Best Microwave Ovens In India 2023

Best Microwave Ovens In India 2021

Are you looking to opt for one of the best microwave ovens in India? If yes, then you are at the right resource.

Nowadays, you would barely find a kitchen without a microwave oven. Over the years, this trend has really caught up in Indian households. The market is full of brands and varieties, and users tend to get overwhelmed by choices.

There are many varieties of microwave ovens which include solo, convection, conventional, grill & OTG. Out of all of these, users prefer convection ovens the most. That said, grill microwave ovens offer you to grill in addition to heating & cooking. And otg ovens are perfect for professionals who only need the appliance dedicatedly to bake & toast.

There are many varieties of microwave ovens, and since we don’t want you to invest in a low-quality appliance, we are here with a list of the 9 best microwave ovens in India. This article will help you choose the best suitable microwave oven for your kitchen.

Table Of Contents
  1. Best Microwave Ovens in India
  2. 10 Best Microwave Ovens in India 2023
  3. Best Microwave Ovens in India – Detailed Buying Guide
  4. Features to Consider While Choosing The Microwave Ovens in India
  5. Helpful Tips for Using Best Microwave Ovens
  6. Other Home Appliances
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. The Verdict

Best Microwave Ovens in India

#1 IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver)

If you are a medium-sized family with around 4-5 members, IFB 20 Litres is one of the best microwave ovens in India. It provides an excellent cooking experience and offers multiple-stage cooking to facilitate your baking & grilling.

The Specs
  • Model – 20SC2
  • Capacity – 20 Litres
  • Color – Silver
  • Voltage – 230 Volts
  • Wattage – 800 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 14 KG 300 Gram
  • Dimension – 44.5 x 39 x 53.2 cm
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • The IFB 20 Litres microwave oven also includes a 24 auto prepared menu for effortless casual usage and has three various cooking fashions kept in memory foam. These features assist in the best way when it comes to cooking occasions.
  • It comes with a time digital display which shows you the time remaining & power level. You can also save three types of cooking menus in this microwave oven.
  • If you have kids or pets in the house, then the IFB 20 Litres microwave oven is ideal for you. Thanks to its child lock feature, which saves the settings and prevents the door from opening.
What are its benefits?
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Speed defrost for precise weight
  • Auto set up a time for reheating purposes
  • The memory can save up to 3 cooking menus
  • Digital Display for indicating the time
  • You can easily change cook settings without canceling
  • Comes with grilling abilities
  • Lightweight oven available at affordable price
  • Comes with a one-year overall warranty
What are the drawbacks?
  • Interior size is not up to the mark
  • The product is slightly noisy

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

What do product ratings suggest?

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven comes with an average star rating with around 1400 user reviews. Analyzing the overall reviews, we noticed some users experienced issues in delivery after-sales service and the bowls included with the package as they are not microwave safe. However, these issues were promptly addressed by Amazon and IFB. In comparison, some of the users loved the performance of this microwave oven as it’s undoubtedly from a reliable brand. Looking at the overall figure, you can certainly go with this model as IFB is a reliable brand.

Why should you invest in an IFB 20 L Convection oven?

IFB microwave oven is perfect for bachelors/couples and small families who desire the cooking time to be faster in their busy life schedule. It offers solid features and is combined with outstanding performance. The build quality is robust, and the product has an increased lifespan. 

This microwave oven justifies its place in the top spot with all these exceptional cooking fashions, convection characteristics, auto heating, manufacturer service, and guarantee.

Buy IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver)

#2 LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2846SL)

This LG 28 Litre is an efficient best microwave oven that is almost similar when it comes to features and reliability. It has a capacity of 28 Litres convection version and can efficiently perform grilling, reheating, baking, defrosting, and even much more in the best possible manner.

The Specs
  • Model – MC2846SL
  • Capacity – 28 Litres
  • Color – Silver
  • Voltage – NA
  • Wattage – 1950 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 17 KG 800 Gram
  • Dimension – 49.5 x 51 x 30.5 cm
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Not only 175 unique recipes come out from this carton, but the microwave oven also comes up with 251 auto cook menus, which are exceptionally convenient.
  • The sole reason it’s lower in the list is that this specific version is priced substantially higher than Samsung. The LG 28 L microwave oven also comes with a starter kit with a complete bundle of premium features that justifies this product’s worth.
  • It performs uniform heating, which ensures a better cooking experience. The microwave oven consists of a stainless steel cavity which enables a better reflection of the contents.
  • LG features a quartz heater in this microwave oven which lets you cook a large amount of food in one go as it expedites the cooking process. Additionally, it reduces the risk of any sort of hand injury.
What are its benefits?
  • Excellent floral design
  • One hundred seventy-five Indian recipes sprinkled.
  • Diet regime fry feature that lets you fry using minimal oil
  • The option to prepare 12 types of Indian chapatis such as naans, lachchas, tandoori along with missi rotis, etc…
  • You can also make ghee in as less as 12 minutes.
  • Pasteurize milk at the palms for simple milk boil
  • 360-degree aerodynamic rotisserie to prepare barbeque
  • High capacity and comes with a one year warranty
What are the drawbacks?
  • Makes noise while operating
  • Slightly heavyweight & expensive

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

What do product ratings suggest?

