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People are more overwhelmed by choices, and technologies continue to bang the market. Nowadays, we’ve got a new trend of direct drive technology.

Hence, I’ll go ahead and review the best direct drive washing machines in India. I’ll also recommend some of the best models that you can buy.

Additionally, we’ll also discuss how precisely this technology works and how it is different from the belt drive washing machine. I’ll make sure you get answers to all your questions super quick…

Let’s dive in!


And after researching for hours, I’d suggest you look at this particular model of LG. I found it the most reliable and has also got the majority of excellent reviews. However, if you are fewer family members, you can consider this latest automatic front load model.

Overall if we see both belt and direct drive washing machines have their respective advantages and disadvantages. We’ll surely discuss in depth.

The direct drive motor is more of an advancement in technology. The purpose of this technology is to make things sorted in terms of power efficiency, noise, vibration and overall performance.

On the other hand, if you opt for belt drive technology, that should also be considered to be a wise decision.

Now to understand how these technologies can be beneficial from an individual’s perspective, let’s break it down…

What Precisely Is A Direct Drive Washing Machine?

Image explaining direct drive technology

In traditional motor technologies, the main motor is connected to the drum of the machine using belts, plates & pulleys.

So, when the wash cycle begins. There are several moving parts which get activated and start moving. The process includes belt pulleys along with drums.

Naturally, the machine would cause a considerable amount of noise & vibration if there are several moving parts.

However, in direct drive technology, the main motor of the machine is connected directly to the drum.

This process ultimately reduces the moving parts, which leads to reduced vibration and noise. 

Additionally, with this technology, the overall unit becomes more durable, energy-efficient as well as provides a silent yet effective washing cycle.

Now, you might feel like direct drive should be ideal to choose. This isn’t the wrong decision; however, there is just a bit that you need to know before making a final call.

Also, I’ve shared an image above. It will clearly show how the motor looks like when it is connected via belts, plates and pulleys. On the other hand, you’ll see the direct drive technology.

Drawbacks Of Buying DD Washing Machines

Though I don’t feel like these are genuinely considered as disadvantages. However, I still want to set the right expectations to ensure you invest in the right choice.

Let’s dive in!

First off, the direct drive technologies tend to be on the higher side in terms of pricing as compared to the DD technology.

The more the drum size, the more jobs it can perform at once. In this technology, the motor is placed behind the drum. It, therefore, reduces the drum’s space.

That said, there are some models which come with larger drums to avoid any sort of compromise in regards to the quantity.

A traditional belt drive can also be a decent purchase; the reason being the DD technology is relatively new in the market.

Though we can’t see a completely new altogether, just that, there aren’t many skilled technicians which result in increased cost of maintenance and repair.

Though, LG provides an extremely comprehensive warranty on the motors. So, I’d say this can nullify this drawback.

Now, I’m going to attach a video below that’ll help you understand the real-time facts about this technology, have a look at it!

Is The Direct Drive Better Than Belt Drive?

Image explaining why direct drive is better than belt drive

Now, in an overall comparison, I’d say that both the technologies are worth it. Even the belt drive performs well without any sort of service interruption.

However, there are many benefits if you opt for the DD technology, let’s discuss them all.

As discussed, the DD systems have the motor connected directly to the drum. It thereby acts as only a single movable part which leads to less vibration.

I wouldn’t say that there won’t be vibration; however, it would most certainly be reduced to a certain extent.

In noise prospecting, again, the same philosophy applies since there will be only a single moving part. Naturally, the noise level is less as compared to the belt drive.

The more usage of spare parts, the more it consumes energy. Therefore, a combined moving part in the DD system saves a considerable amount of electricity as well.

The stator of the machine contains 3-phase windings, and the rotor contains several robust magnets. These motors operated at variable three-speed phase-AC.

Well, that’s too technical to get into, the bottom line is that these motors change the rotations and directions and can run at any RPM speed. Hence it makes them far more complex and reliable.

The DD systems are extremely compact and also require less space as compared to the BD technology. 

Additionally, these are super durable and don’t easily get affected by rough and tough conditions.

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Best Direct Drive Washing Machine Models

So far, we’ve discussed the pros & cons of the direct drive washing machines if you are looking for an extra advantage, as stated above.

I’d say go for it as it would certainly worth your money. With that said, I’ve gone through hundreds of models in this category.

Below, I am going to list my recommended list of models that you can buy. Additionally, I’ll review them all along with pros and cons.

Let’s jump right in!

1) LG 9 KG Drying Washer With Dryer

This model of LG is certainly an all in one combination. Though the price is slightly high, it is worth your money.

The machine features a 6 Motion direct drive technology. It means you can choose the perfect wash program depending on the fabric type.

The machine features a smart True LG steam technology. It activates the steam refresh, steam softener, allergy care, and ensures a perfect wash, making the clothes allergen-free at the same time.

The smart diagnosis features help you to detect the issue quickly, you can even troubleshoot minor issues to get a speedy resolution.

