Kent vs Pureit Water Purifiers

This article is all about the ultimate guide & comparison between Kent vs Pureit Water Purifiers in India.

Kent vs Pureit Water Purifiers

Water Purifier is more than a necessity in every household nowadays; however, the concern here is, many brands, technologies, price range, and a lot of other factors.

They are highly-priced, and not everyone can afford to go with a high-end product. Hence, it’s slightly important to understand the requirement to choose the right product.

Pureit & Kent are the leading brands in the water purifiers market, and both of them include RO, UV & UF technologies to purify the water.

So, further, in this article, we will discuss the in-depth details of both the brands, the technologies they use, price factor, overall quality, post-sales support, and, most importantly, which one you should opt for & why.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Overview – Kent vs Pureit

Pureit vs Kent

I’ll now go ahead with a simple answer: Should you go with Pureit or Kent?

If you are looking to spend slightly less and don’t want to compromise with the quality, you should opt for Kent.

Simultaneously, if you are looking for a product that is designed aesthetically and provides the best-purified water as well, you should opt for Pureit.

You only have to keep one thing in mind, the more you think about the design and features, the more it will result in maintenance charges.

Whenever we choose to buy a product, the only thing which plays a crucial role is the product has to be a value for money, and it should work for years without interruption. Keeping all these aspects in mind, I’d suggest you have a look at this specific model of Kent on Amazon. It covers all stages of purification and has got the majority of positive reviews.

And just like we discussed, if you are looking for aesthetically, then this model of Pureit would be a perfect fit.

The best part is both of these models use all the technologies as we discussed above so that you can be sure of the best water quality.

Additionally, both of them also use TDS control technology. Now, during the RO purification, some healthy minerals get eliminated along with the impurities.

Hence, the TDS control adds those healthy minerals back. These models are an excellent fit for medium and large-sized families.

Since it was an overview, we will now proceed towards the in-depth comparison of both these brands.

Detailed Comparison of Kent vs Pureit

Feature Highlights
Model Number
Pureit Ultima
8 Litres
10 Litres
38 x 33 x 46.5 cm
63 x 42.4 x 38.6 cm
12 KG 300 Gram
12 KG 400 Gram
Included Component
1 Year Warranty (T&C apply)
1 Year Warranty (T&C apply)
Check Reviews

Since all the brands’ models can have discrepancies with a couple of features here and there, I’d present the complete comparison of specific models.

The specific models that we will discuss here are Pureit Ultima Ex ro & Kent Pearl Water Purifier.

Let’s dive in!

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1) Features Used

Let’s first discuss the features used in Pureit Ultima.

  • It has an excellent water flow rate that purifies 1 Litre of water per minute.
  • Filter change alarm that lets you identify whenever the filter needs replacement.
  • Water flow control to prevent water wastage.
  • Auto shutoff and start feature ensure the tank always remains full.
  • Includes 7 stage purification process that provides for RO, UV & MF
  • Electronic Controlled Soft touch button
  • Purity Indicator & Digital Display Panel

Let’s now proceed to the features used in Kent Pearl.

  • It has advanced inbuilt TDS control that retains the essential minerals in the purified water.
  • Zero water wastage technology that recirculates the rejected water to its tank.
  • Double purification technology removed chemical impurities from the water.
  • Provides tasty and healthy drinking water.
  • Filter change alarm lets you identify whenever the filters need replacement.
  • UV fail alarm to ensure you do not get contaminated water.
  • Detachable tanks can be cleaned without any technical assistance.

2) Overall Material & Quality

If we talk about the build quality and reliability, you will find that both of the products are designed using top-notch quality material. Additionally, the user reviews say it all.

You can install both of them on the wall, and if you want, both can be placed on the countertop as well.

As a fact, both Kent and Pureit use non-toxic food-safe material that is best to deliver healthy water.

In terms of quantity, both of them have different quantity tanks. The Pureit has a massive tank of 10 liters, whereas the Kent includes a tank of 8 Litres. So, you can choose it as per your preference.

As discussed above, water purifiers can be a bit on the higher side when it comes to maintenance or technical assistance.

One of the most significant benefits is that Kent has a detachable tank that lets you disassemble the tank easy to clean it. You won’t have to contact any technician as you can quickly get it done. It would result in additional savings.

