Kent vs Aquaguard Water Purifiers in India 2023

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Kent vs Aquaguard? Let’s get the answer!

Water pollution concern has increased dramatically over a while. That said, we all tend to find the best product to purify the water; after all, it’s related to the health of our family members.

I’ve been through the same, we all tend to apply filters to find out the best products based on the user reviews, however, end up getting confused due to a wide variety available in the market.

If you are here, looking to get the unbiased reviews of both the brands. You already are on the right track as Kent & Aquaguard are the leaders in the water purifiers market.

Municipalities and authorities indeed claim that they provide the most purified water and that too in big metropolitan cities, but we all know that it isn’t the case.

Even health experts suggest a water purifier is must in every household irrespective of behind the scenes. Hence, the importance of the most purified & clean water in each house doesn’t need any sort of justification.

People who are looking to buy a water purifier certainly get stuck choosing one between both of them.

Overall, if we see, both the model’s are almost the same, not in appearance, build quality & material. I’m referring to the technologies used by both brands. Technologies like RO, UV & UF are mainly used for the purification process. Some of them include TDS control, as well. 

Let’s now dig deep and understand the entire difference between both the models. I’ll make sure you get answers to all your questions, and you should be all set to make a perfect choice!

There you go!

Kent vs Aquaguard Water Purifiers – Overview!

Image of a child drinking purified water

Kent & Aquaguard both brands are there for a while now. These are the only two brands ruling the water purifiers market.

Having said, kent is still a step ahead from Aquaguard as they’ve got the majority of market share and they are known for the most reliable products.

Aquaguard has been in the market for more than 36 years and set up a benchmark of the most extended 6 stage purification process to entirely remove the impurities from the water.

We’ll surely get to the in-depth comparison of both the brands to make it super easy for you to make the right choice. But before that, I’d like to share some important details that you need to keep in mind before you make a final call.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier!

So, there are a few crucial aspects that you need to take into consideration before you make a final call.

I would suggest you give it your maximum efforts on the thing that I’m going to list below. That’s how you’ll be able to figure out the best technology for your house.

Let’s jump right in!

Test The Water Quality of Your Location

Image of checking TDS and hardness level of water

This is something users tend to ignore but is insanely crucial for every house. No worries, I’ll make it super easy here.

There’s no rocket science. This is something pretty simple and the most important to help you determine which technology to use.

Based upon two factors of water, you can easily compare between Aquaguard and Kent. You just have to check the TDS and hardness level of the water, and you can understand the permissible level of both right here.

If both these parameters are under the permissible level, which is considered safe, then you can go with technologies like UV & UF. Maybe, a combination of both.

If that’s higher than the permissible level, in that case, you will have to go ahead with RO technology. You can easily check the TDS of water using Water Testing Meter.

You can also refer to the RO, UV & UF water purifier technologies to understand the difference and how they work.

If you’d like to skip the water testing steps and still looking to get the one that best suits your requirement. I would suggest going with a combination of RO+UV+UF Water Purifiers. It will be suitable to purify all types of water.

Cost of Repairing/Replacing Filters

Please ensure the cost of replacement of filters because this is something that can give you a surprise within a year or so.

The cost can indeed vary depending on the model and brand; however, you have to be 100% sure of the correct price because that way you’ll be prepared for future expense for the appliance maintenance.

Another best option is, you can get an Annual Maintenance Contract for the particular model that you’re going to buy, that’ll surely help throughout the year.

Capacity Requirement

If the water requirement of our family is 5 Litres a day and we end up taking 10 Litres storage capacity, that’s not going to work and doesn’t make sense either.

What I’d suggest you is, observe the water requirement of your family and opt for a product that fulfils the requirement.

Technologies Used for Purification

Just like we discussed earlier, both the brands use all types of combination in their various models.

RO is the most reliable amongst all; other technologies are UV, UF and TDS control. You can understand these technologies by accessing the text highlighted in the above paragraph.

Kent vs Aquaguard – Technologies Compared

Image comparing Aquaguard vs Kent purification technology

There are a lot of differences when we talk about both of these models, such as design, build quality, appearance, post-sale service, price, however, let’s first discuss the technologies.

Kent uses its patented RO ™ technology that uses a double purification system that can purify the ground and municipal water in the best possible manner. They also use TDS technology.

Some of the healthy minerals get lost and separated during the purification cycle. As the RO technology uses the TDS controller, it replenishes back the lost minerals that were lost during the purification cycle.

Also, the double purification system is a combination of RO & UV/UF that gets rid of chemicals & other impurities completely.

