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Best Microwave Ovens In India 2021

Best Microwave Oven In India

Best Microwave Ovens In India: Go on and pick a Convection Micro Oven, if you’re planning to acquire a microwave oven.

Lets us analyze the fact as to why we are sure that Convection Micro Oven is the best option:-

First off, these Convection ones are pretty smart models that can easily conduct functions such as –, Grilling, Baking, Heating, and Cooking Defrosting. As a result of This versatility, these price Amongst Rs. 8,000 — Rs. 24,999

Here’s a fundamental rule that you should know to pick the right choice and we are all set: )

  • If you are a family of around 3-4 members, then you should go with 20-30 liter one
  • At the same time if your family is more than five members, then approximately 32 liters or above is best

There are a few more things that you need to look at:-

  • The Access Cooking Buttons should be simple and straightforward
  • The device should have a decent Electricity Consumption
  • It’s evident that we require this appliance to save time so it should be of speedier cooking
  • The most important things are brand reliability, post-sale service, service centers connectivity, and guarantee/warranties

Are we confused amongst Solo as well as convection? Check out our “Buying Guide” right at the bottom of this article for a thorough explanation & comparison.

We united customer testimonials and our search from all over India and have analyzed more than 25 distinct products. The outcomes show that these are the top 8 & best microwaves ovens to choose for your house.

Convection microwaves will be a suitable option if you are in the market for a proper microwave oven. It’s more desired, reason being, they do not merely offer the features of a microwave oven like cooking, defrosting and reheating however additionally Include the Choices of:-

  • Baking,
  • Grilling,
  • Roasting and
  • Frying etc..

These excess features can affect a lot of vast differences. Well, to make it most convenient for you, we have listed the top model of a convection oven with complete reviews, descriptions, and details.

10 Best Convection Microwave Ovens Reviews & Description

1) Samsung 28-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

Image of Samsung 28-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

An excellent model of Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL, which is a convection Microwave oven, which comes in a massive capacity of 28 liters. It provides an exceptional cooking experience and is sufficient for any Indian family.

Although in regards to the power and capacity, it’s far superior which justifies its place at the top of the list, the latter of the Oven takes on the crown in conditions of uncomplicated convection choice, discounted price and most of all due to a beginner (starter guide) included in it. 

That’s correct; the started kit/guide helps you start the process of your appliance and with the steps as to how you can use it. In this regard, Samsung doesn’t provide the starter kit. However, IFB gives it.

Nonetheless, the Samsung microwave oven is more packed with characteristics that may decrease cooking time remarkably.

Inclusions of product inside the cartoon:-

  • Quick Guide Label and
  • Crusty Plate
  • Wire Rack

Easily Accessible Features:-

Slim Fry, Roti/Naan, Curd, Electricity Defrost, Combi, Indian Recipe, Convection, Grill choice, Clock, Baby Lock, along with ECO alternatives.

Electricity Consumption:— Around 2900 Watts

Guarantee and Support Measure — 1-year thorough warranty on the item! There’s additionally five years coverage on Magnetron, however (T&C applied )

Well, with Samsung, you’ll never be able to fail regarding brand and service caliber. They have got the most significant service agency system in India.

Samsung has implemented specialized services with the assistance of support vans. All these service trucks are outfitted with components and parts, and pro engineers to get quick on-site resolution.

For any sort of further questions, you can also call Samsung directly at 1800 forty SAMSUNG (726 7864 ) or email at service head.in at the rate samsung.com.

  • Particular one press tandoor tech
  • Advanced level fermentation technology which may help you to make curd/yogurt anytime
  • Pre-programmed regional recipes
  • Enormous turntable dimension
  • Quartz convection heater
  • Six strength ranges, numerous cooking styles & modes along with convection temperature out of forty – 200 deg. Cel.
  • Starter Kit isn’t available with the cartoon.

Ultimate Judgement

This Samsung microwave oven is actually a great appliance that can readily function and is quite comfortable for a large family. With handy features such as tandoor, fermentation technology, capacity, and also the brand value of Samsung, this one is worth on the top of the list. If you’re within the watch for a power microwave oven that may provide convection selections as well as different features that are helpful to you, then we would recommend you to go with this one: )

Image of Amazon Buy Button

2) BPL 20- Litre Convection Microwave Oven

Image of BPL 20- Litre Convection Microwave Oven

The next option that we’d like to present is BPL convection. Including all the convection options, this model has a 20-liter capacity. While it is less in terms of size; however, it has the most straightforward features to get things figured out in the best possible manner. With auto cooking options and natural power selection, it is the best Microwave oven at the best price.

