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Now we are in the market of Water Purifiers, maybe looking to get a new one for our house. However, a bit confused between Kent grand vs Kent Grand Plus.

Though the name sounds the same, yes, there’s still a bit, which makes them slightly different altogether.

Buying a water purifier is more of a challenging task nowadays. The reason being, there are a lot of models and technologies available in the market.

A bit of chemistry is also required. However, it is a wrong notion to assume that technologies like Ro vs. UV vs. UF aren’t understandable.

If you access the guide, which I just highlighted above, you can go through and understand the complete resource that’s mentioned in plain English language.

Which one to buy? Overview!

Going with Kent is already a wise decision made by you. It is a reputed and the most reliable brand in the water purifier market.

Even if you choose any between them both, it is still going to be a win-win situation for you.

However, based on our testing and analyzing the user reviews, we recommend checking this particular model on Amazon. It is available at a reasonable price and is easy to maintain. The capacity is sufficient for a medium-size family. Additionally, it has an increased lifespan and will work for years without interruption.

Both the models are almost the same. However, there is a bit of difference in a couple of features that we will discuss further.

I would also recommend you go through the entire article to find the exact difference and features of both.

Further, I’ll break it down in step by step features and details.

By the end of this article, you will be able to make the perfect choice for your house.

Let’s get started!

Check Customer Reviews –

Comparison – Kent Grand vs Grand Plus

Image of the Similarities between Kent Grand vs Kent Grand Plus

Not only Kent, but the majority of the products are wall-mounted, so you can get both of these as wall mounted.

The power consumption varies depending on the type of product. However, the standard power consumption of both of these is around 60 Watts.

There are basically three purification technologies such as RO, UV, and UF, along with TDS controllers. You can get both of these with a combination of RO+UV/UF.

Both the models of Kent have around 8 Litre of water storage capacity.

The power requirement is a must for both of these models. They are power with storage compatible.

Lastly, you get a one year warranty on both the products.

Grand & Grand Plus – Differences!

Image of the differences between Kent Grand vs Kent Grand Plus

In regards to productivity, there’s a slight difference. Ordinary Kent can provide up to 75 Litres per day maximum duty cycle (purified water). Whereas, the plus version, it can give around 100 Litres per day.

Another difference is, the standard Kent version can only purify water around 15 Litres per hour. On the other hand, the “plus” suffix can make it 20 Litres.

The Grand plus has a couple of great features. First is, it has a water level indicator. Secondly, it has the auto flush system as well.

The normal one maintains an inlet water temperature between 10 degrees C – 35 degrees C. However, in Kent Grand Plus, it is around 10 degrees C – 40 degrees C.

Lastly, one of the significant differences in the dimensions. In the Grand, it is around L 400 x W250 x H520 and in Grand plus, it is slightly less around L390 x W255 x H535.

Nowadays, you will see the latest water purifiers with hot and cold water dispensers as well. If you need one of them, you may access the highlighted text to check the complete reviews & features.

What do product ratings suggest?

Kent grand comes with an average rating whereas the grand plus has a rating of stars. Both the models have got a combination of reviews. Users are pretty happy with the prompt installation and delivery. Additionally, the brand is offering free service, which makes it different from its competitors. The quality and service of Kent are unbeatable. The design and build quality are what are loved by users the most. Not only this, but the high-quality filters increase the product’s lifespan. Coming to the opportunity, we found that it wastes a large amount of water and its filters need replacement every 6-7 months. Some users reported issues with the post-sales service, which we feel could have been better.

All you need to know!

Image showing the water flow of Grand vs Grand Plus

Suppose you see both the products physically or in the images as well. Both look exactly the same. One won’t be able to understand which is the upgraded and better one.

With that said, many people are going for both these products. The best part is, it has got an immense amount of success and the majority of the positive reviews.

I believe, so far, we’ve covered all similarities & differences. Now, to go in-depth, I’m going to break it down into a few points that will make it even easier for you to decide with peace of mind.

Let’s jump right in:-

1) The capacity of Inlet Water Temperature

Image of the capacity of Inlet Water Temperature in Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier

This is the only that we just discussed above, but I feel a lot of people would doubt as to how exactly it works!