LG 28 Litre microwave oven comes with an average rating of stars with around 226 global reviews. Some users found the product extremely convenient to use and maintain. The food options are effortless to set up, and the grill feature is the heart of this microwave oven. At the same time, some users experienced issues with the warranty timeframe and delivery. After the problems were reported, they were promptly resolved by the manufacturer. Overall the product is worth purchasing because of its valuable features and the brand’s reliability.

Why should you buy it?

LG provides excellent after-sales, and all its service centers are located around metropolitan areas. The microwave oven comes at reasonable pricing. You can also directly reach out to them at 1800-180-9999 or 1800-315-9999 in case of any assistance. Just that, they aren’t available on national holidays, apart from that, they are at service 24 hours, seven days a week.

This LG microwave oven is an excellent product to choose from, with features such as a 360-degree spinning diet, roti basket, and auto cook menu. It’s everything a convection technique needs to possess. It is capable of sufficing any family.

Buy LG 28 L Convection Microwave

#3 Samsung 28 L Convection Best Microwave Ovens

Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL is an excellent model of a convection microwave oven, which comes in a massive capacity of 28 liters. This microwave provides an exceptional cooking experience and is sufficient for any Indian family.

The Specs
  • Model – CE1041DSB2/TL
  • Capacity – 28 Litres
  • Color – Black
  • Voltage – NA
  • Wattage – 2100 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 17 KG 500 Gram
  • Dimension – 32.7 x 35.8 x 23.6 cm
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Regarding the power and capacity, it’s far superior, which justifies its place in the list. This microwave oven comes with a starter kit that helps you start the process. The kit consists of steps as to how you can use this microwave.
  • Samsung microwaves can even go as low as 200 degrees celsius to ensure you get an entire tandoor type experience. The fermentation technology of this microwave oven helps you make home-style curd or dough anytime you want.
  • With the help of auto cook features, you just need to let the microwave oven know what you are cooking and the quantity of the recipe, then you’re all set. Additionally, you can make fried and crisper food with just a minimal amount of oil. There is a wide range of pre-programmed recipes in this oven which you can access through the Samsung smart app.
What are the positives?
  • Efficient one press tandoor feature
  • Advanced level fermentation technology helps you make curd/yogurt anytime.
  • Pre-programmed regional recipes
  • Six strength ranges, numerous cooking styles & modes, along with convection temperature
  • The microwave oven comes with slim fry technology uses minimal oil
  • Auto cook menu only requires the weight and dish name
  • Temperature can be reduced as less as 200 degrees for tandoori dishes
  • Easy to clean, durable, and hygienic
What are the drawbacks?
  • Heavyweight
  • Don’t wait for the demo, as the experience isn’t good.

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

Does Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL meet our criteria for one of the best microwaves?

Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL microwave oven comes with an average rating of stars with around 749 global reviews. Though the number of reviews isn’t that significant, most of the reviews pointed towards a satisfactory experience. Some users experienced issues with buttons, noise levels, and installation delays. At the same time, the interior is made of ceramic material, which is effortless to clean. Compared with other microwaves, this product is still value for your money.

Why should you buy Samsung’s CE1041DSB2/TL oven?

This Samsung microwave oven is actually a great appliance that can readily function and is quite comfortable for a large family. With handy features such as tandoor, fermentation technology, capacity, and the brand value of Samsung, this one is worth every penny you spend. If you’re looking for a power microwave oven that may provide convection selections and different helpful features, we would surely recommend this Samsung 28 Litres model.

Buy Samsung 28 L Ovens

#4 Bajaj 17 Litres Solo Microwave Oven with Mechanical Knob

Bajaj 1701 MT is the best microwave oven to reheat food, defrost, and cook feed quickly. It definitely provides a hassle-free experience.