Being constrained in capacity and features, we’ve set it on number 2nd on our list.

Easily Accessible Features:-

Convection, Combi, Deodorize, Keep Warm, Grill, Clean by Steaming, Timer/Clock, Defrost Sweets, Kid Dishes, Meal Cake and a few more : )

Inclusions of product inside the cartoon:-

  • Baking Plate
  • Ring Roller and
  • Glass Turntable

Guarantee and Support Measure –1-year guarantee on the Good and 1-year guarantee on Magnetron

Electricity Consumption— Approx 800 Watts

BPL is a great company, and this model is an in house product. It implies that it is fabricated in India.

BPL guarantees to provide exceptional product performance, followed by excellent after-sales assistance. The product’s opinions really are a mixed bag.

However, almost all the side with users satisfied with the efficiency of the product.

You can find several users that complained about limited service centers along with faulty components. You can also contact BPL directly at 6358611111 BPL Or Email in wecare at the rate BPL.in

  • Sensible energy choice for the foodstuff will not become overcooked or undercooked
  • Auto cook selections
  • Properly priced
  • Effortless to get Insulation touch-sensitive buttons
  • Modest form variable and Simple to Clean
  • Less Capacity
  • Features are confined as compared to this competition.

Ultimate Judgement

When you usually do not require high capacity and you are a small family, this BPL 20 liters microwave oven, then creates a feeling.

This is definitely a remarkable model from BPL and will match suitable and quick-cooking demands of the mentor or the requirements of 4 family members. You would get all the qualities of the convection oven within this apparel that will not require much distance as well as provide the advantage to you.

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3) IFB 20SC2 20-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

Image of IFB 20SC2 20-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

IFB has become a common name in the appliance world, and this microwave oven-20SC2 is ideal for enhancing your capabilities. It provides an excellent cooking experience and offers multiple-stage cooking to facilitate your baking and to Grill hard work, this model has a capacity of 20 liters.

The primary rationale we’ve set this in the list is a simple fact that alongside easy and simple cooking, it also includes a 24 auto prepare menu for effortless casual usage and has three various cooking fashions kept in memory foam. These facets assist in the best way when it comes to cooking occasions…

Inclusions of product inside the cartoon:-

  • A couple of Idli Stands
  • Tub for measuring
  • 1500 Ml Bowl and 
  • Landle
  • Daffodil and
  • Roti/Chapati Crisper

Easily Accessible Features:-

Grill, Convection, Bodyweight Defrost, Micro and Grilling alternatives, Timer/Clock, Child-lock, Convey Cooking Solution, and Auto Cook Menus.

Electricity Consumption:- 1200 Watts

Guarantee and Support Measure — 1-year comprehensive guarantee for merchandise and also three years on Magnetron & Cavity

  • Effortless to use characteristics with 24 car cook pops and preset together using three different kinds of preserved cooking cycles to get faster printing.
  • Competitively-priced
  • Membrane keypad is hugely touch-sensitive and has a digital time show.
  • Grilling Combination including combi technology for simple & easy cooking.
  • The interior fascia described is considered slightly small to get a rice kettle or even alternative similar-sized items.

Ultimate Judgement

All in all, it is a jewel of something which offers features sold in a little form element & combined with superior performance.

It’s perfect for bachelors who desire the cooking time to be faster in their busy life schedule.

Together with three exceptional cooking fashions convection characteristics, auto heating, manufacturer service, and guarantee, it justifies its place in the top Microwave Oven list.

Image of Amazon Buy Button

4) BPL 20-Litre Solo Microwave Oven

Image of BPL 20-Litre Solo Microwave Oven

Precisely like the convection model of BPL, this one is also well assembled and performs its occupation effortlessly. 

This model is capable of 20 liters with all the features.

Along with mechanical controls and according to the reviews, this powerful machine provides exceptional performance.

