Best Mixer Grinder in India

Best Mixer Grinder in India

If you are looking for the best mixer grinder in India for your home, then you are at the right place. A mixer grinder is crucial and a must-have appliance in any kitchen. It has the ability to handle all heavy-duty tasks such as blending, grinding, mixing, etcetera. Furthermore, it is also required for a wide variety of purposes, and it can save a lot of your time and efforts.

This resource will help you choose the best mixer grinder that will be perfect to suit all your requirements. After hours of comprehensive research, we are here with the list of the 12 best mixer grinder in India.

Table Of Contents
  1. 12 Best Selling Mixer Grinder in India 2023
  2. Best Mixer Grinder in India
  3. Detailed Buying Guide for Best Mixer Grinder in India
  4. Essential Features of Best Mixer Grinder in India
  5. Other Safety Measures While Using A Mixer Grinder
  6. Other Appliances
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. The Verdict

12 Best Selling Mixer Grinder in India 2023

Best Mixer Grinder






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Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

750 Watts

8KG 490 Gram


5 Year

Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

900 Watts



2 Year

Bosch Mixer Grinder

1000 Watts

5KG 200 Gram


2 Year

Panasonic MX - AC400 Mixer Grinder

550 Watts

6KG 550 Gram


2 Year

Sujata Powermatic Mixer Grinder

900 Watts

6KG 200 Gram


1 Year

Prestige Iris Plus Mixer Grinder

750 Watts

5KG 500 Gram


2 Year

Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder

750 Watts




Preethi Chef Pro Mixer Grinder

750 Watts



5 Year

Philips HL7756 Mixer Grinder

750 Watts



2 Year

Best Mixer Grinder in India

#1 Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is always initially judged by its motor capabilities, irrespective of any premium feature. Hence, you can trust the Preethi zodiac mixer grinder for its reliable and long-lasting performance.

The Preethi mixer grinder provides a dominant Vega 5 motor and has excellent refrigerating ability. 

As a result, it becomes slightly comfortable for homemakers to use this Mixer Grinder for an extended period, especially when crumbling unnecessary items like idli batter and mixture for bread.

The Specs
  • Model Number – MG 218
  • Weight – 8KG 490 Gram
  • Dimension – 32 x 63 x 32 cm
  • Number of Jars – 5 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – Included
  • Juicer – Included
  • Motor Power – 750 Watts
  • Warranty – 5 Years on Product and 2 Years on Motor
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • 3 in 1 Insta Juicer Jar – The mixer grinder doesn’t take much time to make juice from fresh fruits because it has a Centrifugal Juice attached to the machine. This Mixer Grinder also has a powerful extractor, which helps to pull out tamarind.
  • Efficient Blender – Undoubtedly, everyone loves shakes and lassis, which is an all-time favorite. Thus, it is too easy to make milkshakes in this mixer grinder because of the efficient and precise blender arrangement.
  • High Capacity Jar- Zodiac MG 218 mixer grinder is undoubtedly a pioneer in many ways. The 2.1-liter huge jar can perform multiple functions like cutting, mashing, slicing, chopping, and even heavy-duty tasks with ease.
  • Sharp Blades- Chopping vegetables is an essential part while cooking, and this Mixing Grinder has advanced sharp spotless steel blades, which make sure it is a straightforward process of crushing items.
  • User-Friendly Grinder- The best part is that this mixer can rotate in 3 different directions, easily accessed by the speed control knob with a rotary switch. This mixer grinder is available in various colors and is a fantastic artificer.
  • Safety & Warranty – The reset button at the base can rest the machine once the load is reduced. The mixer grinder is equipped with an overload indicator that can help protect the appliance from unnecessary damage. It comes with a five-year warranty on the motor, which is a clear sign of its high quality.

Compare with other Best Mixer Grinders

What are its benefits?
  • You can easily maintain its jars as they are easy to clean
  • Robust motor power of 750 Watts
  • Sharp stainless steel blades can perform heavy-duty tasks with ease
  • The overload protection of this mixer grinder prevents damage
  • Comes with a five-year warranty on the motor
What are the drawbacks?
  • Makes noise while performing process
  • Slightly expensive
  • You can’t easily find its jars in the market

Overall Rating – 4.2/5

Preethi zodiac is India’s first mixer grinder that comes with a robust motor power of 750 Watts, food-grade components & ROHS compliant. These aspects in themselves make it earn the top spot on our list. However, the only area of concern is that its jars replacement isn’t easily available in the market.

Why should you buy Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer?

If you are looking to invest in a robust and high-quality mixer grinder, you should undoubtedly buy Preethi Zodiac. With this product, you won’t be short of jars as it comes with five, which can be used for various purposes such as grinding, chopping, kneading atta, etcetera. The mixer grinder can even perform heavy-duty tasks with ease.

