7 Easy Ways to Maintain a Portable Air Conditioner

There you go to the new world of technology as we have a Portable Air Conditioner unit, which is extremely convenient.

Over a while, we all used to have Window AC, or Split AC installed in our houses.

Now that the time is changed, people most likely prefer the portable AC’s including me: )

Yes, I have a Portable unit, and I have been using that for a while now. I love to research electronics in-depth so that I can get the most out of it.

We all want these heavy electronics to work perfectly for an extended period, and that can definitely be possible.

Just that, we need to perform a few necessary steps once a while to make sure our efforts help in improving the appliance life and help us save some money of maintenance: )

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Today, I am going to share the 7 Simple Steps that I follow to make sure my
AC Unit works perfectly up and running with maximum efficiency.

Let’s dive right in: D

The best part about the Portable ac unit is that it is a: self-contained cooling unit and doesn’t really require a permanent installation. It is incredibly convenient.

The Portable Indoor Air Conditioner units are perfect for maintaining required and comfortable temperatures for offices, rooms, apartments, computer server rooms, or even RV’s.

The exciting part is that these units still require venting from a wall or a window to exhaust hose to start the cooling process.

With that being said, these units still doesn’t require that much maintenance as compared to the swamp coolers.

We received a lot of queries from users about the maintenance and care of the unit to make sure it gives excellent results and remains perfectly up and running.

There are a lot of brands, movable AC, and small AC in India, such as

Samsung Portable Air Conditioner India, Portable AC Blue star, LG LP1213GXR India. However, the maintenance steps and methods to perform are the same

Here are the seven simple steps and recommendation to maintain your movable AC unit:-

Portable Air Conditioner Maintenance Requirement

The Millennial Technique: Your Kitchen Arena

Keep reading to see the exact step by step process with complete details.

1) Figure out the best location

Image of placing the portable ac at the best location

Yes, first off, we need to understand and figure out the best place to keep the portable air conditioning unit.

Placement of the unit is vital to make sure the appliance can be long-lasting.

Now, the question is, how do I figure out the place to keep the unit?

No worries, I’ll help you understand the best place to keep the Portable unit with peace of mind.

We just need to avoid placing the Air Conditioning Unit in any dirty or dusty area. Let’s understand how it can impact efficiency.

So, what happens is cooling units are pretty sensitive, and the dust can quickly get into the lower and upper fan motors of the AC

It can even foul the windings on the motor and contaminate the bearing, which may result in technical or electrical failures.

I understand that sometimes dirty or dust areas are unavoidable and that’s completely alright.

If that is the case, you can also use an antimicrobial filter in your AC. This will help eliminate and capture all the impurities and dirt from getting in the unit.

The second thing to consider in placement is, the Air Conditioner should be placed near a window for venting purposes and a power source nearby to run the unit.

2) Exterior Cleaning

Image of cleaning the exteriors of ac

Well, it is evident that any sort of appliance needs to be neat and clean to be entirely up and running.

A clean unit would result in excellent performance and an increase in air quality and volume.

And this is not something which should be done regularly, cleaning the unit once every two weeks is more than enough.

Let me now help you with the most effortless process to clean the unit.

First, make sure the unit is powered off; once done, wipe the surface of the Portable AC with a soft cloth and deep clean it.

Note: Do not use any washing powder, detergents, or any sort of abrasive chemicals as they can harm the unit.

One of the most important parts is, please try to keep the unit away from direct sunlight as it starts to change the surface color of the Air Conditioner. 

3) Ventilation Process

Image of portable ac ventilation process

As mentioned, these units don’t require any sort of installation as these are self-contained units.

However, in these units as well, it is essential that the hot air released by the group must be vented out of the room through a wall or window.

Generally, in some cases, the venting kit is included when you purchase the unit.

Usually, it comes with a user manual self-installation guide. The complete process allows the vent hose to move smoothly in the window.

The exhaust hose needs to be fitted as per the precise window size so that it can adequately vent out the heat outside the window. 

There can be instances where inventing the heat through the window isn’t possible, like no window availability or any reason.

In such cases, the venting can be done through a drop ceiling or wall; however, it will be extra effort as compared to the typical window kit.

The entire process allows you even to cool the rooms where there is no window availability.

4) Cleaning Filters & Maintenance

Image of cleaning the filters of portable ac to improve efficiency

It’s a fact that cleaning the appliance regularly will ultimately have an impact on life as well as performance. 

