IFB vs LG – Which is the better Washing Machine Brand in India?

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Throughout the research and buying journey, there are a lot of efforts which get in place to make sure the product that we choose is worth our money.

We live in an era having more of advancement & upgradability. One of the most important aspects to make our lives easier is to have a product that reduces the workforce and saves time at the same time.

Hence, this article is all about the comparison between IFB vs LG washing machines in India. We’ll discuss where exactly both the brand stands, their reviews, the features they use, the quality, performance and what makes them different altogether.

There are a countless number of brands & varieties of washing machines in the market. I’ll make sure I stick to the point and answer all your questions so that you won’t have to research anywhere else on the web.

Just as I mentioned regarding brands & varieties, there are a few things that you should need to keep in mind to make sure the function & type which you select best suits your requirement.

(i) Material & Build Quality of the Drum

(ii) Water Flow (Availability, Flow & Type)

(iii) Motor Quality and Speed Capability

As a buyer, these three things are most crucial for you to make sure the appliance can be long-lasting and fits precisely as per your requirement.

Now, let’s proceed with some important information about the brands, keep reading to go through essential information…

IFB vs LG Washing Machines – [ Comparison Overview ]

Image of comparison between IFB vs LG Washing Machines

Let’s start with LG

LG Washing Machine Technologies

Image explaining the technologies used in LG Washing Machines

LG is one of the top South Korean brands, not only in the Indian market but across the globe. They have earned their reputation in the market because of their top-notch quality and service.

Not only in electronics but washing machines as well they have earned trust in the Indian market.

They provide many models and technologies like semi & fully automatic. Additionally, you can get great top & front load washing machines as well with unique inverter technology.

The brand acquires 32% of the Indian market in terms of electronics. From quite some time, they are continuously coming up with innovative features & technologies to make it most convenient for their users.

So, below we will discuss some of the excellent features of LG.

Image of LG or IFB washing machines

(i) 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

This is something most convenient for the users. Some of the LG front loading washing machines have up to 6 wash motions including Swing, Tumble, Filtration, Rolling, Stepping & Scrubbing.

You can choose any of these motions in the wash cycle depending on the fabric type as every fabric requires extra care.

For delicate clothes, you can use light & soft programs, and for the stubborn stains on jeans sort of clothes, you can use the scrubbing & swing motions.

These motions result in extreme efficiency, and you will certainly experience the best washing experience.

(ii) Twin Wash Technology

Just in one unit, you can certainly take advantage of 2 washing machines with the help of twin wash technology.

I’ll explain how it goes!~

So, in twin wash, you will get two separate drums for the wash cycle. One is the first drum and the other mini.

In the main drum, you can wash your heavy clothes whereas in the mini drum you can wash the soft clothes like undergarments, socks etc.

You will see the main drum right at the front and just below that there is a mini drum.

The main drum has a heavy motor, and in the secondary drum, the motor is slightly less powerful.

It gives you the ultimate & sophisticated washing cycle; this technology hasn’t been replicated in any of the models yet.

(iii) Turbo Drum

The turbo drum is designed to enhance the overall washing efficiency. The feature takes care of the fabric in the best possible manner.

So, in this technology, the drum rotates in multiple directions to make sure the stubborn stains are removed with ease.

In conventional machines, you’d only see the drum rotating during the wash cycle. However, with this feature, both drum and pulsator rotate to speed up the process.

At the same time, this feature prevents rough scrubbing, which can accidentally damage the clothes.

(iv) Auto Restart

At times, we experience power outages at the location, and that causes an interruption in the washing cycle.

Thus, to avoid some hard work, LG models have the Auto Restart feature. 

The machine will automatically start from it left during the power outage. You won’t have to press any button manually.

Once the machine connects back to power, it will automatically instruct and continue the wash cycle.

(v) Direct Drive Technology

In traditional models, the drum is connected via gear & belts to the motor. So, it makes more noise and vibration during the process.

However, in the direct-drive technology, there is a heavy motor installed which is directly connected to the drum.

The moving parts aren’t connected; it, therefore, reduces the noise and vibration. Additionally, it also helps in saving electricity as well.

(vi) Inverter Technology

This is extremely useful and makes sense altogether. So, in older models of machines, the speed of the washing cycle remains the same during the operation.

However, with the inverter technology, you’ll only have to pay for the usage. I’ll explain how it goes.

Inverter technology in washing machines is pretty simple; it automatically detects the load inside and adjusts the speed accordingly.

If you have less laundry, the machine will lower down its speed depending on the requirement.

It fluctuates the speed depending on the load. Hence, it helps in saving a considerable amount of electricity bills.

(vii) Steam Allergen Cycle

As we discussed, LG is primarily focused on user experience and convenience. The allergen cycle provides a hygienic wash experience.

There are generally three processes the machine goes through in this technology.

  • Dissolution
  • Sanitization
  • Removal

The entire three processes ensure there’s no allergen left. Additionally, the clothes remain intact and fresh for a longer period of time.

(viii) Smart Diagnosis Feature

LG has come up with this feature just to make sure you don’t have to wait longer in case of any service issue.

It ensures that if there is any basic functioning discrepancy, then you can easily get it fixed through your cell phone itself.

Let’s understand how it works.

You will just have to download the Smart ThinQ application in your smartphone. Once downloaded, you can easily get the machine paired to the app.

It gives you access to control it through the cell phone. Moreover, you can also diagnose and perform basic troubleshooting steps.

(ix) Turbo Wash 2.0

This technology is specially designed to speed up the wash cycle process. It utilizes the twin jet spray.

It splashes high-pressure water onto the clothes which get rid of the stubborn stains and make the process even more effective.

Additionally, it helps in removing excess detergent from the clothes effectively. 