The mixer comes with sharp stainless steel blades that are indeed required for an efficient grinding process. Not only this, but the high motor power motor also plays a crucial role in ensuring the best performance.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

#2 Sujata Dynamix DX Best Mixer Grinder with 900 Watts Motor

If you are looking for a compact and powerful mixer grinder for your kitchen, then you should certainly go with Sujata Dynamix DX. The device works on a robust 900-watt motor, and it has the capability of running everlasting for around 90 minutes and more without any issues. 

The mixer grinder has a top-notch quality motor, which comes with a double ball bearing, which ensures to provide exceptional experience without any hassle.

The Specs
  • Model Number – DM
  • Weight – 6 KG
  • Dimension – 49 x 22.5 x 35.5 cm
  • Number of Jars – 3 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – No
  • Juicer – No
  • Motor Power – 900 Watts
  • Warranty – 2 Years Overall Warranty
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Efficient Filter – The juicer also has a unique feature which is HoneyComb Filter. The mixer grinder ensures a higher relent from the originality of the fruits. This filter also helps in removing unwanted material to make it even tasty and smooth to drink.
  • Dedicated Jar – It has a compact-sized grinding jar, which is the reason behind its success. The uniquely designed pointed spotless steel blades ensure to crush the vegetable entirely & thoroughly.
  • Small Jars – The mixer grinder comes with two other small-sized jars dedicated to making chutneys and grinding. It can granulate the most durable material very quickly and gently.
  • High-Speed Performance – It has a very unique and fast processor that can rotate at the speed of 22000 RPM. The Mixer Grinder also comes with a sealed covering to keep the fragrance and natural freshness of the food and juices.
  • Other Features – It is a perfect mixer grinder for people who run it for long as it can be operated for 90 minutes continuously. Its body is entirely safe and shockproof. You get an overall two years of warranty with this mixie.

Compare with other Best Mixer Grinders

What are its benefits?
  • Ideal for prolonged usage as it can run continuously for 90 minutes
  • Entirely shockproof and safe body
  • An excellent design that looks attractive
  • Robust motor power that achieves quick results
  • Silent yet effective operation
  • Sharp stainless steel blades for effective grinding
  • The mixer grinder’s jars dedicated to grinding, chopping, and kneading
  • Comes with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase
What are the drawbacks?
  • The finishing could have been better
  • Not a very popular brand

Overall Rating – 4.6/5

Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder has been highly rated not only on Amazon but also on other consumer portals. It has a small and compact design which is perfect for performing day-to-day activities. Moreover, the grinder comes at an incredibly affordable price.

Why should you buy it?

It is ideal for people looking for a compact and practical designed mixer grinder with premium features. The motor capacity is even higher, due to which it gives the desired results earlier than expected.

The body material is shockproof and safe, which is suitable for families with kids and pets. The mixie comes with sharp stainless steel blades, which ensures fine grinding. While operating, it barely makes noise which is the unique selling part about this mixer.

Sujata Dynamix DX Best Grinder with 900 Watts Motor

#3 Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder in Black Color

Bosch pro is the best mixer grinder in India for making different Indian cuisines, which involves many spices and ingredients. 

With 1000 watts of international quality grinding, this mixer grinder ensures traditional pounding effects and manages to bring a distinct taste while eating.

The Specs
  • Model Number – Pro
  • Weight – 5 KG 200 Gram
  • Dimension – 4.6 x 3.85 x 2.2 meters
  • Number of Jars – 4 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – No
  • Juicer – Yes
  • Motor Power – 1000 Watts
  • Warranty – 2 Years Overall Warranty
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Patented Technology – This mixer grinder comes with Pounding blade technology which is used only by Bosch. It gives you the precise traditional pounding effect, which helps the ingredients to retain their texture and flavor. The manufacturing of this mixer grinder matches the Indian cooking concept.
  • Advanced Juicing Extractor – The majority of the household loves making juices; in fact, many people buy a mixer grinder just for this specific purpose. Bosch pro features an efficient juicer extractor that ensures the shakes, smoothies, and juices get detailed texture and taste just as you want.
  • Other Useful Features – The sharp stainless steel blades of this bosch mixer ensure fine and better grinding. It comes with an overload protector, which prevents the motor from any damage. You won’t have to manually press the lid as the mixer grinder comes with a hand-free operation.
  • Jars and Their Uses – You will get four jars in the package, which are of different capacities. The giant jar is 1500 Litres which you can use to make juices & shakes. The other jar of this mixer grinder has a capacity of 400ML which can be used to make chutneys and sauces. The third jar has a capacity of 1000ml which can be used to knead atta and make the batter. The fourth jar of this mixer comes with a capacity of again 1000ml which can be used to make powder of spices.