The Specs
  • Model – 1701MT
  • Capacity – 17 Litres
  • Color – White
  • Voltage – NA
  • Wattage – 800 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 11 KG 300 Gram
  • Dimension – 28 x 40.2 x 21.2 cm
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • This stainless steel piping device is entirely mechanical, and you can expect an extended lifespan for this product. This microwave oven comes with a capacity of 17 liters and undoubtedly excellent for bachelors or households.
  • It comes with a 30 minutes auto-timer that helps you get complete control of your cooking requirements. Not only this, but the microwave oven will also notify you once the cooking process is completed.
  • The product comes with mechanical control knobs that are placed with precision. The knobs on this microwave oven are placed right at the frontal side, ensuring you can easily modify the temperature depending upon the intensity of heat required. The bajaj model deserves the spot in the best microwave ovens in India list with all these fantastic features.
Why is Bajaj 17 Litres Solo Microwave good?
  • User-friendly and highly energy efficient
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The mechanical knobs help you modify temperature with ease
  • Decent capacity suitable for couples and bachelors
  • Notifies you once the cooking process gets completed
  • Comes with defrosting options
  • Best ideal for day to day activities
  • Comes with a one year warranty
What are the drawbacks?
  • The starter kit isn’t included
  • Noisy
  • The door of the microwave doesn’t have a handle

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

What do product ratings suggest?

Bajaj 17 Litres microwave oven comes with a rating of stars with around 800 reviews. Looking at the overall reviews, people with multi-cooking tasks aren’t happy with the product as the capacity and wattage are less. You should opt for it only if you are a small family, with a couple of bachelors. The majority of the small families are happy with the performance as the microwave oven is more suitable for light tasks. It is good for reheating purposes and cooking in less quantity.

Why should you buy it?

If you want normal functions in the microwave oven to defrost and cook, or only to reheat the meal, then Bajaj 17 Litres should be ideal for you. The pricing of this product is less as compared to other models. However, do not assume it to work like a convection oven since it is a solo model. This oven option is for people who only want to use the cooking and heating options in a microwave at an affordable price.

Buy  Bajaj 17 Litres Solo Microwave Oven with Mechanical Knob

#5 IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

This IFB 30 liters convection is another model in the list of best microwave ovens in India that comes at a high price. It has a capacity of 30 Litres which is indeed the most significant capacity on the entire list. The features are similar to the earlier IFB model; however, additional ones are included in this model, such as fermentation, steam cleaning options, disinfect & Rotisserie.

The Specs
  • Model – 30FRC2
  • Capacity – 30 Litres
  • Color – Black
  • Voltage – 230 Volts
  • Wattage – 800 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 18 KG 400 Gram
  • Dimension – 44 x 53.9 x 30 cm
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • Like all other models, it comes with an efficient defrost system. You just have to enter the weight of the contents, and the microwave oven will do the rest.
  • Regarding the safety measure, the microwave oven comes with auto heat protection, which automatically turns off in case of overheating. The steam clean option is highly efficient as you can clean the microwave in just a matter of minutes.
  • It comes with a wide variety of auto-select menus through which you can make your favorite dish with just a press of a button. The microwave oven comes with a child lock feature which keeps the oven’s settings safe. It also consists of a time that notifies you of the cooking time, status, etcetera.
What are the advantages?
  • Delay start option
  • High capacity perfect for large families
  • Ideal for reheating, grilling, cooking & defrosting
  • Wide range of auto cook menus
  • Effortless steam cleaning
  • Auto shut off in case the temperature goes high
  • Timer display for precise notification
  • Brand Reliability and great user reviews
Are there any negatives?
  • Slightly expensive
  • No additional equipment provided

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

Does IFB 30 L meet our criteria in the top microwaves list?

IFB 30FRC2 30 Litre microwave oven comes with an average rating of around 2k user reviews. Most of the users experience issues with the micro safe bowl as it melted. Additionally, a recommendation is to check the price on different portals to make sure there is no discrepancy. Once you receive the product, you will have to call IFB to request and register for the demo, which gets done within 24 hours which was also a bit delayed. Apart from this, users had a good experience with this microwave oven, which is highly recommended.

Why should you buy it?

Our view for this IFB 30 Litres microwave oven is clear. If you need plenty of qualities that could facilitate your efforts and a large family, this IFB microwave oven is really just a great option. Thirty liters is a significant capacity as it can easily take care of 6-7 members. With locking features, multi-stage cooking, steam cleanup, spinning grill, and power ranges that are various and great, this is really an item that is desired. Bear in mind that the oven will not arrive with multiple pieces of equipment.

Buy IFB 30 L Convection

#6 Panasonic 27L Convection Best Microwave Ovens

For a family of 4-5 family members, Panasonic 27 Litre microwave oven would be ideal. This brand is solely dedicated to a wide variety of high-quality electronics, and fortunately, this microwave isn’t an exception.

