Best Granite Cookware in India 2023

Granite cookware is a sort of new technology and advancement. People looking to buy cookware for their houses tend to get confused between varieties.

You would see many varieties and brands in the market, such as ceramic pan, Teflon coated cookware, stainless steel brands, non-stick frying pan, and a lot more.

Best Granite Cookware in India 2020

Now, the question is, how are these different, and which one is best among all of them. 

That said, I have received a lot of email requests to differentiate between all these cookwares.

Hence, I have come up with a detailed review and a comprehensive list of the best granite cookware in India. But before that, we will discuss some critical details, such as is it safe for your health?

But before that, I’d like to save your valuable time as I’ve already done the hard work. After hours of comprehensive research, I found that Prestige Omega is one of the most reliable products in the current year and has also got the best reviews. You can click the text highlighted to check more details on Amazon.

Let’s now proceed further in the article.

Is Granite Cookware considered healthy or safe?

Best Granite Coated Cookware

Not only Granite coated cookware, but any material of cookware is not entirely safe until you follow proper precautions.

So, the granite pans are a type of enamelware. They are manufactured of thin carbon steel material. Now, this steel layer is covered with a layer of porcelain enamel, which keeps the cookware safe from harmful gases.

Both non-stick and Granite coated cookware use the same material, which is Teflon. The material is safe only up to a certain extent of heat; otherwise, it starts to emit harmful gases, which is not suitable for health.

Regarding the comparison, both use the same material, and it’s only the look and appearance that is different. Rest, it’s the same.

Nonstick and granite cookware are both the same in terms of safety. However, my recommendation would be only to use granite occasionally, whereas you can use cast iron cookware regularly.

At the bottom of the article, I’ll share some of the best cast iron products you can go with. But before that, I’ll share some best practices and care instructions that you can keep in mind regarding safety & maintenance.

  • Do not heat the empty pan to high heat.
  • Refrain from heating it to a smoking point
  • Wash with care and gentle hands
  • Try to cook food on medium heat.
  • Do not make the pan too cold or hot fast.
  • Use only wooden or plastic spoons because metal can bring a scratch that eventually removes the coating.

So, these were some of the essential points that I want you to keep in mind. Additionally, please also follow the manufacturer’s user manual and instructions. You can also visit this link on Wikipedia to get more details on Teflon maintenance and safety.

Let’s now jump into the suggestion list.

Best Granite Cookware In India

1) Wonderchef Granite Kitchen Set

Wonderchef Granite Kitchen Set

Indian households trust Wonderchef a lot because of the quality products they provide. This is a three-piece set ( Frying Pan, Kadhai & Tawa ), which is available at the best prices.

Each appliance comes with a diameter of 26cm. The best part is that it is compatible with all types of surfaces such as kitchen hob, gas, induction cooktop, etcetera.

The Wonderchef product has robust and heavy build quality with a 3.5mm extra thick bottom and rim. The material used is pure grade virgin aluminum, which is among the best conductors of heat, cooks faster, and saves your valuable time.

Wonderchef Granite Cookware Set

Unlike the cheap coatings the peel off and lose effectiveness within a few months, this one is much better with high thermal stability and durability, enabling years of healthy cooking.

The granite set comes with five layers of professional-grade meta tuff non-sticking coating. With the exceptional good release properties, you can cook with almost no oil.

  • Pure Grade Virgin Aluminium High-Quality material
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • Compatible with all types of cooking surfaces
  • Reliable service and great reviews
  • Healthy metatuff nonstick coating for durability
  • Ergonomic and easily accessible soft-touch handles
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • NA
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2) Prestige Omega Granite Cookware Set

Prestige Omega Granite Cookware Set

Whenever we refer to kitchen appliances or maybe pressure cookers, Prestige is the first thing that comes to our mind. The reason being, it is the leading brand in kitchen appliances.

So, in this product, you get a total of 4 cookwares which includes 1 Kadhai including glass lid, 1 Omni Tawa, 1 Milk pan with glass lid & 1 Frying Pan.

The handles of this set are manufactured using heat resistant high-quality material that enables effortless carrying and cooking.

The cookware set is entirely dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to wash manually, which ultimately is a bit inconvenient.

Prestige Omega Granite Kitchen Set

It is manufactured of a top-notch quality aluminum body that comes with a gas and induction compatible base. The entire granite set is specifically designed with metal spoon friendly features that increase its lifespan, making it user friendly at the same time.