Compare with other Best Mixer Grinders

What are its benefits?
  • The juicer extractor ensures the entire utilization
  • Significantly less noise level as compared to other models
  • Completely hand-free operation and excellent stability
  • Sturdy lid lock ensures to prevent any spillage of contents
  • The mixer grinder can continuously run for 30 minutes without the motor getting heated
  • Compact, attractive, sleek design that will upscale your kitchen
  • High speed ensures faster results and outstanding performance
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years, Reliable Brand
What are the drawbacks?
  • Makes noise while operating
  • Cost is higher as compared to other models

Overall Rating – 4.4/5

The patented pounding blade technology is the utmost reason this mixer grinder is highly rated. The dedicated jars help you perform every task of your cooking needs with ease. With a powerful motor of 1000 watts, it provides quick and effective results.

Why do we recommend Bosch TruMixx Pro Mixer-Grinder?

If you do not have any budget constraints and are looking to invest in a premium brand and features, you should most certainly go with Bosch. One of the main reasons we recommend this mixer grinder is because of its pounding technology that gives the contents their desired texture and flavor.

This mixer grinder performs a silent operation and will make your cooking tasks easier. Not only this but, the brand manufactures many other appliances. Because of its high-quality material, it is considered the most reliable mixer grinder brand.

Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer

#4 Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Grinder With Four Jars

This shining Panasonic model is a tempting and energetic machine with the latest technology. This Mixer Grinder can efficiently perform multiple jobs very quickly like chopping, shakes and ice creams, fruit juices, and much more.

This mixer grinder is manufactured with a potent motor with fascinating seal stability that facilitates the steel blades.

The Specs
  • Model Number – MX-AC400
  • Weight – 6 KG 550 Gram
  • Dimension – 53 x 22.5 x 41 cm
  • Number of Jars – 4 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – No
  • Juicer – Yes
  • Motor Power – 550 Watts
  • Warranty – 2 Years Overall Warranty
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Dual Safety Mechanism – The advanced safety mechanism feature makes sure the mixer grinder doesn’t start until the lid is not closed properly. This won’t allow you to begin the blender if the jar is not entirely closed.
  • Sharp & Effective Blades – It consists of Samurai Edge blades that are very sharp and sturdy for grinding. It can crush a hard substance in powder within a few minutes. The automated three-speed feature and settings are excellent as they automatically calculate and change the speed according to the process, making the mixer grinder most suitable to use.
  • Sturdy Handles – The Mixer Grinder is overall very user-friendly, and it comes with impeccable and comfortable designs of handles, which will make it a hassle-free experience for you.
  • Other Features to Consider – It comes with a 550 watts strong motor which helps perform even high duty grinding tasks with ease. The mixer grinder is highly energy efficient. The product comes with five switches that are piano-type styled and can be accessed easily. Three of them are for speed settings, while the other two are for a pulse, which means you have the option to modify the speed in this mixer.

Compare with other Best Mixer Grinders

What are the positives?
  • Durable and sturdy handles
  • Five years warranty on the motor is a clear indication of its quality
  • Three-speed settings and pulse buttons are easily accessible
  • Dual safety mechanism prevents slippage of ingredients
  • The robust motor and the mixer grinder is highly power-efficient
  • Sharp stainless steel blades for better chopping and grinding
Are there any negatives?
  • Heavyweight
  • Some people reported service interruption within a few weeks of use
  • Slightly old style

Overall Rating – 4.3/5

Panasonic mixer grinder can be used for various purposes. It will make your cooking task hassle-free and convenient. Customers are happy with the overall performance like chopping, blending, and juicers. However, some users reported issues with the performance, which the manufacturer later fixed.

Does Panasonic MX-AC400 Meet our Criteria for the best Mixie?

Of Course, yes, the Panasonic mixer grinder is a powerful machine that can quickly and efficiently grind the ingredients you want. It even works better than higher-capacity mixer motors. It is ideal for blending, wet grinding, juicing & dry grinding. It is specially designed with utmost precision, matching the Indian cuisines. Though this mixer is overall user-friendly and economical, it is a bit noisy compared to the other models.

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Grinder With Four Jars

#5 Sujata Powermatic Plus, Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sujata powermatic plus is a good performing machine and a leading model of mixer grinder in India. It comes initially fitted with an energetic 900-watt engine machine, including double ball bearings, to make sure it delivers the best experience. 

It is a user-friendly mixer that doesn’t require much maintenance, and you will surely get a hassle-free experience.

The Specs
  • Model Number – PP
  • Weight – 6 KG 200 Gram
  • Dimension – 50 x 27 x 36 cm
  • Number of Jars – 2 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – No
  • Juicer – Yes
  • Motor Power – 900 Watts
  • Warranty – 1 Year Overall Warranty
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Efficient Jar – This mixer grinder comes with a covered jar for misty milling. Hence, it is pretty simple to accommodate a mixture for baking things like bread, pastry, idlis, and dosas.
  • More extended Operation – The inbuilt motor makes sure that the Mixer Grinder runs continually for around 90 minutes without any issues. Two small, spotless jars are fantastic for preparing chutneys and in any grinding.
  • Sharp Blades – The spotless steel blades of this Mixer Grinder are one of the unique selling parts, which assures quick in-depth grinding and cutting.
  • Massive Spin Speed – The 3-speed adjustment rotatory action switch provides a substantial speed of 2200 RPM. It comes pre-installed with this mixer grinder. There is a whipper button which is impeccable for fast operations like preparing lassis.
  • Compatibility & Safety – These devices come up with an excellent safe body and shockproof and provide a noiseless and vibration-free experience at the same time. It is pretty comfortable and works fantastic with a voltage range of 230-240 volts and within 50-60 HZ.