The Specs
  • Model – NN-CT645BFDG
  • Capacity – 27 Litres
  • Color – Black
  • Voltage – NA
  • Wattage – 800 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 20 KG 400 Gram
  • Dimension – 51.3 x 42.7 x 30.5 cm
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • The product comes with a bunch of valuable features. With the help of the reheating option, you can reheat the food anytime you want. The microwave oven also features auto programmed modes and times to become a hassle-free experience for you. Now you can reheat the food in just a matter of minutes without any inconvenience.
  • And like the other models, you get a bunch of pre-cook menus. This is the utmost advantage of a microwave oven, you will just have to select the dish type, enter the weight, and the rest will be taken care of by its intelligence.
  • Not only this, but the heating performance is incredibly outstanding. Panasonic features two-way heating in this microwave oven, which means the food would be heated from the back and top. The interiors are equipped with an airtight seal that prevents heat escape, resulting in fast yet effective heating.
  • Excellent build quality and user-friendly appliance
  • A high capacity of 27 Litres is sufficient for a large family
  • Starter kit included for a hassle-free experience
  • Excellent heating performance
  • The dual heating feature ensures a faster process
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Elegant design upscales the interior of the kitchen
  • Useful accessories and easy to use the menu
  • Available at a competitive price compared to other models
Are there any negatives?
  • The microwave-safe bowl needs to be of better quality
  • After-sales support not up to the mark

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

What do product ratings suggest?

Panasonic 27L Microwave Oven comes with an average rating of with not many global reviews. Our team interacted with Panasonic customers to understand the in-depth performance and reliability of this product. The overall performance, accessories, build quality, and features are worth it. However, the only area of concern is the after-sales support and delay in the demo. Buying a product is an exciting feeling, and one should understand that a user is eagerly waiting for the new appliance. Hence, there’s a lot of feedback given to the brand, and they are improving the service since then. Overall, you can go with this microwave oven without any hesitation.

Why should you invest in a Panasonic 27L convection oven?

If you are a large family looking to get a product with great features at a reasonable price, you can certainly invest in a Panasonic 27 Litres microwave oven. The reason being, with the same features and capacity, other brands are offering a high price with no significant additions. The product comes with advanced features and a user-friendly interface which becomes easier for you to access the settings. Moreover, the elegant design and attractive color would surely match the interiors of your kitchen.

Buy Panasonic 27L Convection Best Microwave Ovens

#7 AmazonBasics 30 L Best Microwave Ovens

Amazon is slowly taking charge of the market and is becoming a well-trusted brand when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. Nevertheless, this amazonbasics 30 liters microwave oven has excellent performance and gives tough competition to brands with higher pricing.

The Specs
  • Model – AB2019003
  • Capacity – 30 Litres
  • Color – Black
  • Voltage – NA
  • Wattage – 800 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 18 KG
  • Dimension – NA
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • The product is highly durable and hygienic. The interiors are manufactured of high-quality stainless steel cavity, which increases the microwave oven’s lifespan.
  • Though the auto cook menus are less in number than other models but are still sufficient for everyday recipes. Not only this, but you will also get access to a multi-stage cooking function in this oven. The touch panel LED display is right at the front, where you can see the time remaining, status, and other details.
  • You can also perform defrost in this microwave oven by just entering the dish name and weight. It is ideal for reheating, grilling, baking, and cooking. The microwave can be locked with the child lock feature, which looks at the control panel to keep it safe for the kids.
What are its benefits?
  • 30 Litres convection capacity can suffice a large family
  • Starter kit included for a hassle-free experience
  • Excellent heating performance and 95 auto cook menus
  • Internal space is ample, which is sufficient for making quantity dishes
  • Sleek and modern design which saves space in the kitchen
  • You can set up preheat temperature for evenly cooking
  • Child lock feature to keep the control panel safe from kids
  • Comes with a comprehensive one year warranty
What are the drawbacks?
  • A demo isn’t provided
  • After-sales service needs improvement.

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

What do product ratings suggest?

AmazonBasics 30 L microwave ovens come with an average rating of stars with some user reviews. This product received a considerable amount of negative reviews regarding the quality and overheating. 

Additionally, the after-sales service needs a lot of improvement as Amazonbasics has a different dedicated department, and users tend to get frustrated explaining the same issue again and again. 

Moreover, with electronics, the warranty comes with some terms and conditions, which you should review completely before purchasing this microwave oven to avoid any discrepancy. Coming to the positive part, the price is unbeatable, and the brand is working hard towards a better customer experience.

Why should you buy an AmazonBasics microwave oven?

One of the most joyous parts about this microwave oven is getting a 10 day trial period. In this trial period, you can use this microwave, and you can certainly return it with a justified reason (rest t&C applies). 

The delivery is earlier than expected; it’s a doorstep delivery with installation. Comparing the price with any brand, you won’t get this much capacity within the price of this microwave oven. 