We would suggest you regularly clean it during summers. On the upper back part of the Air Conditioner, you will see washable pre-filters.

You can deep clean it once in a week to avoid any sort of dirt or dust to get into the evaporator coil.

There are different types of units, some regularly and some even advanced.

Usually, the standard ones have some type of air filters to get rid of the airborne particles, and at the same time, the advanced one comes up with inbuilt air purifiers.

Lets now learn the process to clean it thoroughly.

If your unit has washable filters, you just need to slide the screen out and remove it.

Once done, take warm water and mix a slight detergent in it. Then soak the filter inside the water, clean it gently. Also, make sure the filter is dry before you place it in the unit.

In cases where the carbon filter is included in the unit, you need to replace the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The fan pulls air through the vents to provide additional calling; the vents are generally located at the back of the unit. Make sure you clean that too for effective cleaning. It can be done through a soft cloth, or a vacuum brush can also be used.

5) Water Draining

Image of water draining from portable air conditioner

Do you know our air conditioners act as a dehumidifier during the cooling process?

So, what happens is at the time of air conditioning operation, the machine removes the water from the air. 

The removed water is actually used to cool the Air Condition, and the draining process helps in better cooling efficiency and quality.

Sounds complicated, don’t worry, let me make it simple.

Let’s say; you live in a humid location. So, the chances of collecting water from the air conditioner increases.

Hence, it is imperative to empty the condensate water for active cooling and, at the same time, for maintaining cooling efficiency. There is various task to get it done in the units.

In most of the units, the condensate gets filled in the buckets; you need to empty the bucket at regular intervals.

However, in the most advanced Air Conditioners, there’s a unique feature that can absorb the moisture that results in less or almost no water that needs to be emptied.

To make this convenient, a lot of units are compatible with drain hose. The drain hose feature allows to drain water continuously and automatically too: )

Additionally, condensate pump machines are also available, which automatically pumps the condensate outside without you manually emptying the bucket.

6) Electricity Consideration

Image of power consumption of one of the best ac

Power is one of the most important factors for maintaining the longevity of the appliance and here are some things that we need to take care of:-

The unit has to be operated on a circuit power that supplies around 120VAC and as minimum as 15A.

The power suggestion ensures that the fan and compressor motors have sufficient power in the initial start.

Another suggestion here is optional, you may or may not go with that as per your preference and convenience, and that is power surge preventer.’

Let’s discuss how the electrical surge preventer can help:-

This cost of the electrical surge is pretty reasonable, and it is constructive in various aspects; it would help you in saving money, time, and additional efforts if in case you experience a power surge.

7) Season End Storage Tips

Image of step 7 of portable ac maintenance requirement

Last but not least, proper steps to be performed at the end of the summer (cooling season) and storing it right away is most important.

First off, a deep clean portable air conditioner is required.

Then drain the entire unit of the accumulated water and then turn on (enable ) the fan only mode of the unit.

Turn on the unit on high-speed mode (Fan Only) for around 5-6 hours to make sure the Portable AC unit gets completely dry from inside.

Once the unit is dry, clean the filters as described in the above steps, then arrange the cord systematically around the cord hooks.

Movable AC smells are one of the significant queries that we get, so if possible, pack the unit in the original cartoon; if not, then you can also cover the group in the plastic sheet. Make sure you store it in a cool and dry place.

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Bonus Tip- Why should you buy a Portable unit?

Well, after reading the above article, it is proven that the Portable AC units are most convenient and require less maintenance at the same time. These units are cost-effective, efficient, and provide excellent cooling solutions in a wide variety of industrial and commercial products. There are numerous benefits of portable cooling as it can be carried and placed anywhere, depending on our preferences. Most importantly, the Best Portable AC are energy efficient units to consider: )

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However, the reviews and research are critical to making sure we go with the right brand.

You can also buy a cheap unit at portable ac India Flipkart. Also, check the Blue Star Portable AC price in India.

I hope that all of you can see the potentials and benefits of The Millennial Technique for your Air Conditioner maintenance in the best possible manner.

With these steps, you already know how you can save a lot of money on technician service calls by just following these simple tips and tricks to keep your Air Conditioner long-lasting, and you will definitely enjoy the hassle-free cooling experience for many, many years: )

Feel free to give any suggestions or advice to add on, if you find this information valuable I’d appreciate a social share and a comment!

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