Elica vs Faber Kitchen Chimney – Reviewed

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Indian food is loved across the globe, as the taste says it all. However, that comes with a lot of effort from Indian household cooks.

That said, cooking is something that causes a considerable amount of smoke & gases. And if we talk about Indian food, it involves spices, oils, ghees, frying, tadkaa and a variety of ingredients a little too much.

Though it may be tempting, however, it can be very sticky and can leave a bad impression on ceilings and interiors.

With all this buzz surrounding, the ventilation process of an Indian kitchen has to be a bit efficient.

A kitchen chimney is the only resource that can absorb the smoke and help you get rid of the bad odour, smoke & oil.

You’ll see multiple kitchen chimney brands in the market that includes Bosch, Hindware, Faber, Elica, Glen etc. Hence, it becomes a bit tricky to figure out the best one for our needs.

Since you are a step ahead in your journey, and, there are only two brands out of which you’d like to understand the best that suits your requirement. I’m going to make this task super easy & engaging.

Undoubtedly, Elica & Faber are one of the leading brands of Kitchen Chimneys. So, further, I’ll share the complete & in-depth comparison between Faber vs Elica Kitchen Chimney, their features, their pros & cons and the most favoured brand amongst both of them.

For instance, if you are short of time, and I need to recommend only one product that is worth your money. I’d suggest you have a look at this fantastic model by Elica. It is one of the most reliable products with a robust suction capacity. 

However, if you are looking for something slightly more powerful and do not have any budget constraint, this model of Faber would be a perfect fit.

As a bonus, I’m also going to describe the types of chimneys that you can get in the market & what exactly you need to look before making a final call to get the best product.

Let’s dive right in: )

Elica vs Faber – Overview!

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A kitchen chimney is an appliance which we install once to make sure it can serve us for years without any interruption.

It’s an investment, and we can’t afford to go for a product which isn’t worth the price and isn’t reliable.

Let’s now discuss some of the facts and details which are entirely unbiased and fully based on performance, reliability & quality.

So, mainly you’d find various varieties & designs in Faber Chimney that look extremely impressive. However, Elica is slightly limited in terms of designs.

Faber is one of the leading, reputed & popular brands in the kitchen chimney market. Not only in India, but they are also one of the most favoured brands across the globe.

That said, their prices are slightly high as compared to Elica however, it is completely justified. They use top-notch quality materials, their products have increased lifespan, and most importantly, they manufacture a lot of designs.

There isn’t a lot of difference when it comes to Elica chimneys, just that they are more affordable as they provide quality products in various price brackets.

Let’s now get to an in-depth part to make things look super easy: )

Elica vs Faber Chimneys – Similarities & Differences!

Image of Elica vs Faber Chimneys Comparison Overview

Benefits Of Purchasing Faber

Image explaining Benefits Of Purchasing Faber

Just like we discussed above, in Indian kitchens, there’s a lot of oil, soot and ghee used that leads to high amounts of stickiness.

Hence, a product has to be efficient enough to tackle the obstacles and challenges. Faber chimney has got the majority of positive reviews & high ratings because of their excellent performance.

Some of their products have a unique combination of massive suction power(robust motor) and three battle filters which turns out to be the precise requirements for the Indian kitchen.

Because of their efficient ventilation and long-lasting performance, they have earned their reputation in the market as the most reliable brand.

The unique selling point about Faber is, they provide the most extended warranty in the market as compared to any other brand.

The average warranty goes around (12 years) & (lifetime) on the motor. 

Note:- The warranty and prices are always dynamic and can be changed anytime without any prior notice.

Faber has an excellent customer care service; they are super helpful and primarily focussed on providing the best experience.

I’d also recommend you to go ahead and get it installed by an authorized representative from Faber, the benefit is, the installation would be trustworthy, and they’ll get the warranty activated right away.

In regards to the post-sale service, I’ve analyzed a lot of reviews, and they have super quick service, if by any chance, any spare part needs replacement, they’ll get it done at the earliest.

Faber chimney doesn’t make a lot of noise during the operation; however, it’s not as silent as Elica, here I’ll give them credit.

If you do not have budget constraints and you are looking to spend in a premium, stylish & reliable brand, then Faber is the perfect fit for you!

You can reach them by dialing: 1800 209 3484

Let’s now discuss Elica:-

Benefits Of Purchasing Elica

Image explaining Benefits Of Purchasing Elica Chimney

I’ll mention the most important advantage right in the start, which is their best range of silent & noise-free chimney.

