterprise) was founded in 1954 in India. 

Besides that, as we discussed earlier. They are the experts in cooling technologies such as refrigeration equipment, industrial air conditioning, room split, and window air conditioners.

Customer care number:-  1860-599-4555 (Toll-Free)

9) Hitachi

Image of Hitachi company which is one of the best home appliances brands

Japanese companies are also the best when it comes to technical services and solutions. Hitachi started their business in the 1930s in India, and now they have around 25 bases in India, having more than 10,000 employees working.

One of the best parts about their brand name is, it makes sense and is very inspirational. In the Japanese language “”Hi”” is referred to (Sun) whereas “”Tachi”” is referred to (Rise) which makes it Sunrise: )

The very first product invented by Hitachi, which was an electric motor, now provides a vast range of home appliances such as Chillers, Air Conditioners, and Refrigerators.

The company is wholly focused on the expansion of supplies of top-notch quality technology and products.

Customer care number:-  1860-258-4848

10) Blue Star

Image of Blue Star company which is one of the best home appliances brands in the world

Finally, yet importantly, the last company which we have on our list is Blue Star, India’s leading commercial refrigeration and air conditioners manufacturing company.

The best part is that Blue Start has a few manufacturing plants within India, such as in Dadra, Wadham, Ahmedabad, and Himachal. The company is capable enough to attain and fulfill the requirements for both Residential and Corporate customers.

Besides, Blue Star also manufactures attractive, high-quality water purifiers for both residential and corporate customers.

Customer care number:-  1800-209-1177

Most Popular Home Appliances Companies in India

The above was the complete list of the best brands till date, we have done research recently in 2023, so just after the lockdown gets over, you are all set to get the best appliance of the best brand.

Apart from these 10, there are still other great brands available in the market. The ten mentioned brands are topping the chart because of its reputation and services.

I hope you all like this article, if you have any suggestion or advice, feel free to share your opinions in the comment section.

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