Bosch Mixer Grinder Review 2023

This article is all about the ultimate guide to Bosch Mixer Grinder review in 2023.

Bosch Mixer Grinder Review 2020

Mixers and grinders, there is an endless number of varieties and technologies available in the market. Users are more overwhelmed by choices and tend to get confused while buying an appliance.

Now depending on the nature of the article, I’d say that Bosch is undoubtedly the most reliable brand when it comes to home & kitchen appliances.

According to the research and based on my experience, German-based companies like Bosch designs well-engineered, advanced and constructed appliances.

So, in this article, I’ve shortlisted some of the best selling models of mixer grinders by Bosch. 

You’ll get to see the complete specifications, reviews, pros & cons next to each product mentioned. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Overview – Which Bosch Mixer Grinder should you go with?

Bosch Mixer Grinder Review

Though I have shortlisted the great Bosch Mixer Grinders however if you are looking for the most reliable product, I’d suggest you have a look at this particular from Bosch. It has got the best user reviews and ratings.

If you are fewer family members, I’d still suggest you go with the same. The reason being, it is worth your money and will serve the purpose for years without any interruption.

Overall the quality of Bosch is excellent; however, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Now, if you think to opt for extra features than the base model, there are chances of higher maintenance cost. 

The spare parts get imported from Germany to selected countries, restricted to around a few distributors. So, it becomes slightly challenging to get replacements quickly and also the fact that there still aren’t many trained technicians.

Keeping all these aspects of convenience in mind, let’s move forward to the three best bosch mixer grinders.

Bosch Brand – How has the journey been so far?

Image of mixer grinder

Nowadays, luxury and quality mean Bosch. Ever since, I had a look at new projects of apartments, villas, or farmhouses, almost all of them, including the buyer and the maker preferred Bosch home & kitchen appliances.

Bosch is the leading supplier of services and technologies. The company was established in 1886 by Robert Bosch.

Additionally, in India, they have the most extensive development centre outside Germany, to provide comprehensive technology and energy solutions.

In 1951, Bosch started their operations in India and since then delivering top-notch quality goods and services which led them to where they are currently.

Currently, they have seven development and application centres and around 18 manufacturing sites across India. They deal in the following services:-

  • Industrial Technology
  • Energy & Building Technology
  • Consumer Goods
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Home Appliances

Now that you are aware of the brand’s popularity and reliability let’s quickly jump off to the list of bosch mixers.

3 Best Bosch Mixer Grinders in India


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Bosch Trumixx Pro 1000 Watts (Black)
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Bosch 750 Watts With 4 Jars
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Bosch Style Mixer Grinder MGM6642WIN
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1) Bosch Trumixx Pro 1000 Watts (Black)

Bosch Trumixx Pro 1000 Watts (Black) Mixer Grinder

If you are looking for a product with robust motor power and exceptional experience, Bosch Trumixx Pro Mixer grinder would be a perfect fit for you.

It provides easy hand-free operation, so there is no requirement of manual intervention. Additionally, the product includes a top-notch quality lid-locking system.

The product comes with a massive 1000 watt copper winding motor that delivers the traditional pounding technology with great speed and quality.

The healthy suction feet grips on the countertop eliminate the requirement to hold the pressing during the operation.

There is a silver chrome finishing right at the front for enhanced elegance; it helps in upscaling the overall look of the kitchen.

Bosch Trumixx Pro 1000 Watts (Black) Mixer

You’ll get access to the active flow breakers that help in making any dishes batter as the grinding blades provide uniform movement of the ingredients.

The mixer comes with superior quality stainless steel jars that also includes flow breakers which provide exceptional grinding performance. It can even perform heavy-duty grinding tasks such as masalas, turmeric etcetera.

It has a max juice extractor which helps in extracting liquids such as coconut milk, shakes and more. The unique pounding blade with a thick edge actively pounds the ingredients. The process gives extra exposure and aroma to the spices.

The grinder comes with two years of extended warranty and is one of the highest-rated products of Bosch in terms of reliability. You can also watch the video below to view the real-time features as to how they work.