Compare with other Best Mixer Grinders

Why is it good?
  • Can run continuously for 90 minutes
  • Best suitable for extended usage
  • Top-notch quality stainless steel blades cut faster and finer
  • Robust quality mixer jar which is unbreakable
  • User-friendly device and requires minimal maintenance
  • The body is entirely shockproof and safe
  • High RPM speed achieves desired results quickly
  • Comes with a one year warranty
What are the negatives?
  • The product is extremely lightweight
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

Overall Rating – 4.4/5

Sujata powermatic plus is perfect for people looking to make juices and smoothies. Though, there’s a bit of confusion as users received two jars instead of three. However, the description of this mixer grinder clearly states it comes with two jars. The image shown in the Amazon shows a couple of jars and one within the motor; this is the only part of the confusion.

Why should you invest in Sujata Powermatic Plus Mixer?

Sujata powermatic mixer grinder is ideal for people who love making juices and shakes. Additionally, it is best suitable for all tasks such as dry wet grinding, blending, etcetera. With its significantly robust rpm and motor speed, it will make your cooking tasks a lot easier. The product comes with a safe and shockproof body which means you won’t have to worry if you have kids at your home. With just a price of above 5000, it is an ideal mixer grinder for the home.

 Sujata Powermatic Plus, Juicer Mixer

#6 Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt Mixer Grinder

If you are looking for a budget-friendly decent machine with a decent design, you can choose Prestige iris plus mixer grinder.

With its strong motor of 750 watts, the mixer grinder ensures to perform tasks like wet & dry grinding of masalas & batter with ease. You will also get access to the juicer jars, where you can make your favorite shakes and juices.

The Specs
  • Model Number – Iris plus mixer grinder
  • Weight – 5 KG 500 Gram
  • Dimension – 50 x 2 x 29 cm
  • Number of Jars – 4 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – No
  • Juicer – Yes
  • Motor Power – 750 Watts
  • Warranty – 2 Years Overall Warranty
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • High Capacity Jars – The mixer grinder includes four high-capacity jars, out of which three of them are made of stainless steel high-quality material. First, it has a transparent juicer jar with sharp blades to make juices. The others are 1 Litre dry grinding jar, 300ml chutney jar & 1 Litre capacity dry grinding jar.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor – The motor is not only high power but its components are manufactured of copper, which is the primary reason it is highly rated and reliable. The mixer grinder can efficiently perform jobs like grinding turmeric and making batters.
  • Convenience – It features a three-speed control setting that helps you choose the appropriate speed depending on the grinding intensity. Prestige has placed the knob of speed setting right at the middle front, which is the ideal position to ensure easy accessibility of the mixer grinder.
  • Other Points to Consider – This model is available in two different colors, which you can choose depending upon your requirement. Additionally, the sharp stainless steel blades give you the exact texture of juices and shakes. This mixer grinder consists of an overheat protection feature that prevents unnecessary damage to the motor.

Compare with other Mixer Grinders

What are the advantages?
  • Efficient ventilation system to prevent damage of motor
  • High capacity jars with a juicer jar that serves all-purpose
  • Motor capacity is ideal and high energy efficient
  • Attractive design and build quality
  • The motor is made of copper components
  • Knob placed with utmost precision to make tasks easy
  • Budget and user-friendly mixie
What are the disadvantages?
  • Makes noise as compared to other products
  • The slightest jar becomes hot with no handles
  • Emits a burning smell within the first few uses
  • Juicer is not much efficient

What do product ratings suggest?

Prestige IRIS Plus comes with an average rating of over 9000 reviews by its users. While some customers are happy with its motor power and performance, some users reported noise levels and delivery delays. Overall, it is a decent mixer grinder to perform day-to-day activities but not ideal for people who like to make juices.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact energy-efficient machine, I recommend buying the Prestige Iris mixer grinder. The main reason for my recommendation is the motor quality as it’s made of copper. Copper is a material that increases the lifespan of the product. The mixer grinder features sturdy knobs placed at the front that eases the operation. It is best suitable for performing tough grinding jobs, thereby making sure the product is a value for money.

Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt Grinder

#7 Bajaj Classic, RCX 5 750W Mixer Grinder With Rice Cooker

Bajaj is a well-known and trusted home and electronic brand. Bajaj classic is another best mixer grinder in India that will make your blending, grinding, and kneading tasks easier. The best part is this mixer comes with a rice cooker.

The 750 watts motor helps you perform all your cooking tasks conveniently. That said, a 750 watts motor is a lot more energy-efficient and performs better than a 1000 watts mixer grinder.