  • Four cookware sets include tawa, frying pan, milk, kadhai & glass lid.
  • Five-layer metal spoon friendly coating
  • Sturdy and durable handles for ease of cooking
  • Gas & Induction compatible base
  • Dishwasher safe & great user reviews
  • NA
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3) Nouvetta Treviso Granite Cookware Set

Nouvetta Treviso Granite Cookware Set

If you are looking for a fancy and attractive kitchen set, then Nouvetta would be one of the best options to choose from. It is a five-piece cookware set.

The package includes 1 Piece glass lid (24cm), one-piece kadhai/wok (24cm), one-piece dosa tawa (28cm), one-piece serving spoon & 1 piece frying pan (24cm)

The cookware set comes with a transparent glass & heat resistant lid, making it much easier to check whether the dish is all set or in process.

It has a top-notch quality granite coating that ensures the food doesn’t get stuck to the cookware’s surface. The process makes the utensil easy to clean.  

Another great advantage of this cookware is that you can even use a minimal amount of ghee, butter & oil for healthy cooking.

You will get access to soft-touch handles that are sturdy and durable. It plays a crucial role in convenience & accessibility; these handles don’t become loose over time.

This cookware set’s flat base is perfectly compatible with both gas and induction stove; now, you can enjoy convenience and flexibility while cooking.

  • High-quality aluminum material
  • Total of five contents included in the package
  • The unique five-layer granite coating prevents the food from sticking.
  • Flat base compatible with both induction and gas stove
  • Transparent glass & heat resistant lid
  • Soft and sturdy touch handles
  • Great product with a beautiful appearance
  • Priced slightly high
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What else can I choose instead of Granite Cookware?

Alternatives to Granite Cookware

Some people are too conscious about hygiene and health. Hence, the best alternative to Granite coated cookware is cast iron utensils.

Some Indian families tend to avoid using Teflon coated cookware. And this cookware named as Granite is made of this material.

Cast iron cookware is priced slightly on the higher side. Additionally, these are heavy in weight, takes effort in terms of cleaning and maintenance. But in the long run, they are considered the safest.

(i) AmazonBasics Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

AmazonBasics Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

Nowadays, if we talk about any electronics appliance, you would indeed find the Amazonbasics brand on every list. The reason being, they have earned the trust and reputation in the market because of the high-quality appliances. The same is the case with this iron skillet as well.

So, it is a high-quality skillet pan which comes in a dimension of (10.25 inches, 2.18KG) and you have the option to choose the sizes as well. The available comes in (L, XL & XXL) Not only this but you get choices of handle holder colors as well (Red & Blue)

The construction is designed with heavy-duty cast iron for optimum heat retention. It also ensures thorough & even heating.

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Skillet Pan

This 10.25 inches cast iron skillet can be used for searing, roasting, baking, pan-frying, and more. The day you receive it, you’re all set to use it as well. 

The product is absolutely suitable for all types of cooking surfaces, such as kitchen hobs, gas stoves, and more. However, it is not dishwasher safe; however, it is oven safe up to 260 degrees celsius.

The cookware comes pre-seasoned which means, it’s good to go right when you take it out of the box. It is made of heavy-duty cast iron. As we discussed, the product distributes heat evenly and retains it to the best of its ability.

(ii) Non-Stick Aluminium Kadhai With Glass LID

Non-Stick Aluminium Kadhai With Glass LID

This kadhai has a beautiful design and an overall capacity of 4 Litres. The capacity should easily suffice a medium-sized family.

The top-notch quality aluminum material has five layers of nonstick coating, the marble coating both outside and inside. It is considered approximately ten times stronger than the Teflon coating.

Non-Stick Aluminium Kadhai Cast Iron Skillet

The product is entirely environmentally friendly. Additionally, it can easily withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat gets evenly distributed to avoid burn spots.

(iii) Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

The lodge is one of the finest brands when it comes to Cast Iron cookware. This product is perfectly compatible with all types of cooking surfaces.

It is a pre-seasoned product, so you can use it right away once you receive it. They are named as zero hazardous waste stream foundry.

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Additionally, Lodge has designed a vegetable oil recycler for the seasoning process to prevent wastage so that the unusable oil is recycled and can be used as a biodiesel generator.

The fact that initially, you’ll have to pay extra as compared to other products. However, in the long run, it is undoubtedly a value for your money.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

I would also recommend you review the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain and use it properly.

The Verdict

So, this was all about the best granite cookware in India and cast iron cookware. I hope this guide has undoubtedly helped you make the right choice.

And I have also answered the most common question, granite coated cookware safe?

In case of any doubts, queries, or questions, please mention them in the comment section below. 

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