It has a great Smart ThinQ WIFI feature, and it’s excellent for people who like multitasking. Now you can operate and access the wash cycle from anywhere in the house.

The LG front load washing machine is compatible with the LG Twin wash mini technology. You’ll get access to two separate drums which is the primary drum and the other mini for a quick wash.

Image of LG 9 Drying Washer With Dryer Machine

The Turbo Wash feature is perfect for people who are always short of time. It offers a combination of filtration motion and soaking water spray.

Once you enable the feature, the washing time can be reduced to as less as 59 minutes, without compromising with the quality.

Most importantly, the machine has a combination of dryer and washer. It means the clothes get ready to wear after drying without having to place them on the clothesline.

It has a robust spin (RPM) speed of 1400. Additionally, you get a two years comprehensive warranty on the overall unit and ten years on the unit.

  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Washer Dryer Combo
  • Turbo Wash Feature
  • Twin Wash Enabled
  • 6 Motion Technology
  • LG Steam feature
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Smart ThinQ WIFI
  • Brand Reliability
  • Excellent Reviews & Post Sales Service
  • Expensive

Review Source

2) LG 8 KG 5 Star Fully Automatic

Here comes number second of our list. LG is overall ruling the washing machine segment because of its excellent advancement and quality.

This machine has a capacity of 8KG, which is a great fit for a medium-sized family or up to 5 family members.

The very first feature that I’m going to introduce about this model is the DD technology which we’ve discussed.

If there are frequent power cuts at your location, then this is an ideal fit for you. The machine automatically starts from where it was left during the power outage.

It has an inbuilt heater which can heat water up to 60 degrees that can remove stubborn stains and allergens with ease.

You can also disable its control panel using the child lock feature to make sure the settings remain safe.

Just like the above model, this machine has 6 motion technology. You can conveniently choose any wash program depending on the fabric type.

Image of LG 5 Star Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The drum would be entirely free from bacteria, germs, rust, dust or any other impurities. The material used is pure stainless steel.

The baby care feature provides extra care to their clothes. The machine can heat water at 85 degrees C so that the tub and drum get cleaned efficiently.

It has a high 1200 RPM speed along with the waterproof touch panel. You can even access machines with wet hands.

The Smart Diagnosis feature helps you detect up to 86 errors. Lastly, you get a 1 Year warranty on the unit and ten years on the motor.

  • Affordable Price
  • Inverter DD Technology
  • Waterproof Touch Panel
  • In-Built Heater
  • Auto Restart
  • Baby Care
  • Tub Clean
  • Top-Notch Quality Material
  • Excellent Post Sale Service
  • NA

Review Source

3) Samsung 8KG Inverter Fully Automatic

So, here comes number 3 and the last of my recommendations. It is one of the best models by Samsung with great advanced features.

The machine’s capacity is 8KG with 1200 RPM spin speed. Let’s discuss the features of this model.

At times, hard water can be risky for the machine. Hence, Samsung provides ceramic heaters which increase its lifespan and avoids scaling to ensure it is entirely compatible hard water washing machine.

The digital inverter technology uses robust magnets for a silent yet effective washing process. Additionally, it reduces noise & vibration.

The digital LED panel is pretty simple to view details. The quick wash helps you to save a lot of time in the wash cycle.

It’s just the difference in the name; The smart check feature helps you identify the problem in the machine through your smartphone.

There is a soft curl design with smooth diamond-shaped ridges in the diamond drum powered by Samsung. You can even delay the wash cycle by 24 hours.

The ECO drum clean feature helps you identify if the drum requires cleansing. It also keeps the washer fresh without any use of harsh chemicals.

The child lock feature is extremely helpful. It locks all the buttons to ensure the wash cycle doesn’t get changed. You get a two years warranty on the unit and ten years on the motor.

  • Excellent Brand
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Smart Check
  • Ceramic Heater
  • LED Panel
  • Great Design
  • Quick Wash
  • Eco Drum Cleaning
  • Amazing Post Sales Service
  • Slightly Expensive

Review Source

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Direct Drive Washing Machine Better?

Yes, these machines make less noise and vibration. Additionally, they also save electricity and water consumption.

Which is the best Direct Drive Washing Machine?

There are a lot of DD machine models being introduced in the market. However, in my opinion, LG is leading so far.

Is Direct Drive better than belt drive?

As discussed in the article, direct drive technology seems to perform well since the drum is connected directly to the motor.

How to use LG Direct Drive Washing Machine?

Accessing DD technology is pretty simple. To perform a dry only cycle, you first need to press the power button, the Dry button, then press the Start/Pause button, and you’re all set!


I hope you find the potential of the direct drive technology used in washing machines in the above article.

In my opinion, I’d say that these are better as compared to BD systems. However, those are also reliable.

Either way, both only perform a wash cycle, just that it’s about the advancement in technology.

In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to mention it in the comment section below. I’ll be glad to help!

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