The Specs
  • Model Number – NA
  • Weight – 5 KG 500 Gram
  • Dimension – 15 x 29 x 28 cm
  • Number of Jars – 3 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – No
  • Juicer – Yes
  • Motor Power – 750 Watts
  • Warranty – 2 Years Overall Warranty
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Sharp Multitasking Blades – From making smooth paste or batter for curries to grinding raw spices, the Bajaj mixer grinder ensures uniform grinding and mixing all the ingredients. Thereby, you get the authentic texture and flavor you desire.
  • Highly Robust Jars – It comes with three different high-capacity jars that can be used for various purposes. The dry grinding jar has a capacity of 1 Litre, the wet jar has a capacity of 1.5 Litre & the chutney jar comes with 0.3 Litre capacity. All these jars of the mixer grinder are made of stainless steel resulting in sturdiness & durability.
  • Rice Cooker Included – The product includes a rice cooker that has a capacity of 1.8 liters. Furthermore, you can cook a maximum of 1KG rice at once. The mixer grinder comes with an electric rice cooker consisting of a detachable power cable, which means if you would like to keep the cooker somewhere, you can remove the cable.
  • Useful Technologies – The tetraflow technology makes flow breakers on the jars that ensure uniform mixing and grinding. It expedites the speed of your tasks and makes them even quicker. Whether you are operating this mixer grinder at even the highest speed, the Nutri pro-technology retains the authentic flavor and taste of the ingredients.

Compare with other Best Mixer Grinders

Why is it Good?
  • It comes with a powerful titan motor which ensures a long lifespan
  • High-quality unbreakable jars with good capacity
  • Handles are sturdy with easy grips to avoid slippage
  • The efficient and multitasking blades ensure even grinding
  • Comes with an aluminum rice cooker with stainless steel lid
  • Detachable cord ensures it can be kept on the dining table as well
  • Mixer grinder combined with cooker available at a very economical price
What didn’t we like about Bajaj Classic RCX 5?
  • The model is relatively new, so not many users have purchased it
  • Slightly old design
  • Makes noise while operating

What do product ratings suggest?

Bajaj Classic RCX mixer grinder has a rating of and is a relatively upgraded version of REX majesty. And since it is an upgraded model, Bajaj has made some minor adjustments to make this mixer perform better. Though many users haven’t purchased this product and a few resources suggest that the performance is overall outstanding. Just that, it makes a bit of noise, and within the first few uses, it will emit a burning smell.

Why should you buy Bajaj Mixie?

The Bajaj mixer grinder is the best option for those who are looking for a combined device like a mixie and cooker. You can even prepare chutneys, powder raw masalas, and make juices as well. Since we discussed that this is an updated REX model, the older one is highly rated, and people love its performance. With just a price difference of 2k, Bajaj has upgraded the features and added a rice cooker which is undoubtedly a value for money.

How to use Bajaj Mixer?

It is pretty simple to use this mixie and rice cooker to get a user manual for reference purposes. Since it is an electric cooker, you have to plug it in order to start the cooking. It comes with an auto-shutoff feature that ensures the rice is not overcooked if you forget to turn it off.

#8 Preethi Chef Pro 750-Watt Best Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Preethi’s mixer grinders are always in high demand in the market, and it’s been a few years since our team noticed the fact. It is undoubtedly a reliable & best mixer grinder in India for your home without any iota of doubt.

It comes in a color combination of black and white with a great design. Moreover, the heavy-duty motor lets you make masalas and batter in a very hassle-free manner. The chef pro mixer grinder can even perform tough grinding jobs like coconut and turmeric with ease.

The Specs
  • Model Number – Chef Pro
  • Weight – 4 KG
  • Dimension – 44.5 x 38.5 x 24.5 cm
  • Number of Jars – 3 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – No
  • Juicer – Yes
  • Motor Power – 750 Watts
  • Warranty – 5 Years Overall Warranty
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • High-Quality Jars – The Preethi chef pro mixer grinder comes with three stainless steel robust jars that are of different capacities. The most miniature jar of 0.5 Litres can be used for preparing chutneys. While the other two have the capacity of 1.5 Litres and 1 Litre
  • Excellent Performance – It comes in a sleek and compact design that certainly adds a touch to your interiors. The mixer grinder can even perform the toughest grinding jobs like mincing vegetables or cutting coconut pieces with ease.
  • Reliability & Safety – The appliance comes with overload protection which means it will auto cut off the power in cases of voltage fluctuation or overheating. The mixer grinder comes with an ABS food-grade plastic body insulated with PVC; it is entirely shockproof and safe.

Compare with other Best Mixer Grinders

Why is Preethi Chef Pro good?
  • Powerful motor and highly power-efficient
  • Comes with a five-year warranty which shows its quality
  • Jars are designed straight for better grinding efficiency
  • High-quality stainless steel jars
  • Auto cutoff feature in cases of overload or voltage fluctuations
  • Durable and sturdy handles
  • PVC insulation makes it shockproof and safe
What are the drawbacks?
  • Other models of Preethi are better than this product
  • Noisy operation
  • Juicer is not up to the mark
  • Slightly expensive looking at the quality

What do product ratings suggest?