The product is worth every penny you spend as you get all the premium features that other brands offer. Go for it if you are looking to build a long-term relationship with this brand.

Buy AmazonBasics 30 L Best Microwave

#8 Morphy Richards 20 Litres Solo Microwave Oven

For a family of 3-4 members, Morphy Richard is one of the best microwave ovens in India. It has fast and effective heating performance; you can perform your cooking tasks earlier than expected without compromising the authentic quality and texture.

The Specs
  • Model – 20MWS
  • Capacity – 20 Litres
  • Color – White
  • Voltage – 230 Volts
  • Wattage – 800 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 10KG 500 Gram
  • Dimension – 53.2 x 40 x 32.8 cm
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • As mentioned, the solo microwave helps expedite the cooking process; you get a total of 6 power levels which you can choose depending on the cooking intensity.
  • Not only this, but you have the option to set up the 30 minutes timer to ensure the food doesn’t get under or overcooked. This microwave oven has a sleek and compact design that comes in white color, which will look fantastic in your kitchen.
  • Last but not least, the product comes with a large size turntable with which you can quickly cook a large quantity of food at a time. The microwave oven also helps you reheat multiple dishes at the same time.
What are its benefits?
  • Different power levels to use based on cooking requirements
  • Highly durable knobs placed with utmost precision
  • Auto shutoff in case of overheating
  • Large-sized turntable helps you making high quantity food
  • Capacity sufficient for a medium-sized family
  • Elegant and compact design with attractive white color
  • Time settings to avoid under or overcooking
  • Comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty.
What are the drawbacks?
  • You won’t get access to the grill feature
  • No display to check the status of the cooking type.

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

Does Morphy Richards meet our criteria for one of the best microwaves?

Morphy Richards microwave oven comes with an average rating of stars with slightly fewer global reviews. The majority of the customers were only disappointed as there was no digital display to track the heating and time details. 

Some of the users reported uneven heating, which was a manufacturing defect and was later fixed. It is excellent for regular cooking and reheating purposes for a small family. Additionally, the knobs of this microwave oven are slightly outdated which are easy to operate but out of fashion. Families with senior citizens looking to access a microwave can undoubtedly go for it.

Why should you buy it?

Morphy Richards is an international brand, and they have made their presence in the Indian market as well. The microwave oven comes in white color and is compact, which saves space in your kitchen. The product is an excellent fit for a medium-sized family. 

An ideal microwave for reheating purposes, and you can bake too. The knobs are slightly traditional which are easily accessible. A digital display with this oven would have made this product even better. Apart from this, you can certainly buy it as it’s available at a reasonable price.

Buy Morphy Richards 20 Litres Solo Microwave Oven

#9 Godrej 19 L Convection Best Microwave Ovens

Godrej is a highly trusted and reliable brand when it comes to electronics and home appliances. This is one of the best microwave ovens available in India, which looks stylish and can be used for all purposes.

The Specs
  • Model – Godrej GMX 519 CP1 White Rose
  • Capacity – 19 Litres
  • Color – White Rose
  • Voltage – 230 Volts
  • Wattage – 800 Watts
  • Defrost System – Defrost
  • Weight – 15 KG
  • Dimension – 32 x 43 x 24 cm
  • Avg. Customer Rating –

Microwave Ovens Buying Guide

Detailed information regarding the Product

  • It consists of slim fry technology, which means now you can make your favorite fried snacks and foods with minimal oil use. Additionally, the insta cook feature of this microwave oven is handy; you can now make your favorite dishes with just a press of a button.
  • Godrej features the most efficient child lock feature that ensures your child can’t access the microwave oven for additional safety purposes. The healthy Indian tadka is what makes this microwave an ideal match for Indian households.
  • The cavity comes with high-quality stainless steel material, which keeps it rust and corrosion-free and, at the same time, increases the lifespan of the appliance. This microwave oven comes with a multi heat distribution that ensures faster and uniform heat distribution for even cooking.
What are its benefits?
  • One of the best convection microwave under 10000
  • Silent and practical heating process
  • Ideal for small families 3-4 members
  • Long cooking process, can continuously operate for around 85-90 minutes
  • Compact and elegant design
  • High-quality stainless steel increases the cavity lifespan
  • Ideal for cooking, defrosting, heating & grilling
  • Excellent heating capabilities and brand reliability.
What are the drawbacks?
  • The oven would only be operated on a 16AMP socket.
  • Additional charges for starter kit
  • Exterior material could have been better.

Compare with other Best Microwave Ovens

What do product ratings suggest?