Yes, you read that right. In Indian kitchens, there’s a lot of noise already, and when the kitchen operates at its full speed, it makes a lot of noise too.

Thereby, choosing a noise-free chimney is extremely crucial, and in this regards, I’d like to mention Elica (the best brand when it comes to noiseless operation)

Now you can concentrate on cooking food with peace of mind because the Elica chimney would keep the kitchen calm.

As discussed above, there’s not a huge amount of price difference between both the brands. That said, you can still get most of the features with Elica at a less price range.

In terms of warranties, yes they do provide extended however not as comprehensive as Faber.

Elica doesn’t have the greatest of post-sales service; at the same time, Faber is highly rated for its quality and service.

I would also suggest you go through the terms & conditions/policies before buying any product from Elica, some of them are not return/replaceable.

People go with Elica just because it provides a wide range of models at an extremely affordable price; however, Faber is a step ahead of them when it comes to convenience & reliability.

With that said, I’d suggest choosing Faber over Elica. See, for a chimney you’d spend only once, and that would have to recover the investment that you’ve made at least 100X. 

Even if it’s making a difference of around 1-2K, I’d still just you to go for Faber because the price that you’ll invest now is completely justified keeping the convenience and performance in mind.

I’ll now suggest you some of the great models from both the brands; I’ll brief them with complete specification, features, pros & cons. They are two each for Elica as well as Faber.

Let’s jump right in: )

Our Recommendation:-

Image of our recommendation for the best kitchen chimney

1) Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney

This is one of the best models from Faber trending a lot nowadays, let’s discuss some of its features.

As I mentioned earlier, high suction power is extremely crucial in the chimney that you buy. That said, suction power refers to the consumption of smoke & oil particles in the kitchen.

The suction power of this model is pretty high (1000 m3/ per hour) that absorbs the smoke lot quicker. Thereby, you can cook food peacefully.

Some people are fond of cooking food in the night or maybe in the evening. This product comes with a couple of LED lamps which gives excellent lighting. At the same time, making it power efficient as well.

It makes almost no noise even if it’s working at its full speed. You’ll see a calm environment, and you can cook without any sort of bothering.

Image of Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney Features

Faber features the best battle filters in this product; smoke and oil can leave a bad impression on the ceiling/tiles. The top-notch quality stainless steel baffle filter, which is installed absorbs the entire smoke and oil particles in the best possible manner.

Because of its powerful motor, suction power is highly efficient. The appliance is very user friendly and easy to operate. 

There are four buttons on the product; three of them are for speed as you can set it as per your preference. The 4th one is for light; it is as simple as that.

Lastly, it comes with an extended 12 years warranty on the motor and rotor, and one year on the overall unit. Let’s now go through the pros & cons.

  • High Suction Power
  • Great LED lights (power efficient)
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Convenient Push Buttons
  • Robust Motor Quality
  • Attractive Design
  • Brand Reliability
  • Slightly expensive

Check Average Customer Ratings –

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2) Elica Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation

Elica is no short in the race, as this is one of the best stylish and effective chimney brands, let’s discuss the overall specifications.

It has a great rust free design with high-quality stainless steel. It is specially designed as a separate oil collector portion, which does its job efficiently.

You’ll see 2 LED lamps that provide great lights, and it enhances the overall beauty of the kitchen. Additionally, the lights are highly powered efficient.

It includes an impressive touch control panel that provides you with the easiest access to the features, making it attractive at the same time.

Image of Elica Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation features

Majority of the people prefer this product because of its gorgeous elegant design. Moreover, it enhances the overall decor of the kitchen.

It is available in a back colour appearance made of toughened quality that can easily match to the other interiors of the kitchen.

Cleaning the chimney is one of the most challenging parts that I feel; hence this model has a great heat auto-clean technology.

What it does is, it uses a heating element which separates the sticky oil particles and other impurities in the separate oil collector automatically. You’d just need to press a button, and you’re all set!

It is very compact in dimensions and can be easily fitted in any kitchen style. Another thing that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space in the kitchen, resulting in a super powerful performance.

  • Compact Shape & Size
  • Separate Oil Collector Portion
  • Auto Clean Technology
  • LED Lamps
  • Battle Filter
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Impressive Design
  • Good Post Sales Service
  • NA

Check Average Customer Ratings –

3) Faber 60cm 800 m3/h Stainless Steel Hood Chimney

This is the second of Faber that I recommend as it provides excellent performance and users are satisfied with this product.

