Best Mainline Voltage Stabilizers for Home in India 2023

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Indian houses frequently experience high & low voltage fluctuations. Low voltage at regular intervals is very common nowadays.

For specific appliances, yes, people do prefer stabilizers that safeguard the unit. However, do you know that there is also a stabilizer required for the mainline?

The voltage fluctuations are really a matter of concern for the home appliances in your houses.

It not only reduces efficiency, but it can result in the entire unit failure as well if in case the voltage fluctuations happen frequently.

According to research, the majority of the people do not take this concern on priority. People rather just take care of specific appliances like Refrigerators & Air Conditioners.

Hence, in this article, I will review the best mainline voltage stabilizers for Homes in India 2023. Moreover, you can check the complete reviews, features, works, pros & cons of each product.

What is a Mainline Voltage Stabilizer & How It Works?

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Just like we discussed, people prefer to safeguard the heavy appliances using specialized stabilizers (separate Stabilizer for the separate appliance)

The mainline voltage stabilizer is used to handle voltage fluctuations, which occur directly in the main power line.

Most locations experience low voltage fluctuations, which indeed affects the performance of the appliance. However, high voltage fluctuations can affect more.

At times, there’s an interference in the main power lines due to which the voltage goes high. That’s where the mainline voltage stabilizer takes care & maintains the voltage current.

You can choose the product depending upon the power requirement of your home & kitchen appliances. You’ll find some of the great models that you can consider for your house in the below list.



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Microtek EML 5090

V-Guard VGMW 500 Plus

Servomate 5KVA Automatic

Aulten 5KVA HeavyDuty Voltage Stabilizer for Main Line

Best Mainline Voltage Stabilizers

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1) Microtek EML 5090

Here comes number one on our list. It is an effective product that will certainly help to keep the appliances of your house entirely safe.

Let’s discuss its features:-

Whenever there is a voltage fluctuation, be it low or high, the Microtek effectively cuts the voltage and stops it from reaching the equipment.

This is a wall-mounted model, making the installation extremely convenient and hassle-free. It is impressive in design and can match the decor of the house.

Image of Microtek EML 5090 Voltage Stabilizer

You’ll get access to the smart digital display. You can check the real-time input and output voltage range.

The Intelli auto-start feature automatically adjusts itself down or up, depending on the input. This to make sure that the appliances of your house get the desired amount of power.

It can withstand high and low fluctuations easily, thereby ensuring the optimum voltage gets maintained.

This is one of the best models for Air Conditioners, ranging around 1.5 Ton with an input voltage range of around 150V-280V. You get a two years warranty with this product.

  • Digital Display
  • Energy Efficient
  • Great Design
  • Attractive Build Quality
  • Adaptive
  • Can handle High & Low cuts
  • Decent Brand
  • Priced Slightly higher

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2) V-Guard VGMW 500 Plus

As well all know that V-Guard is one of the leading brands in voltage stabilizer. They have got the best varieties of stabilizers for refrigerators as well.

The appliances are always at a risk of potential damage during fluctuations. Hence, it protects the equipment in the best possible manner by low or high voltage cutoff protection.

There’s an initial time-delay system in this product, let’s understand how it works.

So, during the fluctuation, the unit’s compressor starts auto restarting and that too a bit frequently. Hence, it delays that process to ensure the safety of the connected appliance.

It is available in black color, and the design is pretty innovative and simple at the same time. It will surely upscale the interiors or your house.

You can also get this Stabilizer connected to the inverter as well; there are basically two types of inverter technologies named as a sine wave and square inverters.

Image of V-Guard VGMW 500 Plus Voltage Stabilizer

That said, it’s pretty simple to get it connected; however, I’d recommend you to get it done by an authorized technician to make sure everything is good to go.

No matter what the voltage condition is, be it high or low, it is capable enough to protect all your appliances in every condition.

It has a top-notch cabinet material quality of metal, and you’ll get a two-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Brand Reliability
  • Excellent Performance
  • Robust Quality
  • Initial Delay feature for extra protection
  • Two years manufacturer warranty
  • NA

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3) Servomate 5KVA Automatic

No products found.