Inclusions of product inside the cartoon:-

  • No additional products included

Easily Accessible Features:-

  • 6 Power Timer and Levels

Electricity Consumption:- 700 Watts

Guarantee and Support Measure — 1-year comprehensive guarantee for merchandise and also one year on Magnetron

  • Reliable built caliber and super user-friendly.
  • The wisest cooking awake program
  • 6 Distinct energy levels for cooking
  • The Whole mechanical controller Technique
  • Speedy Defrosting alternative
  • Slightly Noisy
  • Constrained Services facilities
  • No beginner Package/Starter Kit

Ultimate Judgement

All in all, the BPL W20 1G single micro oven is fantastic to serve a little family as it is only capable of 20 liters. In case you’d like to put, while the size isn’t significant, big rice containers may be an issue. Nonetheless, reliable defrosts alternative and the Complete performance Construction, which makes it easy with this particular listing.

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Solo Microwave Ovens:-

5) LG 28-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

Image of LG 28-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

As the Samsung Microwave is described above, this LG 28 Litre model is almost similar when it comes to features and ability. This one is also 28 Litres. Indeed a convection version can efficiently conduct grilling, reheating, baking, defrosting, and even much more in the best possible manner. Not only 175 exceptional recipes out from this carton, but it also comes up with 251 Auto Cook menus, which is exceptionally convenient.

The sole reason it’s lower in the list is that this specific version is priced substantially higher as compared to Samsung. While it comes with a starter kit with a complete bundle being truly fully a microwave oven using some features there,& here, selling value tag plays an important role.

Inclusions of product inside the cartoon:-

  • Milk Container
  • Rotating Ring
  • Tawa and Glass Tray
  • Cook Book
  • Shelf
  • Rotisserie Handle and Bar
  • Starter Kit

Easily Accessible Features:-

Diet Plan Program Fry/Low Calorie, Energy-saving Alternative, Tandoori Establish Indian Cuisine Dosa/Ghee Convection, Combi, Grill

Electricity Consumption:- 1950 Watts

Guarantee and Support Measure — 1-year comprehensive guarantee for merchandise and also four years on Magnetron

  • Appealing seems to be and comes with a floral design infused on the body.
  • One hundred seventy-five Indian recipes sprinkled.
  • Diet regime fry choice to fry any such thing utilizing minimal oil
  • The option to prepare 12 distinct assortments of Indian Rotis such as naans, lachchas, tandoori along with missi rotis, etc..
  • You can also make ghee in as less as 12 minutes
  • Pasteurize milk attribute at the palms for simple milk boil with no hassles
  • 360 degree aerodynamic Rotisserie to prepare barbeques uncomplicated.
  • As per the majority reviews, it makes slight noise during the process.

Ultimate Judgement

If we talk about service communities, this technology giant includes excellent after-sales, and also, now there are all service centers around metropolitan areas. The product’s opinions are reasonable. Besides studies, along with service problems, there aren’t any vital issues regarding the item. The reply on the internet is excellent! 

In regards to the service call or to reach out to them, yes, you can directly call at 1800-180-9999 or 1800-315-9999. Just that, they aren’t available on National Holidays, apart from that, they are at service 24 hours, seven days a week.

With features such as a 360 degree spinning diet, roti basket, and auto cook menu, this LG microwave oven is an excellent product to go with. It’s everything a convection technique needs to possess. It is capable of sufficing any family. Nevertheless, the question still is trademark appeal. Yes, the event that you’d like LG or in case you’ve already been making use of LG goods with no issues, you may possibly want to find this one—contemplating If You Would like to Devote a Little more.

Image of Amazon Buy Button

6) IFB 17-Litre Solo Microwave Oven

Image of IFB 17-Litre Solo Microwave Oven

The IFB17PM MEC 1 is a kind of single oven counterpart and also our IFB well-known convection versions oven. This single microwave is still just 17 liters incapacity, and by giving three auto cooking menus, it tries to compensate for it.