My recommendation for LG

LG Washing Machines Recommendation

There is a wide range of LG units in the market, however, based on the recent research. I’ll share a couple of great models that you can go with; additionally, you can check higher and lower capacities for those same models right here.

So, this was about the LG technologies, let’s now discuss the technologies used by IFB washing machines and how useful they are.

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IFB Washing Machine Technologies

Image explaining the technologies used in IFB washing machines

(i) Foam-Control

Many people have the perception that using more foam would result in better cleaning efficiency; however, that’s certainly not the case!

The clothes won’t get rubbed properly because of extra foam and additionally it also blocks the pump of water from the washing machine.

This results in clothes not washed properly. The excess foam typically gets generated by using too much detergent.

IFB has a great foam control technology. It has inbuilt sensors which detect the new foam formation.

The sensor then pumps in more water to the drum to dilute the foam. And before resuming the wash cycle, it then pumps out the diluted foam so that the clothes are washed efficiently.

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(ii) Aqua Energy Technology

Hard water is one of the greatest concerns in India. IFB has designed this feature to convert the hard water into soft water for a better washing experience.

The Aqua energy filter breaks down the bicarbonate into small microscopic crystals that are found in hard water.

This process increases the detergent efficiency, the more results by the detergent, the better cleaning of clothes.

It helps save the fabric and reduces the detergent wastage. It also removes the excess detergent from your clothes which increases the lifespan and helps maintain its originality.

(iii) Steam Wash

This is one of the best features by IFB, which provides a deep wash to remove stubborn stains with ease.

In Steam Wash, the clothes are treated with Steam, in this process no detergent and water is used.

The features make the clothes fresh and soft. Additionally, it helps retain the originality and uniqueness.

(iv) 4D Wash Technology

You’ll find this feature in most of the IFB premium washing machine models. Just as the name suggests, it uses four nozzles to spray water in the drum.

The nozzles generate a pressure flow and dynamic movement, which helps in a cleaner and fresher washing cycle.

Once the drum gets filled up, the 4D technology then allows it a 360-degree water movement to ensure the detergent gets dissolved into the clothes deeply.

It is an advanced washing program that not only helps in better cleaning but also keeps the clothes fresh and removes the traces of detergent completely.

(v) Pet Hair Removal

This is certainly an ongoing issue and one of the difficult tasks for a pet owner. Pet’s hair sticks to the clothes so hard that it’s very difficult to remove them.

A traditional washing machine does all the work, but when it comes to pet hair, the model’s doesn’t turn out to be much efficient.

IFB has addressed this issue, and now you have a permanent fix for it. They have featured a three-cycle washing program.

Once the mode is activated, it sprays a hot water blast which separates the pet hair from the clothes and dilutes it in the water. It also removes allergens from clothes efficiently.

(vi) Touch Control Panel

The premium models have a high-quality LCD right at the front. You can access and modify each of the settings with ease.

It indicates the time remaining, spin speed, wash programs, status and other useful information.

(vii) Smart Weight Sensors

This feature is co-related to the inverter technology; the resources would only be utilized depending on the requirement.

The smart sensor detects the load in the machine and based on the load. It automatically supplies the detergent and water.

It certainly avoids unnecessary wastage of both detergent and water and saves it in the best possible manner.

Additionally, it also detects if there is an extra load if so it will let you know by displaying an error message on display.

(viii) Wash Program Repeat

It is a smart and very helpful feature. As discussed above, the machines have various wash programs and modes.

We select that according to the requirement of the fabric type, a few of us tend to use the washing machine daily.

Choosing the different modes, spin speed, temperature every day can be a bit inconvenient. That’s where this feature plays a very important role.

The memory automatically stores up the settings that you use generally, and you have the option to choose the same settings regularly.

(ix) User Protection & Manual

With all these great features, some of the great IFB models come with advanced security and safety features.

You can disable the control panel so that it can be completely safe for your kids. By deactivating it, they won’t be able to make any changes to the settings.

Some of them have a great ability to deal with voltage fluctuations, it regularly checks the input voltage, and if it goes higher than the limit, it pauses the cycle.

Once, everything gets back to normal. It resumes the process. This is to ensure the complete safety of the unit.

There are a lot of other features in most of the LG models such as Drum Lamp, Hygiene Plus, Cradle Wash, Air Bubble Wash, Triadic Pulsator and a few more.

These features are most helpful regularly.

Now, I’ll share some of the great IFB models that you can go with. You can check higher and lower capacities of the same models right here.

My Recommendation of IFB

IFB Washing Machine Recommendation

IFB vs LG – Which is the best?

Image of LG or IFB - Which is the best?

So, here comes the trickiest questions of all time: )

So far, we have covered almost all of the features used by both the brands and how they work?

It now seems like both of the brands have great qualities and features. The concern here is, which one to choose?

I’ll make it easy here!

IFB is slightly on the better side when it comes to prices. You’ll still get great features and technologies.

If you are looking to spend extra for a premium brand, then I’d say, go for LG because they are the leaders in innovation, technology as well as post-sale service.

In other words, both brands have their advantages. It depends on you. Another thing that I’d like to say is, go through the reviews and ratings thoroughly before you make a final call.


So, that was all about the comparison between IFB vs LG washing machines. I hope you liked this guide and got the answers to all your questions.

Let me know which one did you liked the most, also feel free to type in any suggestions or questions in the comment section below.

Shubham Sachdeva is a customer service & escalation head with almost 7 years of experience in corporate before starting Your Kitchen Arena. Being a gadget freak he has always loved to learn the inner working of various machines and consumer electronics. He regularly tests various audio, home appliances, and daily use products, to provide the best advice to readers. He is a wizard that can make your shopping easy, saving you time and stress of figuring out what to buy.

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