Godrej 19 L microwave oven comes with an average rating of stars with around 850 reviews. The best part about this product is that some users still received the starter kit even though it is clearly stated on the website “starter kit not included” People are happy with the performance. Other brands sell solo/grill ovens in this price range, whereas Godrej provides a high-capacity convection model. The design and look of the product are excellent. It is easy to use and maintain and certainly a value for money buy.

Why should you buy Godrej Microwave?

Godrej is a trusted and reputed brand and is aware of the precise Indian cooking requirements. Additionally, this microwave oven comes with a bunch of valuable features. Comparing this microwave with other brands with the same features, it is available very reasonably. 

It has all those necessary useful features an oven should include, such as slim fry technology, auto cook menus, child lock, and you get an addition of Indian tadka, which is something that’s going to be utilized regularly. So, if you are looking for a microwave available at an economical price and with good features, I would recommend choosing Godrej.

Buy Godrej 19 L Convection

There you have it, our comprehensive review of the 9 best microwave ovens in India. The above aspects would surely help you choose the most suitable microwave for your kitchen.

10 Best Microwave Ovens in India 2023

Best Microwave Ovens






Check Price

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

20 L

14KG 300 Gram

800 Watts

1 Year

LG Convection Microwave Oven

28 L

17KG 800 Gram

1950 Watts

1 Year

Samsung Convection Microwave Oven

28 L

17KG 500 Gram

2100 Watts

1 Year

Bajaj Solo Microwave Oven

17 L

11KG 300 Gram

800 Watts

1 Year

IFB 30 L Microwave Oven

30 L

18KG 400 Gram

800 Watts

1 Year

Panasonic 27L Microwave Oven

27 L

20KG 400 Gram

800 Watts

1 Year

AmazonBasics 30 L Convection Microwave

30 L


800 Watts

1 Year

Morphy Richards Solo Microwave Oven

20 L

10KG 500 Gram

800 Watts

2 Year

Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave Oven

19 L


800 Watts

1 Year

Best Microwave Ovens in India – Detailed Buying Guide

Convection Oven

The trend to have microwave ovens in the kitchen is spreading like wildfire, which is very similar to developed countries. With the scarcity of time in our fast lives, every individual is trying to be creative in finding ways to save time in cooking. Fortunately, a microwave oven is one such way that fastens the cooking process.

However, some myths about similar appliances are used in the modern kitchen since this concept is new in our country.

The majority of the population in India is vegetarian. 

People have the misconception that recipes made with only eggs, gluten, gelatin, or meat can be made in a microwave oven. However, this is an absolutely contradicting statement since the fantastic Indian cuisine is made effectively and efficiently using a microwave in addition to saving time.

That said, there are a few things which you need to keep in mind before choosing the best suitable microwave for your kitchen. Our detailed buying guide will ensure you get in-depth details of things that need to be considered before buying an oven.

#1 Type of Microwave Oven

Since the concept is new, the type of microwave oven depends on the usage and the level on which the appliance must be used.

Types of Microwaves
  • Convection Microwave Oven: Suitable for reheating, cooking, baking, and grilling (most recommended)
  • Grill Microwave Oven: Can be used for cooking, heating, and grilling.
  • Solo Microwave Oven: The most basic form of a microwave oven, used mainly in simple recipes, reheating, etc.

The description, as mentioned above, is divided into two types- the conventional mode and the convection mode. Solo and grill are the types of microwaves oven under the conventional Mode.

In conventional microwave ovens, the heat passes through the food, cooking it evenly by the plastic or glass medium of the container or utensil. No much difference is found between solo and grill microwaves except grilling.

In Indian households, mainly the microwave oven is used for reheating purposes and making easy dishes. To be elaborative, a grill microwave oven is an improvised version of a single microwave.

The technology involved in conventional microwave oven comprises additional heating as well as microwaves and radiation. 

The heat and radiation help in cooking the food properly and enhancing the taste of the ingredients. It also involves having a fan located on the backside of the microwave oven, which helps exit hot air, thus maintaining the temperature and making the food crispy.

#2 Aesthetics & Style

There are different styles of microwave ovens, depending on the usage and size of your kitchen. We are constantly restricting ourselves to just the typical home microwaves. Let us know more about the different styles of ovens.

#1 Above-Range Ovens

In the second most populated country globally, India has more compact kitchens, although people are looking to expand it more and more. However, the concept is still new. Here, the problem arises of saving space. That’s when our savior oven comes into the picture: above-range microwave ovens.

The above-range microwave oven is the best unit for saving space; the concept is still new in India and other South-East Asian countries. However, they have created their aura in other parts of Europe and America, not to say the least, the Australian continent.

They are located above the gas stove and have a multitude of fans that help in circulating air to and fro with the help of filters made of charcoal. Also, when the microwave oven temperature starts to rise, it automatically exhausts the air out involving a switch, which automatically turns on once a temperature rise is detected. There is no need for external ventilation at all.