The best part is, it has no cost replacement, the material used is stainless steel. It is super easy to clean, and you can even use Dishwasher as well.

It has a high capacity motor that ultimately increases the suction power. Furthermore, it has the most noiseless operation as compared to other brands.

Just like other models, you’ll get access to highly efficient LED lamps that provide a considerable amount of lighting.

It provides exceptional performance, removing bad odours, heat, smoke, fumes, oil particles in the best possible manner.

Most of the Faber models have this unique battle filter technology. It results in extreme efficiency removing oil & smoke and collects it in a separate filter.

It is pretty sorted and has a user-friendly interface. You’ll get access to 4 buttons. Three of them are for speed, and the 4th one for managing LED lamps.

In terms of pricing, it is available at the best competitive price. The warranty is the same as the previous model, 12 years on motor & rotor and one year on the overall unit.

  • Touch Control Panel
  • Battle Filter
  • LED lamps
  • Robust Motor
  • Massive Suction Power
  • Stainless Steel Quality
  • Attractive Price
  • Reliable Brand
  • Slight Delay in Delivery

Check Average Customer Ratings –

4) Elica 60cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

This is an advanced version of Elica and the most recommended in the entire list.

Let’s go through the features overview.

It requires almost no maintenance and barely makes any noise. The suction capacity of 1425 cubic meters per hour is super strong and keeps the kitchen fresh at all times.

It comes with a complete installation kit. You get Cowl Cover (1 unit), Aluminium Tape (1 unit), Clamp (2 units), Aluminium Duct Pipe (9-10 ft). There’s no rocket science in these parts. My purpose is to inform you that these things are included so that you won’t have to pay extra.

The motion sensor is what I liked about this model the most, so if you are moving your hand towards the right, then it keeps on increasing the speed. However, moving the hand on the left side would decrease the speed.

Image of Elica 60cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney features

Just like the above three models, in this one as well you’ll get access to the impressive LED lamps, lighting won’t be an issue with all the products.

It also has an oil collector that collects the oil and other residues separately. The material is stainless steel which is one of the best that you can get in the market.

It has a great touch control panel which is super easy to use. With just a press of a button, you can get it on heat auto-clean technology.

Most importantly, it has a filterless technology. The powerful motor is sealed just to make sure it doesn’t get impacted by any residue or oil collected.

You’ll get 5 years extended warranty on the motor & one year on the overall unit.

  • Filterless Technology
  • Auto Clean through Heat
  • LED Lamps
  • Compact Dimensions
  • Motion Sensor
  • Oil Collector
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Excellent Post Sales Service
  • Expensive

Check Average Customer Ratings –

Now getting in-depth, I’d like to share some important information that you need to keep in mind before you go ahead and buy any chimney for your kitchen irrespective of any brand. 

Additionally, I’ll also share the types of Chimneys that you can get in the market.

Let’s get started!

Important Tips For Buying a Chimney

Image of Important Tips For Buying a Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide

Suction Abilities:- Just as we discussed, ingredients & oil are slightly overused in Indian food. It is better to go with the best suction power as it’d ultimately increase the efficiency and keep the kitchen fresh.

Baffle Filter:- Unlike the mesh filters, these are pretty convenient to use and best in regards to the performance. These are designed with multiple curves to make sure the smoke gets absorbed quickly & freely. Also, the fact that they are insanely easy to clean.

Filter Choice:- It is crucial to go with the right filters to maintain suction power. Id’ always recommend (Baffle)

Dimensions:- Most of the standard models come in 2-3 fits; however, make sure you select the right size depending on the stove size.

Noise Level:- Choose a chimney with the noiseless operation. The recommendations are shared above.

Warranty:- As we encountered in the above models, most of the chimneys have a one-year standard warranty and more in motors. Make sure to check the post-sale service reviews as well.

Brand Selection:- This is something that I mention again & again. It is good to make a slightly extra investment that can be appreciated for a longer period.


Conclusion of Faber vs Elica Chimney

So, that was all about the in-depth comparison between Elica vs Faber Kitchen Chimney & reviews.

Choosing the best kitchen chimney for your house is always a challenging task, and the complete research is worth it.

It’s a matter of safety and most importantly, getting rid of smoke and impurities. If I’d have to choose amongst both the models, I’d go with Faber.

After analyzing tons of resources, I finally came up with my unbiased reviews and suggestions. It’s better to invest slightly more and go with a more reliable brand.

Thank you for going through the article, let me know which one did you choose and why? I’d appreciate any feedback or recommendation in the comment section below.

Happy Shopping!

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