Specs Overview:-

  • Model Number – Pro
  • Weight – 5 KG 200G
  • Dimension – 4.6 x 3.85 x 2.2 Meters
  • Units – 1 U
  • Warranty – 2 Years on Product (T&C apply)
  • Excellent appearance and design
  • Robust Motor Power and Power efficient
  • Can continuously operate for 30 minutes
  • Noiseless and Silent operation
  • Exceptional performance
  • Additional safety measures as overload protection
  • Brand Reliability and Great reviews
  • Slightly expensive but certainly a value of money
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2) Bosch 750 Watts With 4 Jars

Bosch 750 Watts Mixer Grinder With 4 Jars

Bosch 750 Watts mixer grinders have almost precisely the same features as the product mentioned above. They always believe in providing excellent user experience and long term relationships.

If you are looking for a decently priced mixer grinder for your home without having to compromise with the quality and service, this would be an ideal fit for you.

Again with this one you’d get a Maxx Juicer extractor that’s specially designed for smoothies, juices or coconut milk extraction.

The active flow breaker ensures aeration and top-notch performance grinding. It provides a uniform mixture that results perfect for finer and fluffier batters.

Bosch 750 Watts Mixer With 4 Jars

The nylon copper windings increase the lifespan of the mixer. The strong motor can continue its operation for 30 minutes continuously.

It has a uniquely designed blunt pounding blade including thick edges which helps in replicating the pounding effect on dry ingredients, making sure to give great exposure to the taste.

Most importantly, for performing heavy-duty tasks, you must go for a product with a capacity of equal to or more than 750 watts. Additionally, please allow the motor to cool down for some time between multiple uses. Lastly, the product comes with a two years warranty.

Specs Overview:-

  • Model Number – Pro 750 Watts
  • Weight – 5 KG 200G
  • Dimension – 459.99 x 384.81 x 219.99 cm
  • Units – 1 U
  • Warranty – 2 Years on Product (T&C apply)
  • Convenient hand-free operation
  • Best collection from Bosch
  • Awesome ratings and reviews
  • Value for money
  • Extended two years warranty
  • Lock lid & high-quality stainless steel jars
  • Comes with the extractor for preparing juices
  • Slightly noisy
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3) Bosch Style Mixer Grinder MGM6642WIN

Bosch Style Mixer Grinder MGM6642WIN

Since we have seen a couple of Bosch mixer grinders, I would say this one includes the same features as the above two.

The only difference is in the price aspect; this one is economical than the previous models mentioned above.

This mixer comes with high-quality stainless steel blades that are perfect for dry, wet, chutney grinding and juicing—additionally, a concealed bronze for contamination-free mixing.

Instead of cutting the spices, the pounding blade delivers a high impact by providing it with a pounding effect. It helps revive the authentic flavour and preserve the coarse textures of the masalas.

Bosch Style Mixer MGM6642WIN

You can use this mixer grinder for continuously 30 minutes. Also, it has an entirely hand-free operation with efficient lid locks, healthy suction feet as an additional safety measure.

This entire series of Bosch is available in various motor powers that include 500W, 600W, 750W & 1000 Watts. You can choose the best one, depending on your requirement. Warranty provided is two years, same as the previous models.

Specs Overview:-

  • Model Number – Style MGM6642WIN
  • Weight – 5 KG 200G
  • Dimension – 459.99 x 384.81 x 219.99 cm
  • Units – 1 Unit
  • Warranty – 2 Years on Product (T&C apply)
  • Excellent build quality
  • Acceptable Noise Level
  • Maxxjuice extractor for perfect juicing
  • Unique Lid Locks and healthy suction feet
  • Entirely hand-free operation
  • Available at best price
  • Value of your money
  • Brand Reliability
  • No cons at all
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The Verdict – Bosch Mixer Grinder Review

We have discussed 3 Bosch mixer grinders, and all of them include almost the same features. The only difference is the price and a feature here and there.

As a matter of fact, all the models are highly rated, and if you go through the user reviews, you’ll see people love it with absolutely no drawbacks.

After comprehensive research, I decided to mention the complete details about the examination, including features, pros, cons and how the technology works. I hope these details helped you choose the right model of Bosch mixer grinder for your home.

That said, this brought me to the end of the article on Bosch mixer grinder review. I hope this added value in your buying journey. In case of any doubts, queries, or suggestions, feel free to post it in the comment section below.

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