Professionals install these microwave ovens. They are space friendly and are best suited for kitchens, specifically in India. They are a crucial part of contemporary kitchens in our county.

#2 Countertop Microwaves

It is evident from the name itself that these kinds of microwave ovens are portable in nature. They can be kept in the kitchen or anywhere in the house in case space is scarce. Then go ahead and experiment with your fantastic cooking talent.

These microwaves are ideal in a home where the primary reasons for having this appliance are reheating, refreezing frozen food. Netflixing on the weekend, no worries! Use this microwave oven to make popcorn in just seconds. Try a hand at new recipes, use this appliance, and start cooking by keeping it in any part of the house at your comfort.

The size of this type of microwave oven can vary anywhere up to 18″ x14″ x12″. The capacity also ranges up to 1 cubic foot. The only thing to be noted is that there should be a separate electric socket as the power range is anywhere between 500 W to 1000 W.

#3 Microwave Oven Drawers

This is a new player in the market of best microwave ovens in India. Since it is relatively new, it hasn’t entered the Indian market as of now. They do not take up much space as countertop ovens, which is an added advantage. 

The best part being, this microwave oven is a combination of the two microwaves mentioned above.

These microwaves are also installed with the help of professionals inside drawers, which are located below the counters. They are considered better since they are user-friendly, easy to operate, and are situated lower.

#3 Power Efficiency

The type and size of the microwave is a crucial aspect; however, there is one more thing that’s equally important: the energy efficiency of the oven.

The capacity has a more significant impact on electricity consumption. Higher capacity microwave ovens will affect the power consumption, which will impact the electricity bills.

If you are a large family and like to cook multiple dishes in quantity, you can opt for a high-capacity microwave model; however, it impacts power consumption.

At the same time, if you are a small family and only access basic things such as reheating, baking, defrosting, etcetera, you can opt for a less capacity solo microwave oven as it saves a considerable amount of electricity.

#4 Warranty & Brand Reliability

Warranty and return policies are the utmost vital factors you need to check before choosing a microwave oven.

Go for an oven brand that provides an extended warranty both on the overall product & magnetron. 

The above list contains all the detailed information, price details, benefits, drawbacks, overall ratings, and reviews. Based on the description above, you can choose a microwave oven according to the price planned.

#5 Microwave’s Capacity

The capacity of the microwave oven is vital as it should be able to suffice the family with ease. There’s a general rule of thumb while choosing the capacity.

(i) If you are a couple or a bachelor, then around 10-12 Litres capacity would be ideal for you.

(ii) If you are a small or medium-sized family with 4-5 members, you can go with a 22 liters microwave oven.

(iii) Lastly, if you are a large family with more than 6 members, then around 32-liter microwaves would be most suitable for you.

Features to Consider While Choosing The Microwave Ovens in India

Grill Microwave

The leading brands in manufacturing microwave ovens in India are LG, Bajaj, Samsung, Morphy Richards, etc. These ovens are available on leading online ecommerce websites. They are available in a vast range with the options of choosing size and capacities. Some of the features are described as follows:

#1 Child Lock

Safety is of utmost importance in any appliance, be it manual or electronic. And, since a microwave oven involves making unique dishes, it needs to be safely operated with security for the youngest members of the family, i.e., children.

There is a high possibility of accidents since these appliances involve a lot of heat. The heat capacity is tremendous inside a microwave oven for apparent reasons, and it is advisable not to open in the middle of the cooking process.

Children are curious, and they always do whatever is advised not to do or things that are restricted. Therefore, most microwave ovens have the option of child lock so that even if the kids are unsupervised, they can be protected from any mishappenings or unfortunate incidents.

#2 Defrosting

In our fast lives, we thrive on processed foods or frozen packaged foods that are ready to eat. Since they are preserved in the refrigerator or freezer for increment in the longevity of shelf life, they must be adequately defrosted in the microwave oven before consumption. This feature is also most loved by non-vegetarians to defrost meat and meat products.

This feature of a microwave oven allows you to defrost the food by just setting the quantity of food and the timer so that you do not have to keep it outside and wait. Sometimes the food also becomes stale and soggy.

The best part being, you can consume the food the moment it is out of the microwave oven. No waiting, no additional chores, as rightly said-ready to eat.

This is a myth that the food taste is affected inside the microwave oven. Let me clarify that I am fond of cooking, and I have been personally using a microwave oven for a long time for multiple reasons. From my experience, I can assure you that instead of deteriorating the taste, the microwaves enhance the palate and bring up different flavors and textures for your taste buds.

#3 Auto Cook Menu

Since many of us are working professionals, we do not have much time to wait and personally monitor the temperature and food on which it is being cooked. That is when the feature of an auto cook microwave oven comes into the picture.

