Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India:- The best way to win a man’s heart can be through his stomach.

It becomes vitally important for a woman to cook the best food and varieties for the family members of the house. When your motive is to prepare delicious food, then you should have access to the best resources as well.

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Thereby, Kitchen Chimney is a very crucial appliance nowadays in every house.

A modular kitchen can only be completed with the best kitchen chimney.

Also, we would highly suggest you go through the Chimney buying guide just at the end of this article to make sure you can get in-depth knowledge regarding the greatest and latest technologies.

7 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023

1) Elica 90CM 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney- WD HAC Touch BF 90

Image of Elica 90CM 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

This kitchen chimney is one of the favored by a lot of customers because of its attractive look and design. The best part about Elicia kitchen chimney is it fits excellent in the kitchen area, which makes it an essential accessory to be installed in your kitchen. The stack doesn’t require much maintenance and is a highly energy-efficient device. The Touch Control Panel makes this Chimney most convenient and easy to use.

It is the latest technology as it comes up with an oil collector. With the use of the heating element, it removes the sticky oil particles which get stored. Cleaning the chimney is most convenient as it as the heat Auto-Clean technology.

It is effortless to clean the oil collector as well. Hence, you will not have to put any extra effort.

This is an essential appliance for your kitchen as the Chimney is functionally capable of 1200 m3/hr.

It has a well-structured element, which is a Spotless-Steel Battle filter that gets rid of the remaining bide inside the baffle. Thereby, it helps the air to spread freely to avoid ventilation. Because of this feature, the rest bid and oil collect pass on to the oil collector automatically.

The measurements of the Chimney is designed in a great way to make sure it gets settled and activated in your kitchen very quickly. It is one of the best rated Kitchen Chimney models in 2023. The consumption of this accessory is 180 watts, which also ensures reduced electricity bills. One of the best parts is that it comes up with LED Lamps for the best lighting.

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2) Bosch 90CM 800M/3HR Chimney- DWB098D501

Image of Bosch 90CM 800M/3HR Chimney

Bosch manufactures are one of the best Chimneys as it comes up with advanced and exceptional German technology. The length and width of the Chimney are very accurate as it can be easily fitted in any size of the kitchen most conveniently. This is much suitable for a 2-4 burner stove set up.

This kitchen chimney should be perfect for the kitchen area of around 100 sq. Ft, as it comes up with a suction capacity of 800M3/hr. It is competent for grilling and low frying activities. It is a 350 W motor which saves electricity considerably.

You can easily clean the Baffle Filter; however, it is suggested to get it done from a profession to avoid any build-up of soil.

The best part about this chimney is that it doesn’t make much noise or vibration as it comes with smart, easy operation controls as an appearance of push buttons.

According to the customer reviews in 2023, this Kitchen Chimney accessory is considered to be one of the best available in India.

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3) Eurodomo 90cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chinmney

Image of Eurodomo 90cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chinmney

Cleaning of Chimney with manual intervention can be slightly tricky and can be considered as a challenge. As everything is getting advanced, Eurodomo has included an excellent facility in this accessory, which is Auto Clean. This feature is one of the key benefits of this Chimney as it has the auto cleaning function.

The filter of this chimney doesn’t really require any maintenance or cleaning because of the Auto Clean facility. Auto clean automatically gets rid of any kind of impurities without any extra efforts. The stainless-steel battle filter pulls out the soot, oil and other residues.

This Chimney comes with an excellent motor quality that enables and works at a power of 1200m3/hr. Another quality about this chimney is that the suction action automatically removes all the impurities that make sure you get a portion of healthy food.

Touch control is always preferable nowadays. This Chimney has a Touch Control Panel, which makes the accessory most convenient to operate.

Savings are always substantial, as we all are customers at the end of the day. This Chimney is considered to be one of the best under 10,000/- LED lights are also included in it so that it can lighten up the area around the kitchen. The make and design make it perfect to fit in your kitchen.

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4) Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Image of Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware manufacturers some of the latest and best Chimney brands, and it’s an Indian brand. This Hindware chimney shines with sparkling light and has an excellent stainless steel body finishing.

This chimney has special energy-saving LED lamps to ensure less electricity consumption. One of the best parts is that it has intense lightning to illuminate areas around the kitchen.

One of the key benefits of this chimney is the Auto Clean feature, which makes sure it automatically cleans the soil, other residues as well as impurities completely.

It is equipped with an Oil Collector Cup, which is quite easy to remove and clean it. The stainless-steel battle filter eliminates and forces the oil to be settled inside the baffle, which allows the air to move freely.

Utilizing this Chimney is exceptionally convenient as it has excellent touch controls. The advanced and high-quality motor makes sure to save electricity as much as it can. There will be less smoke because the strong metallic blower has a high capacity of 1200M3/hr.

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5) Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Image of Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Faber is one of the best reputed international brands which is preferred and best suits in Indian kitchens. Based on the research, Indian cuisines have a lot of soot and oil. This chimney has a high-quality strong motor that works at a capacity of 1200 m3/hr.

Faber has included an excellent feature in this chimney, which is Auto Head Cleaning. With the help of this feature, you will be able to clean the Chimney with just a single touch of a button. The oil collector gets removed easily and cleaned in the spare time.

There is almost no maintenance cost for this Chimney because the filter has a great Filter-less technology

The high-quality motor makes sure there is less noise or vibration so that you can focus while cooking without any disruption.

There are 2 LED lamps installed in this Chimney, which provides a considerable amount of lightning around the kitchen area and saves electricity at the same time.

Faber Chimney has a couple of outstanding features like touch and gesture control. With the help of Gesture Control, the chimney works without any physical contact.

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6) Elica 60 cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Image of Elica 60 cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

There is usually a lot of smoke while frying. This model of Chimney makes sure the kitchen environment is entirely smokeless. It comes with a top-quality capacity of 1200m3/hr.

One of the best qualities of this Chimney is that it has a Touch Control Panel, which makes it most convenient to operate. The size of this Chimney is excellent for regular kitchens. The oil collector hardware is too easy to remove and wash as it is washable. 

There is an Auto Head Clean Technology that uses the heating element to get rid of the soot, oil, and other impurities. One of the best benefits is its stainless-steel battle filter, which is easy to clean as well. The air circulates freely to get rid of the oil and residue. As the oil gets stuck and it can’t move in a different direction, it get’s collected in the oil collector.

The LED lamps are not only power efficient but provide a considerable amount of lighting as well around the kitchen area.

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7) Hindware 60cm 1100M3/hr Chimney

Image of Hindware 60cm 1100M3/hr Chimney

This is a small-sized Chimney with fantastic features like a high-quality power motor with a capacity of 1100m3/hr and LED lights, which are energy efficient. The size of this Chimney is perfectly suitable for ordinary kitchens. 

The suction capacity of this Chimney makes sure to get rid entirely of the impurities and pollutants at the same time it allows the air to move smoothly.

The Chimney comes with a stylish matt finish appearance that ensures a good fit for your kitchen environment. The Push Button Controls makes this accessory most convenient to use.

It has a fantastic Baffle Filter, which is specifically designed to get rid of the oil and other impurities, and it allows the air movement freely.

The key benefit is its silent operation, though the auto clean facility is not available, however, its still effortless to clean it.

These remarkable features make sure this is one of the Best Chimneys under Rs 8,000. Also, this model still justifies its place in the list of the best Kitchen Chimneys in India

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