Preethi chef pro mixer grinder comes with an average rating of around 100 global reviews. Though the product is not highly reviewed and rated, most users are pretty happy with the performance and lifespan. Some customers reported noisy operations, and the jar handles broken issues. At the same time, Preethi has excellent post-sales service as they deal with the issues promptly. The mixer grinder is overall good and is worth every penny you spend.

Why should you buy it?

This model is undoubtedly one of the best assets of your kitchen as it reduces your cooking efforts. If you specifically want to use it for quick grinding, kneading, chopping, blending, or making juices, you can go with Preethi chef pro mixer grinder. It is an efficient food processor that ensures a hassle-free exceptional experience.

It comes with a sleek and compact design that adds elegance to your kitchen. However, in the same range, they have other models that are deserving too.

Preethi Chef Pro 750-Watt Best Mixer

#9 Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

If you plan a certain amount and are looking for a simple and basic designed machine, you can buy a Philips mixer grinder.

Multi-feature mixies can be slightly expensive. With its economical pricing, a mixer grinder is a basic appliance that comes with three different jars and decent looks.

The Specs
  • Model Number – HL7756/00
  • Weight – 3 KG
  • Dimension – 36.8 x 21.7 x 25.9 cm
  • Number of Jars – 3 Jars
  • Master Chef Jar – No
  • Juicer – Yes
  • Motor Power – 750 Watts
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Avg. Customer Ratings

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Control Settings – The mixer grinder comes with a three-speed control pulse ensuring you can use it for multiple purposes. The knob of the mixer is installed with utmost precision so that it can be easily accessible.
  • Advanced Ventilation – During more prolonged usages, the motor tends to get heated. That said, the mixer grinder comes with an efficient ventilation system that ensures the motor remains cool, increasing its lifespan.
  • Leafproof Stainless Steel Jars – The jars are made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel material that can be used multipurpose. A rubber gasket is inserted on the lids of the jars to avoid any slippage. The mixer grinder ensures smooth and secure locking with tight-fitting. Its jar is transparent so that you can see the consistency according to your convenience.
  • Strong Motor Achieves Desired Results – The turbo motor is strong enough to grind raw masalas and even dals in the best possible manner. Moreover, our team has tested this product for around 20 minutes continuously in wet grinding, and it was still providing excellent results. Though, it got heated because of the friction caused during the wet grinding.

Compare with other Best Mixer Grinders

The Positives
  • High capacity dedicated jars for chutneys, wet & dry grinding
  • Sharp stainless steel blades that fulfill all your requirement
  • The ventilation system is efficient and keeps the motor cool
  • Durable coupler made of high-quality plastic material
  • Leakproof jars with a rubber gasket to avoid slippages
  • Excellent motor power makes your grinding tasks hassle-free
The Negatives
  • There are no handles in the jar
  • Mixie makes too much noise
  • Not suitable for small grinding tasks

What do product ratings suggest?

Philips HL7756/00 mixer grinder has an average rating of stars with more than 1200 user reviews. Our team has interacted with many users, and we receive both positives and negative feedback about the mixie. Some users rated this model highly because of the elegant design and heavy-duty motor. At the same time, some users reported higher noise and vibration levels. Additionally, users feel that it is expensive as compared to other models. These were the analyzed reviews, but looking at overall portals and performance, the mixer grinder is decent, and the lifespan and performance won’t be an issue.

Why should you buy a Philips mixer-grinder?

Though the Philips mixer gets heated quickly, you will still get the most out of this machine. It is best suitable for preparing chutneys, batters, and grinding masalas. If you are a budget cautious person and looking to invest less in a simple yet effective mixer grinder, you should most certainly buy it. In fact, it is the most attractively priced appliance on our entire list. Multi-utility mixies for home can be slightly expensive. You will have extra features as well; however, an economical mixer would still serve the purpose well without you having to pay extra for day-to-day activities. I would also advise you to refrain from extended usage. If you do, make sure the motor cools down before you restart the process. It ensures an increased lifespan of the motor as well as of this mixer grinder. 

Philips HL7756/00 Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

Detailed Buying Guide for Best Mixer Grinder in India

Mixer Grinders in India 2021

A mixer grinder is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for all your cooking tasks. It not only helps to expedite the cooking process but also reduces your time and efforts. Indian food is loved globally, and it is all about thousands of spices ( also named masalas ). Hence, a mixer grinder is a must-have appliance in every kitchen as it’s crucial.

If you love cooking multiple dishes and are a big family, you would need a multi-utility mixer grinder with premium features. At the same time, if you are a small family, bachelor, or a couple, then a small mixie would also be sufficient to perform day-to-day activities.