Most microwave ovens have preset time as their function for the typical dishes and other food operations, making it easy for us to operate the appliance, making the oven more user-friendly.

All you have to do is enter the weight, the time, and leave everything else up to the microwave to make your lives impressive and straightforward. It sets the power automatically required to complete the food at its best.

#4 Rotisserie

Non-vegetarians mostly use this feature in a microwave oven. People fond of barbecue but do not want to go through the hassle of setting up a charcoal barbecue grill can use this method to save time and energy.

This feature is apt in barbecuing food such as poultry, meat, vegetable paneer, etc.

#5 Timer

We have talked a lot about saving time. Another critical feature in a microwave oven is that you can set up a timer for the food that you are making, along with the quantity and the type of food.

As discussed, there are specific recipes for which there is an automated timer function inside the oven.

For others, you may also set up the timer manually so that you do not have to keep an eye or worry about food being overcooked. These microwave ovens recognize that the set time is over and shuts off the heating process so that the food is not overcooked or burnt.

#6 Preheat

Baking is a time-consuming process and involves a lot of patience and preparation. Not cooking at the right temperature or time may give unwanted or harmful results, even in a microwave oven.

Hence, some items, mostly constituting bakeries, require the microwaves to be heated at a precise temperature for desired results before initiating the process of baking the food item.

In food channels or recipes, you might have heard the chef saying, ‘Preheat the microwave oven to 400C for 40 minutes. This feature holds vital importance in cooking such items.

Helpful Tips for Using Best Microwave Ovens

Solve Ovens

Choosing the best suitable microwave is essential as it is the only way to meet all your requirements. Nowadays, there is significantly less probability in India, where you will find only a gas stove in our kitchens. 

During lockdown or homemakers, corporate job workers, the trending is to try new recipes in a microwave oven. Personally, I consider that stress-relieving, along with something new, to work for my taste buds. 

Therefore, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while accessing microwaves to avoid any accidental incidents.

  • Do not use an empty microwave oven.
  • Do not heat the liquid contents longer in an oven
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual for accessing and safety purposes
  • You should strictly not use aluminum foils or metal pans in a microwave oven
  • Do not use plastic containers as the heated food also melts the plastic
  • Use only specially designed cookware that is microwave oven safe such as ceramic, plastic, and glass containers.
  • You should always turn off the microwave’s switch if not in use
  • Always keep the oven out of the kid’s range
  • Cleaning should be done only as per the manufacturer’s instruction
  • Do not proceed with troubleshooting in case of any issues
  • Refrain from using the microwave if the door seems open

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Convection microwave oven worth it?

The majority of the customers opt for convection microwave ovens. The reason being, they can be used for all purposes and are not feature specific. They are far more advanced compared to all other types. You also get a wide range of capacities which you can choose in convection ovens. Overall, they are perfect for households as they make your work easier.

How long should you wait before opening a microwave oven?

During the cooking or reheating process, the temperature inside a microwave oven is exceptionally high. You should always refrain from taking out the food immediately after the process. It is always advisable to wait at least 4-5 minutes before you take out the contents.

What amount of energy is consumed by a microwave oven?

The energy consumption of a microwave oven depends on various factors as discussed, such as size and capacity. The higher the capacity, the more power consumption. Additionally, you should always opt for a high bee-rated appliance as it saves a considerable amount of electricity.

What is the lifetime of a good brand microwave oven?

The lifespan of a microwave oven depends on many factors such as brand, maintenance, usage, etcetera. If the product is of a reliable brand and you maintain it well, it will work for around 11-12 years.

Can I eat microwaved food?

Cooking food in a microwave is exceptionally convenient and effortless. This is a myth that the taste is affected in this appliance. It is even better than other traditional cooking methods as it prevents the formation of compounds and retains the essential nutrients.

The Verdict

As you can see, microwave ovens have earned the must-have appliance in every kitchen. The reason being, they make our tasks effortless and faster. The microwave can be used on a day-to-day basis, and additionally, it can be used for grilling, baking, and reheating purposes.

Based on various parameters such as overall ratings, reviews, reliability, performance, pricing, etcetera, we have listed the best microwave ovens in India 2023. After every particular microwave, you can read the detailed information, including features, benefits, drawbacks, reviews, ratings, and reliability of the model. All these comprehensive details will help you choose a suitable microwave oven and the top best product. The detailed buying guide contains all the top-selling microwave oven brands with their features so that you have all the details to choose the most suitable product.

I hope this guide helped you choose the best microwave oven that best suits your requirement. In case of any doubts or queries while buying a microwave oven in India, do let us know in the comment section below.

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