Inclusions of product inside the cartoon:-

No Products included

Easily Accessible Features:-

Six electricity levels such as Auto-cook Solution, defrosting, and Timer

Electricity Consumption:- 1200 Watts

Guarantee and Support Measure — 1-year comprehensive guarantee for merchandise and also three years on Cavity & Magnetron

  • Appealing durable and looks
  • Thorough warranty bundle deal
  • Flexi ability controller together with six energy ranges! That Is a Unique defrosting choice Reduced Med. Lower, Moderate, Med.High along with Higher
  • Three full auto cooking menus
  • Very Minimal capability
  • No beginner Package/Starter Guide

Ultimate Judgement

This microwave oven is actually rated more than four stars on Amazon. IFB is a fantastic brand, and also the service is very properly planned outside. The agency system is enlarging every day, and this model has several reviews as the users are impressed with the heating system and simple defrosting option. You may get in touch with IFB by calling at 1860 425 5678/1860 208 5678. Or email: customer service at the rate ifbglobal dot com

Thoroughly being picked inside the facet of all matters, IFB ovens certainly are a fantastic bargain whatsoever. This IFB Royal oven is a potent competitor. It a little less when it comes to capacity; however, it is sufficient for 2-3 family members. However, if you may discount it offers its run dials to endurance, auto prepared menus that are desired, and distinctive defrosting choice may supply you.

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7) Bajaj 17-Litre Solo Microwave Oven

Image of Bajaj 17-Litre Solo Microwave Oven

The Bajaj 1001 MT is an excellent Microwave Oven that can quickly reheat food, defrost, and cook feed. It definitely provides a hassle-free experience. This stainless steel piping device is entirely mechanical, and you may expect it to become not as likely to harm inadvertently and very hardy. It has a capability of 17 liters and undoubtedly excellent for bachelors or households.

Inclusions of product inside the cartoon:-

  • No Products Included

Easily Accessible Features:-

  • Electricity Timer and Levels

Electricity Consumption:- 700 Watts

Guarantee and Support Measure — 1-year comprehensive guarantee for merchandise and also one year on Magnetron

  • Easy and user friendly
  • Challenging and certainly will readily shoot everyday tear and wear.
  • Alarm Clock and Time alert operate.
  • Five distinct electricity levels
  • Entirely mechanical controller
  • Defrosting alternative
  • No convection possibilities such as peppermint, grilling, baking, roasting, etc..
  • Makes slight noise during the process
  • No beginner package/starter guide

Ultimate Judgement

Bajaj is a top-notch company producing services and products. Also, this version has excellent critiques and functions; it is also tremendously rated. The evaluations are primarily on the design and are made nicely. This material is equally top-notch, and also the operation will be high level usually. You may get in touch with Bajaj in 022 — 4128 0000 (9.00 AM To 6.00 PM) or drop an email at consumer care at the rate bajajelectricals.com.

If you want normal functions of the microwave oven to defrost and cook, or only to reheat the meal, then this one really is just a fantastic guess. Do not assume it to work like a convection oven since it will not have even this alternative. This oven option is for people that could use the cooking and heating options for a sacred microwave and come at a small budget. In General, together with merchandise caliber and Bajaj’s support, You may never go wrong.

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8) IFB 30-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

Image of IFB 30-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

Just as IFB mentioned earlier in this article, we’d recommend it to you again. This one is far more competent and bigger; however, it comes at a high price. This is thirty liters and, indeed, the most significant capacity one in the entire list mentioned. The features are all similar as compared to the earlier IFB model; however, there are additional ones as well, such as fermentation, steam cleaning options, disinfect & Rotisserie.

Inclusions of product inside the cartoon:-

  • No Products Included just the beginner/starter guide/kit.

Easily Accessible Features:-

Steam Clean/Deodorize, beverage, Popcorn, Rice Pizza Barbecue, Defrost, Reheat Level Micro Grill, Convection, Maintain Warm. Clock, Power-save

Electricity Consumption:- 2200 Watts

Guarantee and Support Measure — 1-year comprehensive guarantee for merchandise and also three years on Cavity Magnetron

  • The substantial capability of thirty Dimensions
  • Ten electricity level choices.
  • Different convection manners combined side 101 auto-cook menus, alternative for express cooking, automated reheat, shut-off, etc..
  • Steam fresh and deodorize attribute, weight reduction
  • The multi-Stage dish combined with Rotisserie for barbecue, a choice to fermentation, also maintain hot
  • Delay-start alternative
  • Price Slightly on the higher side
  • There are no additional products and features provided even at a high price.