Servomate is one of the reliable brands when it comes to stabilizers. This product is super efficient and can take care of all your home appliances in the best possible way.

They have featured a unique and super-efficient IC technology that gives your appliances advanced protection.

It also includes a low & high voltage cutoff technology that protects your appliances from sudden high or low fluctuations.

Image of Servomate 5KVA Automatic Mainline Stabilizer

Most importantly, it also has one of the great time delay technologies that let the compressor accumulate proper balance time during frequent fluctuations.

It is made of top-notch quality material and can be installed on a wall. It has a great inbuilt thermostat overload protection that is most reliable in case of high-temperature burnout.

Furthermore, you get an 18 months replacement warranty against any manufacturing defect.

  • Reliable Brand
  • High-Quality Material
  • Time Delay Technology
  • Inbuilt Thermostat Overload Protection
  • 18 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • NA

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4) Aulten 5KVA HeavyDuty Voltage Stabilizer for Main Line

This model from Aulten is pretty stylish and got many positive reviews in the current year. It is my recommendation of the best mainline voltage stabilizers in India. Let’s go through the specifications and details.

It includes a Wide Voltage Range operation to make sure you never run out of power irrespective of how high or low the fluctuation goes.

This product can stabilize electricity fluctuations ranging from 90-300V, making it compatible with all your home appliances.

It monitors the real-time voltage fluctuations, and there is an inbuilt microcontroller that initiates a fully automatic operation.

Image of Aulten 5KVA HeavyDuty Voltage Stabilizer for Main Line

You’ll get access to the smart digital display panel, which indicates the stabilized power outputs. The best part is that you’ll find the voltage readings accurate.

It has a fully compact structure and sleeks in design, which enhances the unit’s overall appearance. That said, it is made of metal cabinets with a machine paint finish that looks durable.

You’ll get a one year warranty on this product.

  • Inbuilt Microcontroller
  • Impressive Design
  • Digital Display
  • Low & High Voltage Cut
  • Metal Cabinet
  • NA

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So, this was all about the recommendation of mainline stabilizer for your home; let’s now proceed to some of the frequently asked questions.

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1) Can I run my AC without a stabilizer?

Yes, you can run the AC without a stabilizer; however, installing a stabilizer is always recommended. It helps prevent potential damage that can happen due to voltage fluctuations.

2) Is Stabilizer a must for AC?

It totally depends on the Air Conditioner; some of the latest models are coming up with advanced compressor systems. These units automatically stabilize voltage fluctuations to prevent unit failures.

3) Do you need separate stabilizers for appliances if you already have a mainline stabilizer installed?

Stabilizers for the mainline directly work with the main power line. Depending on the nature of the question, yes, you may need to install a separate stabilizer for sensitive heavy appliances.

4) Can we run AC on low voltage?

As mentioned, the latest technologies have some advanced features which can stabilize the fluctuation and take care of the unit. However, if you AC is an old model, let’s say a Non-Inverter technology. It can cause potential damage or a unit failure in the worst case.

5) The number of appliances that you can run on the mainline Stabilizer?

Well, it should be calculated. I would suggest you call an authorized electrician. They will figure out and suggest the voltage of the main Stabilizer that you need depending on the number of appliances.

6) What are some different types of stabilizers?

Generally, there are three types of stabilizers: a relay, servo motor, and static Stabilizer.

7) How does the Mainline Stabilizer protect my Home Appliances?

So, there is a certain amount of voltage required for all your electronics. At times, it gets higher or even lower. That’s where the Stabilizer helps. If the voltage is high, it adjusts it to normal, and if it is low, it increases it as per the requirement.

8) Which Voltage Stabilizer is the best?

V-guard is one of the best leading brands when it comes to voltage stabilizers. However, there are some other brands as well that provide great products.

Image of a lighting bulb

So, this was all about the best mainline voltage stabilizers in India reviews. I have mentioned some great brands in the recommendation above.

However, if you have any doubts regarding the voltage capacity, I would suggest you contact a local electrician so that they can advise you on the required capacity to operate all your appliances.

I hope this guide was helpful for you, in case of any doubts or queries, please feel free to type in the comment section below.

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