There are various factors such as design, durability, warranty, brand reliability, motor power, etcetera which you need to consider before choosing the best mixer grinder in India. Since we don’t want you to invest in a low-quality mixie, we have listed a comprehensive and detailed buying guide to help you choose the best mixer grinder for your home.

If you follow and go through the below-mentioned points thoroughly, you will undoubtedly get the best mixer grinder in India, which will suit all your requirements.

#1 Build Quality & Durability

Mixer grinders are used almost every day, and they are considered as common kitchen appliances. So, if an appliance is used regularly, then the first thing you need to make sure of is that all the grinder components should be made of high-quality material because that’s how the product can be long-lasting.

Please make sure the outer body is made of solid material. The jars of the mixer grinder should be of food-grade stainless steel material as they are not easily breakable. Doesn’t matter if the motor is of less power; what’s more important is that it can perform a long operation without getting heated.

#2 Pricing

The market is full of brands and varieties, and it is most certainly a daunting task to choose a mixer grinder with premium features and less price.

Having said that, you can get a mixer priced as less as INR1200 and as high as #8-9K. There are other models as well which are even higher. It typically depends on the brand, quality, and features of the mixer grinder. You should go for an expensive option only if you would like additional features and if there are more members in your family.

#3 Post Sales Service

One of the most critical parts of the buying journey is you have to understand the brand’s reliability. The mixer grind should have to be of a reputed brand and go through the reviews thoroughly before making a final call.

#4 Aesthetics

After-sales service is a crucial aspect while buying a mixer grinder for your kitchen, and however, at the same time, you have to pay special attention to the design and finishing.

Though there are many styles of grinders available in the market, the majority of the people go for L-shaped and tower designs. Out of these two, the tower design is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Choose a sleek and elegant designed mixer that should upscale the interiors of your kitchen while you place it on the shelf.

#5 Maintenance

The design is a vital aspect while buying a mixer grinder, but at the same time, you have to ensure proper maintenance of the device.

Go for a mixer brand that provides an extended warranty because it indicates the product quality. Additionally, any issue would be covered within the warranty, whereas if the product isn’t under warranty, you can get it fixed from a local dealer at a very minimal price.

#6 Efficient Blades

Every mixer grinder comes with different sizes & materials of blades as they all have their specific purpose.

That said, the most reliable material of the mixie blade is stainless steel as they are sharp and come with increased lifespan and better performance.

Some of them are removable, too, which ensures you can remove them while cleaning the jars. Lastly, you will have the option to replace the blades depending on your requirement.

#7 Machine Type

A mixer grinder is an essential part of every modern kitchen. It helps you perform regular day-to-day tasks like chopping, kneading, grinding, grating, preparing the batter, extracting juices Electra with ease.

It helps you save time and reduces your efforts to a certain extent; hence, it is crucial to understand the type of mixers you need.

Though there are many types such as meat/coffee grinder, hand blender, stand mixer, etcetera, the main ones are “standard mixer grinder & juicer mixer grinder.”

As the name suggests, you can opt for any of them, and it will help you perform tasks like grinding, chopping, blending, etcetera just that the juicer ones will additionally help you extract juices and make smoothies & shakes. It is always advisable to spend on mixer grinders rather than spending on grinders and mixers separately.

#8 Motor & RPM Speed

The RPM speed for every appliance is referred to as the rotation per minute. It means how fast the blades rotate per minute.

The higher the RPM speed, the more powerful is the motor of the mixer grinder. That said, it also reduces your time and efforts and expedites the grinding process.

However, the only area of concern is with higher spin speed, the motor of the mixer gets heated quickly. For instance, if the motor gets heated, you have to wait for it to cool down, and then you can restart the process again. For some best mixer grinders brands, the RPM speed goes as high as 23000RPM

#9 Settings of Speed Control

Speed control is one of the vital factors you need to consider while choosing a mixer grinder for home use.

Having access to the speed control settings in a mixer will help you check the consistency of the process. Moreover, it prevents overflow, and you can adjust the speed depending on the intensity of grinding.

There are typically three-speed settings which are low, medium, and high. The three-speed settings in a mixer grinder will help you control the motor and the blade speed. Ensure you get access to these settings, as this is one of the most important features while buying a mixer grinder.

#10 Motor Capacity ( Wattage )

Wattage is none other than the power of the motor. In layman’s language, a higher mixer grinder’s motor can perform high quantity operation in one go.

For typical Indian households, a motor wattage of up to 750 watts is sufficient as it is energy efficient. The wattage above 750 will consume more electricity and will make more noise and vibration.

#11 Warranty

As we all know, a Warranty is the duration wherein we get the replacement or repair depending on the occurred issue.

Hence, it varies depending on the brand’s reliability and popularity. That said, choose a mixer grinder that comes with an extended warranty as it will be peace of mind for you if anything goes wrong with the mixie.

The majority of the brands provide within 1-6 years of warranty on the mixers, while some of them come with around ten years as well. The warranty of a mixie gets divided into two parts which are on the motor and overall product.