Ultimate Judgement

The agency system has been enlarging, and as we’ve mentioned, service previously is rational. The goods are made, and they also provide excellent client service and warranty protection. Besides a kit, with this version, As an instance, they offer free demonstration and setup. And users are happy with this. You can easily reach out to them at 1800 3000 5678

Our view of this particular one is clear. If you need plenty of qualities that could facilitate your efforts and you are a large family, this IFB microwave oven is really just a great option. Thirty liters is enormous as it can easily take care of 6-7 members in the family. With looking service, multi-stage cooking, steam cleanup, spinning Grill, and power ranges that are various and great, this is really an item that is desired. Bear in mind that it will not arrive with the product or some equipment!

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Microwave Oven in India Buying Guide

Nowadays, there is a very less probability in India, where you will find only a gas stove in our kitchens. During lockdown or be it homemakers, corporate job workers, the trending to try new recipes from YouTube. Personally, I consider that stress-relieving along with something new to work for my taste buds 🙂

The trend to have a Microwave oven in the kitchen is really spreading like wildfire, which is very similar to developed countries. With the scarcity of time in our fast lives, every individual is trying to be creative in finding ways to save time in cooking.

However, there are some myths about similar appliances used in the modern kitchen, since this concept is new in our country.

The majority of the population in India is vegetarian. People have the misconception that recipes made with only eggs, gluten, gelatin, or meat can be made in a microwave. However, this is an absolutely contradicting statement since the fantastic Indian cuisine is made effectively and efficiently using this appliance in addition to saving time.

Let us help you find the right product as per your needs:-

With the right kind of marketing and advertising, we do see a variety of Microwave Ovens in the Indian Market. With trustworthy brands such as Samsung, Bajaj, IFB, LG, etc., the modern consumer has got a vast array of options. Let us discuss some of the best models in the market for this kitchen appliance.

Which type of Microwave Oven is best for the kitchen?

Since the concept is new, the type of Microwave oven depends on the usage and the level on which the appliance is required to be used.

  1. CONVECTION: Suitable for reheating, cooking, baking and grilling (most recommended)
  2. GRILL: Can be used for cooking, heating, and grilling.
  3. SOLO: The most basic form of a microwave oven, used mainly in simple recipes, reheating, etc.

The description, as mentioned above, is divided under two types-The Conventional Mode and the Convection Mode. Solo and Grill are the types of Microwave oven under the Conventional Mode.

In Conventional microwaves, the heat passes through the food, cooking it evenly by the plastic or glass medium of container or utensil. No much difference is found between Solo and Grill except grilling.

In Indian households, mainly the microwave oven is used for reheating purposes and making easy dishes. To be elaborative, a grill microwave oven is an improvised version of a single microwave oven.

The technology involved in Conventional microwaves comprises additional heating as well as microwaves and radiation. 

The heat and radiation help in cooking the food properly as well as enhancing the taste of the ingredients. It also involves having a fan located on the backside of the Oven, which helps in the exit of hot air, thus maintaining the temperature and making the food crispy.

Styles of Microwave Ovens:-

There are different styles of Microwave ovens, depending on the usage and size of your kitchen. We are always restricting ourselves to just the typical home microwave. Let us know more about the different styles of Microwave Ovens

1) Above-Range Ovens

In the second most populated country in the world, India has more compact kitchens, although people are looking to expand it more and more. However, the concept is still new. Here, the problem arises of saving space. That’s when our savior oven comes in the picture: Above-Range Microwave Ovens.

These are the best units when it comes to saving space; the concept is still new in India and other South-East Asian countries. However, they have created their aura in other parts of Europe and America, not to say the least, the Australian continent.

They are located above the gas stove and have a multitude of fans that help in circulating air to and fro with the help of filters made of charcoal. Also, when the microwave temperature starts to rise, it automatically exhausts the air out involving a switch, which automatically turns on once a temperature rise is detected. There is no need for external ventilation at all.

Professionals install these ovens. They are space friendly and are best suited for kitchens, specifically in India. They are a crucial part of contemporary kitchens in our county.

2) Countertop Microwave

It is evident from the name itself that these kinds of microwave ovens are portable in nature. They can be kept in the kitchen or anywhere in the house in case space is scarce. Then go ahead and experiment with your fantastic cooking talent 🙂

These ovens are ideal in a home where the primary reasons for having this appliance are reheating, refreezing frozen food. Netflixing on the weekend, no worries! Use this microwave oven to make popcorn in just seconds. Trying a hand at new recipes, use this appliance, and start cooking by keeping it in any part of the house at your comfort.