Aquaguard, on the other hand, uses a disruptive technology based on a nano cream filter that’s most efficient. It can sieve out harmful chemicals, bacteria & viruses.

Not only this, but Aquaguard also uses the most extended 6 stage purification technology. It’s one of the reasons users like to go with them. Let’s take an in-depth analysis & understand these technologies:-

  • Pre Filtration technology is the first one, and it helps in removing large impurities.
  • Second, there is a built-in particle trap which uses a chemical block that helps in removing the dissolved components in the water. It also eliminates bad odour.
  • Third, it uses its membrane life enhancer to prevent the scale-up of magnesium and calcium that’s present in the water.
  • Fourth comes RO technology. It helps in removing heavy metal traces that are available in the water.
  • Fifth, it uses the taste enhancer, it helps in maintaining the originality of water taste, making it entirely fresh & pure.
  • Finally, after the RO water purification, it removes all the disinfectants & collects it in the UV disinfection chamber.

So, this was all about the technology comparison of both the brands, let us now discuss some other factors to consider.

Post Sales Service

Image of little girl drinking mineral water

In regards to the after-sales service of both the brands, we’ll discuss almost instances where it has been proved that these brands are superior.

First, if we discuss warranty, not only both of these, but other brands as well provides a standard warranty of 1 year.

That said, you’ll find extended warranty as well in a few models of Kent. However, their maintenance charge is slightly on the higher side as compared to Aqua.

You’ll get absolutely amazing after-sales support as they have a large number of service centres across the country. Their top-notch quality is one of the primary reasons that their name comes up first in our mind whenever we think of water purifiers.

On the other hand, Aquaguard is in the market for a while now. They are well known for their prompt service and professionalism. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

In my opinion, it won’t be the wrong decision if you choose either of them. Just that, Kent is a step ahead in terms of technology and service.

Appearance & Design

This is interesting! You’ll find the Aquaguard pretty modern with fancy looks, here I’ll give credit to Aqua instead of Kent. Both brands use top-notch quality food grade plastic.

You will also find indicators in Aqua purifiers. They mostly use black body material that upscales the decor of the interiors. Under the notification panel, you’ll find the water dispensing tap.

At the same time, the filters are visible in Kent purifiers; there’s just a transparent plastic cover over them. The water tank is just below the filters.

Generally, Kent Grand & Kent Grand plus are the most trending models in the market nowadays. If you’d like to know the difference between them both, you can access the highlighted text above.

Both the brands have a wide range of varieties in designs as well as capacity.

Let’s now discuss the advantages & disadvantages of both the products.

Advantages of Kent Purifier

Image of Kent Water Purifier
  • It has a fully automatic process.
  • Improves the taste and maintains the originality of water.
  • Available in higher capacities to fulfil our requirements.
  • Retains essential minerals
  • TDS control technology restores the healthy minerals lost during purification.
  • You can save a decent amount by investing in Kent instead of buying purified water bottles.
  • Best technologies used for water purifications like RO, UV & UF.
  • Indicator of water level.
  • Maintain kids health
  • Filter replacement/repair indicators

Cons of Kent Purifier

  • Maintenance of Kent is slightly on the higher side
  • The initial cost of the product is also a bit high.
  • Consumes more electricity
  • The filter has to be changed on regular intervals

So, these were the pros and cons of Kent, let’s now discuss Aqua.

Pros of Aquaguard Purifiers

Image of Aquaguard Purifier
  • Appearance and design is excellent
  • A brand with more than 37 years of experience.
  • Most extended six stages of purification technology.
  • Completely aware of Indian water conditions
  • Enhances and maintains the originality of water.
  • Advanced Purification Method
  • TDS controller that adds back the lost minerals
  • No chemicals used during purification
  • Brand Reliability

Cons of Aquaguard Purifiers

  • Few of the models consume more electricity
  • High Maintenance charges
  • They do not have a lot of capacity options


Now that we have gone through the comparison between both the brands, I’m sure that you’ll be all set to make a call.

Looking at the facts, both these brands have almost the same technologies and features. There are a few differences in build quality and design.

Kent purifiers still have a traditional look; at the same time, Aquaguard is more into stylish looks & design.

If you don’t mind the traditional look, then my suggestion would be to go with Kent. At the same time, if you are looking to upscale the decor of your kitchen with the same qualities, then go for Aquaguard.

Most importantly, I’d suggest you check the reviews and technology of the product before you buy as there is a wide range of varieties available with both.

So, this was all about the reviews of Kent vs Aquaguard Water Purifiers in India. I’d like to hear back from you, in case of any doubts or questions, feel free to type in the comment section below.

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