IFB Senator Aqua SX vs Senator WXS

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We’ve had a brief discussion & comparison in the previous article regarding IFB senorita aqua sx and aqua vx washing machine models.

Taking it on from there, we are here with another discussion of IFB models which is senator aqua sx vs senator wxs.

IFB has tons of models and varieties when it comes to washing machines. On the one hand, it’s a positive aspect for us as we do get a lot of options to choose from.

However, it kind of takes extra effort to research particular models to find out which is the one that best suits our requirement.

That said, IFB is continuously striving towards perfection. They are coming up with the latest & most significant features to make it even convenient for their users.

So, in this article, you’ll find the in-depth comparison of features, specifications, differences, pros & cons of both the brands.

Let’s get started!

Senator Aqua SX vs WXS – Overview!

Image of Aqua SX vs WXS Washing Machine Comparison
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After hours of research and checking all user reviews, I found this product of IFB on Amazon the most reliable. I would strongly recommend you check it as it has got the majority of best reviews and will serve the purpose for years without any interruption.

As a conclusion of the previous article, it has been observed that SX is a step ahead in terms of features & convenience as compared to VX.

Now, we are referring to the WXS. As the name suggests, there’s only a suffix (W) added in the entire model, rest everything seems the same.

Not only the name, but it’s precisely the same in the features as well. Both models have almost the same features & technologies.

Just that, the WXS model is the upgraded version with the latest design. There are other minor differences as well, which we are surely going to cover below.

However, before that, I’d suggest you go through the entire reviews of SX right here and for WSX click here.

The user reviews indeed help a lot, and I take a lot of time to review each and every detail to ensure you invest in the best product.

After all, it’s about the hard-earned money!

Now below, I’m going to cover the feature similarities for both the models, let’s dive in!

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Image of putting clothes in washing machine

Specification Similarities – Senator Aqua SX vs WXS

Further, I’m going to describe the features used by Aqua SX and Senato WXS.

First off, both the models have a capacity of 8KG, which is pretty sufficient for a medium-sized family.

Image of Senator Aqua SX

The function and control type of both the models is also the same – fully automatic front load.

I am sure there will be a lot of readers like me who always run short of time and need to get things done quickly.

That said, the machine has a massive spin speed of 1400 RPM, which is excellent. The clothes still require drying; however, the majority of the work gets done by the spin.

You won’t even get to know that the clothes have just passed the washing cycle because the RPM speed makes it dry to the best of its ability.

Image of Senator Aqua SX washing machine's drum

Both machines have got the timer facility just in case you need to set up a schedule anytime for the wash cycle.

Most models by IFB tend to have the unique built-in feature that tackles hard water. A lot of locations get hard water, so these sensors break the particles from hard water.

At times, there is some laundry that we need to add during the wash cycle. Thereby, you’ll get the option of “Adding Laundry” even after the wash cycle is begun.

IFB features Aqua Energie & Air Bubble technology that generates millions of bubbles that go deep in the fabric. 

Image of Senator Aqua WSX

The feature ensures that you get an exceptional wash experience, and even the stubborn stains are cleaned with ease, preventing it from any damage at the same time.

The only difference between the two models is, the WSX is the latest upgraded model with a slightly higher price. Also, its design is a bit more attractive. Rest, there’s no such feature that makes both models different.

So, now I’m going to present a table which will give you a clear vision of the similarities & differences.

Image of Senator Aqua WSX Washing Machine's Display

Comparison Table

Feature Highlights

Model-IFB Aqua SX

Model-Senator WSX




Function Type
Fully Automatic Front Load
Fully Automatic Front Load
Wash Capacity
Spin Speed
Wash Programs
14 Programs
14 Programs
LED Display
Drum Quality
Steel Material
Steel Material
Wash Method
Tumble Wash
Tumble Wash
In-Built Heater
Air Bubble
Express Wash
4 years
4 years
Check Reviews


Both these models are almost the same, and there’s hardly any difference justification to choose between them.

I would recommend you to go with the latest model WSX; it’s pretty apparent that if IFB has improved the design, they would undoubtedly have improved the performance as well.

There’s a very minimal price difference between both the models.

That was all about the comparison between IFB Senator Aqua SX vs Senator WXS. I hope you liked this guide.

If you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to mention it in the comment section below. I’ll be more than happy to answer!

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