This size of this type of Microwave oven can vary anywhere up to 18″ x14″ x12″. The capacity also ranges up to 1 cubic foot. The only thing to be noted is that there should be a separate electric socket as the power range is anywhere between 500 W to 1000 W.

3) Microwave Oven Drawers

This is a new player in the market of Microwave Ovens in the world. Since it is relatively new, it hasn’t made its entry into the Indian market as of now. They do not take up much space as countertop ovens, which is an added advantage. The best part being, this microwave oven is actually the combination of the two above mentioned microwaves.

These microwaves are also installed with the help of professionals inside drawers, which are located below the counters. They are considered better since they are user-friendly, easy to operate, and are situated at a lower level.

Vital features of Indian Microwave Ovens:-

The leading brands in manufacturing microwave ovens in India are LG, Bajaj, Samsung, Morphy Richards, etc. These ovens are available on leading online merchant websites. They are available in a vast range with the options of choosing size and capacities. Some of the features are described as follows:

1) Child Lock

Safety is of utmost importance in any appliance, be it manual or electronic. And, since a microwave oven involves making amazing dishes, it needs to be safely operated with security for the youngest members of the family, i.e., children.

There is a high possibility of accidents since these appliances involve a lot of heat. The heat capacity is tremendous inside a microwave for apparent reasons, and it is advisable not to open in the middle of the cooking process.

Children are curious, and they always do whatever is advised not to do or things which are restricted. Therefore, most of the ovens have the option of child lock so that even if the children are unsupervised, they can be protected from any mishappenings or unfortunate incidents.

2) Defrosting

In our fast lives, we thrive on processed foods or frozen packaged foods that are ready to eat. Since they are preserved in the refrigerator or freezer for increment in the longevity of shelf life, they must be adequately defrosted before consumption. This feature is also most loved by non-vegetarians to defrost meat and meat products.

This feature allows you to defrost the food by just setting the quantity of food along with the Timer so that you do not have to keep it outside and wait. Sometimes the food also becomes stale and soggy.

The best part being, you can consume the food the moment it is out of the Oven. No waiting, no additional chores, as rightly said-Ready To Eat.

This is a myth that the food taste is affected inside the microwave oven. Let me clarify that I am fond of cooking, and I have been personally using Microwave Oven for a long time for multiple reasons. From my experience, I can assure you that instead of deteriorating the taste, it actually enhances the palate along with bringing up different flavors and textures for your taste buds.

3) Auto Cook Menu

Since a lot of us are working professionals, we do not have much time to wait and personally monitor the temperature and food on which it is being cooked. That is when the feature of Auto Cook comes into the picture.

Most of the microwave ovens have preset time as their function for the typical dishes and other food operations, which makes it easy for us to operate the appliance, making it more user friendly.

All you have to do is enter the weight, the time, and leave everything else up to the Oven to make your lives simple and amazing. It sets the power automatically required to make the food at its best.

4) Rotisserie

Non-vegetarians mostly use this feature. People who are fond of barbecue but do not want to go through the hassle of setting up a charcoal barbecue grill can use this method to save time and energy.

This feature is apt in barbecuing food such as poultry, meat, vegetable paneer, etc.

5) Timer

We have talked a lot about saving time. Another critical feature in this appliance is that you can set up a timer for the food that you are making along with the quantity and the type of food.

As discussed, there are specific recipes for which there is an automated timer function inside the appliance.

For others, you may also set up the Timer manually so that you do not have to keep an eye or worry about food being overcooked. The appliance recognizes that the set time is over and shuts off the heating process so that the food is not overcooked or burnt.

6) Preheat

Baking is a time-consuming process and involves a lot of patience and preparation. Not cooking at the right temperature or time may give unwanted or harmful results.

 Hence, some items, mostly constituting bakery, require the appliance to be heated at a precise temperature for desired results before initiating the process of baking the food item.

In food channels or recipes, you might have heard the chef saying ‘Preheat the oven to 400C for 40 minutes’. This feature holds vital importance in cooking such items.

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