IFB VS Samsung – Which is the better Microwave in India?

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A microwave oven is one of the number of appliances that helps us fasten the typical cooking tasks.

Now, there are various purposes for which it can be used. Some people prefer it for Baking, Heating, Grilling, Cooking, and so on.

Some people have specific purposes, such as only reheating or defrosting. Let’s make it a bit simple here.

Before we move to the main storyline, I’d like to mention these details to ensure you get a to the point answer.

If you are someone who’d only like to get this appliance for basic purposes, then go with the Solo models. Simultaneously, if you’d like to perform all the tasks, then convection would be the best fit.

Now, you’ll find the solo models priced a bit lower than the convection ovens, which also depends on the product’s brand.

Hence, I will review the leading electronic and home appliance brands IFB vs Samsung Microwaves in India 2021.

This will help you make the right brand decision for your home. Additionally, I’ll make sure you get answers to all your questions.

Let’s get started!

Overview – Samsung vs IFB – Which Microwave Should You Go With?

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After hours of comprehensive research, I’d recommend looking at this particular model of the solo oven on Amazon. I found this one of the best and reliable of all. It is a great fit for bachelors and couples and available at affordable prices.

However, if you are a large family, you should have to go ahead with the convection model. Check this convection model on Amazon. I highly recommend this model as it is certainly a value for money.

Nowadays, people are going through fast and busy lives, be it any state or city. The fact that it doesn’t allow us to devote ample time to cooking.

The market is full of brands, varieties, models, sizes, different features, and technologies. And when you contribute to the buying journey, it demands research and hard work.

I mentioned the brand right at the start because if you successfully make the brand decision, everything will eventually come from it.

Initially, we’ve discussed the type you should choose depending on the tasks required. 

Since we understand, the solos are priced slightly less than convection. There are other few things as well, which you need to keep in mind.

The appliance should be power efficient; the access to the buttons should have to be simple yet effective. Another important aspect is the capacity of the product.

It is pretty simple. If you are a small family (around 2-4 members), then you can go with a capacity of between 20- 30 Litres. However, if you are a family of more than five members, around or above 32 Litre capacity would work.

Furthermore, we’ll have an in-depth discussion of features, technologies, and reliability.

Let’s dive in!

IFB and Samsung Brands – How’s The Journey So Far?

Image explaining the journey of IFB and Samsung Brands
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I am sure we all have used at least one appliance from IFB and Samsung brands. If so, then you certainly know the service and quality served.

However, there are specific products that these brands have acquired names. Suppose, if anyone is looking for a smartphone, Samsung pops up in their mind right away.

At the same time, if we talk about home appliances like washing machines, then the IFB brand is what comes into consideration.

The bottom line is, there is a common misconception that these brands are specialized in specific categories; however, that’s not the case.

In the Microwave Oven segment as well, these brands are widely known and highly popular in terms of reliability across the globe.

IFB industries limited was incorporated in the year 1974 as Indian Fine Blanks Limited in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland.

Their main factory is based at Visveswariah Industrial Estate, Bangalore, and has its other manufacturing location in Verna & Kolkata.

The company provides effective solutions for Laundry & Kitchen solutions such as Microwave Ovens, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, etc.

Around 2007, they came in the Microwave ovens category. The company is primarily engaged in manufacturing marketing engineering products.

Considering its products’ quality and service, the brand has achieved what exactly it has worked for. You can certainly go with this brand without having to worry about quality and reliability.

Initially, Samsung entered the electronic industry in 1969 with several electronics focussed products. In early 1974 they manufactured their first-ever refrigerator in South Korea.

In the 1990s, Samsung continued its expansion into the global electronics market. It was 1995 when Samsung entered the Indian market with a vision of providing the best quality and service.

Since then, they have become a leader in information technology services. The legacy of being the most reliable brand continues, and the best is yet to come.

In 2005, Samsung started manufacturing home appliances for the US market. Their greatest technology of Microwave Ovens from Samsung is still getting an immense amount of success.

Their appliances have an increased lifespan and are fully loaded with features. You can certainly trust them in the Microwave segment as well.

Now, you might question that if both brands are profitable, which one should, I choose amongst both?

No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Further, I’ll share the features used by both the brands and the facts that make them different. Let’s jump right in!

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Technologies Used In IFB and Samsung Microwave Ovens

Image explaining the Technologies Used In IFB and Samsung Microwave Ovens
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IFB and Samsung provide the most advanced technologies overall. Let’s take an in-depth analysis of these features.


Image of IFB Microwave
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Note:- All these technologies are not used in all the models of IFB products.

(i) Multistage Cooking & Steam Clean

This technology used by IFB is quite impressive. Once the cooking or heating process gets completed, the oven uses steam to clean the grease inside.