So, these were the top 10 main points that you need to consider before buying the best mixer grinder in India.

Essential Features of Best Mixer Grinder in India

Mixer Grinder Features
  • #1 Number of Jars – Depending on the model and type, different mixer grinders come with different jars’ quantities. On average, brands offer 3-4 jars. However, if you have different mixing and grinding requirements, you can even opt for more jars as well.
  • #2 Lid Locking – There are a couple of locking types. Mixer grinders that come with an auto-lock feature won’t start until you have correctly placed the jar. Additionally, the lid lock feature ensures hand-free operation. These features make the mixie safe and secure to use.
  • #3 Knob – Different juicer mixer grinders come with different types of switches. The most common are press switches, rotary, buttons, and piano types. Of all of them, piano types are speed pushbuttons, and these buttons are highly convenient as they are placed with utmost precision. A piano knob in a mixer grinder makes it easy for you to access the speed settings.
  • #4 Other Safety Features – A mixer grinder must-have safety features. In case the load gets higher during the grinding process, it puts extra pressure on the motor, which sometimes results in motor damage. Some mixer grinders come with a circuit breaker feature that cuts off the power in case the load gets higher. Not only this, but the auto cutoff feature keeps the mixer safe in cases of voltage fluctuation as it cuts off the power.
  • #5 Pulse Feature – The pulse feature helps chop soft contents such as chopping fruits, vegetables, boiled egg Electra. It is typically used for delicate and lightweight jobs.

Other Safety Measures While Using A Mixer Grinder

As we know, mixer grinders are easy to operate and come with a user-friendly interface. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while using a mixie. This is to avoid any unnecessary accidents or the slippage of food.

  • You have to ensure the mixer grinder is placed on a plane slip-proof surface for better stability.
  • Make sure the amount of water is enough in the jar while you make batters, creams as it leads to extra efforts of the motor, which results in overheating of the mixer.
  • Always turn off the power and then pour the ingredients to avoid any electrical issues.
  • Do not add hot contents in the jars of the mixer grinder as it affects the inner body and the blades.
  • The lid should be locked properly before you start the process.
  • Ensure that the jar of the grinder is placed correctly before starting the grinding process.
  • Let the jar escape the air before you add the ingredients to the mixer.
  • A proper earthing system is crucial in a mixie.
  • Ensure the mixie’s speed goes from slow – medium – high instead of directly starting the process at high speed.
  • Clean the cord with a soft cloth to eliminate the entire moisture
  • Place the mixer grinder at a safe location where nothing can fall on it and keep it out of reach from kids.
  • Refrain from using grinders where water is around

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's of best mixie

What is the warranty time of a mixer grinder?

The warranty period of a mixer grinder varies depending on the brand and model. However, in general, they come with 3-5 years on the overall product and 5+ years on the motor.

How many jars are available with a mixer grinder?

Some brands provide 3, 4, or even five jars as well. Typically, people opt for a mixer grinder with three jars that are of different capacities. The small jar can be used for dry grinding, medium-sized for making batters and pastes. The large jar can be used for making shakes and juices. Additionally, the small jar can be used for making chutneys as well.

Which are the best brands of mixer grinders in India?

Preethi, Sujata, Bosch, Philips & Panasonic are some of the best brands of mixer grinders available in India.

What is an active flow breaker?

Active flow breaker is an excellent feature that creates a pronounced obstruction making sure the ingredients fall on the blade precisely. The process results in authentic flavor and desired texture.

Is it safe to use a mixer grinder while using liquid?

A mixer grinder can most certainly be used with liquid ingredients. However, you have to ensure the body material is shockproof to prevent unnecessary incidents.

Can I keep using the mixer grinder if it emits a burning smell?

There’s no issue with the burning smell for the first few uses as the coating gets heated initially. However, if it continuously does the same, then you can get the mixer grinder replaced.

The Verdict

As you can see, a mixer grinder has earned a spot as a must-have appliance in every kitchen. The reason being, it significantly reduces your cooking time and efforts. A mixer grinder won’t perform all the tasks for you, but it can reduce your efforts to a certain extent. It is a common appliance which is available in every kitchen nowadays. Choosing the mixer grinder that best suits your requirement is definitely a daunting task because of the brands and varieties available in the market. Our team researched for a few days and interacted with many users, and to make this task simple; we have listed the best mixer grinders in India to meet all your requirements. These mixies can be purchased online as well as in the markets.

We have listed detailed tables of specifications, features, benefits, drawbacks, ratings of every particular mixer grinder model to make sure it becomes easy for you to choose the best suitable mixer grinder.

The buying guide contains all the different mixer grinder brands and models. You need to keep in mind a few things before choosing the best mixer grinder in India, such as motor, capacity, number of jars, safety features, pricing, brand, warranty, etcetera. We have mentioned each of these points in detail in the above article.

I hope this guide helped you choose a mixer grinder for your home that best suits your requirement. In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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