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3) Purification Technology 


Pureit Ultima Water Purifier

As mentioned above, Pureit uses 6 stage purification, and below we will understand how this purification process works.

  • In the first step, water is purified and passed through pre sediment filters.
  • It then moves toward the pre-RO carbon filter.
  • Third, there’s a dedicated filter where the water passes, which removes other large chemicals.
  • Now, the RO process begins using its membrane.
  • In the next step, all the remaining impurities get eliminated using microfiltration membranes.
  • Finally, the RO carbon filter delivers the safest and healthy drinking water.


Kent Pearl Water Purifier

Kent uses their patent RO technology along with UV and UF. This purification process is considered the safest. Let’s discuss the step by step process.

  • At first, the carbon and dregs filters remove the dust impurities.
  • Then the RO process removes all the contamination and impurities.
  • It then moves towards the ultraviolet purification that removes the remaining chemicals.
  • In the second step and during the RO purification, the healthy minerals get lost.
  • Thereby, the water then proceeds towards the TDS control that adds back those essential minerals.
  • The last step of purification is UF; wherein all the remaining impurities get eliminated. Afterward, the water is all set to drink.

4) Post Sales Service & Price Factor

If I talk about the post-sale service, I will share my personal opinion that I have experienced. Here I’d say that Kent is a step ahead.

The reason being, Kent is the leading brand in the water purifier market. Thereby, they have all sets of technical and general support available.

Moreover, their support is beneficial; however, I’ve still seen some users complaining regarding the service.

Pureit, on the other hand, provides decent service too. There are no such reviews that potentially indicate something negative about them.

That said, in terms of price, both stand at the same place. There’s a minor difference in the price, and the reason is the quantity differs slightly a bit.

5) About the Brands

Pureit is not just a brand or product; it is defined as the answer to India’s most successful water purification system.

Since it has been launched, it is now the most popular and trusted water purifier brand having its presence in more than nine countries delivering top-notch quality products.

Pureit comes from Hindustan Unilever Limited, India’s fast-moving consumer goods company with a heritage of over 80 years in India. Hence, they precisely understand Indian water conditions and requirements.

They have won several awards globally for the innovative technologies and products they deliver in the market.

The best part is that their products are available at very affordable prices without compromising with quality. In other words and as a simple calculation, you can get around 4 Litres entirely purified water in as less as ₹1

Moreover, Pureit believes in delivering the best post-sales service to their customers for complete satisfaction. In case you need any assistance, you can directly call 1860-210-1000 or through any other convenient mediums mentioned on their website.

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You might have heard a lot about Kent water purifiers as they are one of the best Indian multinational healthcare product companies.

They are one of the trusted brands claiming to provide entirely purified water, which is precisely the case. 

Kent uses the RO, UV & UF purification technology, and TDS control, completely removing the dissolved chemicals. Many other water purifier brands use this purification system.

Over the years, they have manufactured great products using reverse osmosis purification such as air purifiers, vacuum cleans, water softeners for hard water washing machines, and so on.

For any assistance, you can directly contact them at +91-9278912345 as they are available seven days a week.

The Verdict of Water Purification Importance

Water pollution is drastically increasing over a period of time. The authorities claim that the water supplied in households is entirely safe, but that isn’t the case. The TDS level of the water says it all.

The only solution to this concern is, you need to install a water purifier which not only provides safe drinking water, but it also helps you cook in clean water.

This has become an extremely crucial necessity, especially in Indian households nowadays. 

Coming to the nature of the article, after reviewing the article, you might have understood that Kent is far better than pureit.

The reason being, they use the RO patent purification technology; RO membrane technology is also available with Kent, which isn’t the case with Pureit.

TDS control and UV filter are another couple of useful technologies due to which Kent is a step ahead. As discussed, these technologies help replenish the healthy essential minerals that get lost during the RO purification.

So, if you were to take my opinion based on the facts, I’d simply recommend you go with Kent pearl.

So this was all about the comprehensive review and comparison of Kent vs Pureit water purifiers in India. In case of any further doubts or queries, please feel free to drop a comment below. We’re always there to help you out!

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