The foul odor or any impurities gets removed from inside, it’s only the pleasant lemony fragrance that you’ll sense after the cleansing process.

Upon regularly using the appliance, it becomes a bit annoying to choose the same programs again and again.

That said, the built-in memory of the microwave can store up to 3 different levels of cooking. Not only this, but it can also perform various modes of cooking on an automated process.

(ii) Cooking Convenience

Preparing a dish is undoubtedly a hassle-free experience with IFB technology. You’ll get access to around 101 cooking options.

One of the best options that I like about them is QuickStart; you need to enter the weight and dish.

There you go! You’re all set. The oven would automatically achieve the desired result as quickly as possible.

(iii) Deodorise & Keep Warm

IFB features a low power microwave pulse, which helps in maintaining the temperature at a constant level to ensure the edibles are not overcooked.

At times after the cooking process, there are still several food particles that get left on its grill elements.

That said, the machine features a heater that burns the particles that get left. Additionally, the oven will be from germs and odors.

The maximum duration of the low power pulse at a single stretch is around 90 minutes. Now you can keep your food warm for a more extended period.

(iv) Overall Convenience of Grilling
Image of IFB Microwave Oven
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IFB also features a delay start feature. You can schedule the time of cooking anytime as per your convenience.

The machine is capable of automatically defrosting depending upon the weight and the status. 

The grill option is super-efficient. You can even set up the precise temperature for grilling. It ensures you get the exact taste and appearance which you expect from the dish.

Let’s now discuss Samsung.


Image of Samsung Microwave
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Note:- All these technologies are not used in all the models of Samsung products.

(i) Tandoor & Hot Blast Technology

Samsung ensures the food is cooked evenly by blowing powerful hot air through multiple air holes. You can even set it as the Tandoor type.

The temperature then goes as high as 200 degrees C to make sure the dish is cooked precisely as it does in a Tandoor.

The hot blast technology also makes sure that the cooking time gets reduced without compromising the quality.

(ii) Crusty Plate For Crisper Food

You can cook your favorite dishes or fry them without even using oil in the convection microwaves. 

The crusty plate evenly browns the bottom and the top layer of the food items to make them crispy and tasty at the same time.

(iii) Slim Fry Technology

I am sure many people are fried food lovers, but the point is frying demands too much oil, which is not suitable for health.

Thanks to the slim fry technology, the Samsung convection microwave uses a grill with warm air circulation so that you can enjoy crispy food with minimal oil usage.

(iv) Overall Convenience of Cooking
Image of Image of Samsung Microwave Oven
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Samsung uses top-notch quality material, which is also scratch and rust-resistant. It has smooth ceramic interiors that can be cleaned easily without any harsh rubbing.

You won’t require any extra appliances to prepare yogurt or curd. It has a simple feature that you have to enable, and you’re all set.

The Eco mode in Samsung ovens reduces energy consumption, thereby helping you save a decent amount on electricity bills as well.

Now, let’s take a look at the price and feature difference of both the brands.

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The Difference in Price & Features of Both The Brands!

Technology & Features

Image explaining the Difference in Price & Features of Both The Brands!
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So, we had a brief discussion of the technologies used by both IFB and Samsung. Those were the convection oven technologies.

Given that both brands’ technologies are a lot similar, just that Samsung is a step ahead in terms of features and warranty.

I’ve researched many products, and based on various parameters, both the brands provide almost similar warranty on the overall unit.

However, Samsung provides an extra warranty on the Magnetron. It is the mechanism through which the device operates.

Also, Samsung provides extra useful features such as child lock, LED panel, decent interiors, etc. So, in terms of features perspective, Samsung wins the race.


Image explaining the price difference
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So, here’s the most crucial aspect. Well, just like we discussed right at the start, it all about the models like solo & convection.

Samsung and IFB both provide solo microwaves; however, Samsung is slightly on the higher side as compared to IFB. However, there isn’t a significant difference in the price.

In convection, the starting price range for both the brands is almost similar. There isn’t a lot of difference; however, Samsung always provides extra features and technologies to enhance the overall experience.

As I said, their products are highly durable, and solely focused on providing an exceptional experience. Either way, I’ll choose to go with Samsung.

Verdict – IFB vs Samsung Microwaves

Samsung and IFB microwave ovens are undoubtedly the best in business. Both of them provide the latest advanced technologies.

In conclusion, I’d say Samsung is a step ahead in overall quality, reliability & technology. However, their models are priced slightly high.

It’s good to spend on a reliable brand so that you can expect at least 10x of what you have invested.

I hope this comprehensive review of IFB vs Samsung Microwaves comparison helped you make the right choice.

In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to post it in the comment section below.

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