No worries, I’ll make it super easy…

So, there are many cities in the country where the outside water temperature goes around and over 45 degrees celsius.

Hence, a water purifier needs to have the capability to handle and process heated water.

If that’s the case in your city, I suggest you go with the Grand Plus as it can deal with hot water in the best possible manner.

You shouldn’t go with the typical model if the water temperature-driven in the purifier is more than the capacity it can handle. It wouldn’t be able to bear it. In the short run, it won’t really make an impact.

However, it can lead to unit failure in the long run, which may cost you a significant amount of charges to fix it.

2) Productivity (Maximum Duty Cycle)

Image of how the filters work in Kent Grand Purifier

So, here comes the performance. I am sure this one doesn’t even matter to a few of you, but my goal is to share every info with you to be beneficial at the end of the day.

The point of productivity that we are discussing is only crucial in summers. So, what do we understand by productivity?

Basically, it is the amount of purified water that the purifier can provide you within 24 hours.

Generally, overall if we see only in this particular parameter. Normal Kent Grand is absolutely perfect as it can provide up to around 75 Litres of purified water.

The only difference in Grand plus is that it can make it up to 100 Litres. 

See, if you are a small family or maybe a couple of members more than that, I feel 75 Litres water a day, even for summers as well is more than sufficient.

However, if you are a joint family with more family members, then the Grand plus is even better.

3) Capacity Per Hour

This is the one that is interconnected to the above point and is related to the productivity itself.

It is referred to as the amount of purified water that you can get per hour. The Kent Grand can make it 15 liters an hour, whereas, in the plus version, it is around 20 Litres an hour.

Let’s now understand how it goes…

The tank size for both versions is the same around 8 Litres. Also, there’s no such speed and process variations of speed. Every time they are turned on, both work at their best rates.

The productivity per hour or per day depends on how well you have maintained it, the conditions and health of the filters, how contaminated the water is at your location, the temperature of the water, and a lot more.

Keeping all these factors in mind and testing the products ourselves. The conclusion is, it’s only a matter of around 5 minutes or so. The Grand plus version can fill its 8 Litres of a tank in less than approximately 5 minutes of the standard version.

I don’t think it would make a difference but for joint family, gatherings, and on certain occasions, yes, it can!

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4) Water Level Indicator (Displayed)

Image of the water level indicator feature in Kent Grand Plus

Just as the name suggests, a water level indicator is a feature that passes the information back to the display or the control panel.

The information helps an individual understand whether the water purifier’s tank has a high or low level of water.

Now, this is helpful. Only the grand plus has this feature. It lets you know if the water tank gets empty so that you can turn on the machine to maintain the desired amount of water.

5) Auto Flush System

Most of the resources would say that only the Grand plus has this version; however, it’s been more than a year that the normal Grand is also coming up with this feature.

Anyways, this is extremely important and is going to help in many aspects. Let’s take a look as to how the process goes.

We usually don’t tend to clean these sorts of electronics frequently. The reason being the fear of unintentional damage, and that’s completely justified.

However, do you know how important it is to clean these sensitive appliances?

After all, it’s related to our health.

So, there’s nothing to worry about now. The AutoFlush System feature equipped in both the models does the complete job just like it’s required.

It checks the filters regularly to ensure there’s no scale builds up on the filters. Overall, it helps to keep the membrane of the filters clean by entirely cleaning up the impurities from the machine.

What is the Membrane?

A membrane is a sort of filter which works in a couple of ways. First, it is a barrier for impurities, and second, it is a transportation mode as well for healthy essential nutrients.

A clean membrane filter always gives you the best performance and ultimately increases the lifespan of the machine.

Drawbacks of buying Kent purifier?

  • Waste approximately 75% water
  • Post-sales service could have been better
  • Service technicians should educate the customers about the product features and maintenance.


So, that was all about the Kent Grand vs Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier comparison. 

I’ve done my best, and I hope this guide was super helpful for all my readers. With all your support, I’ll keep coming with excellent articles about home improvement.

I believe that now you’d be able to make the right choice for your home. Additionally, I would recommend the Grand Plus because of extra helpful inclusions that matter.

I have covered all the differences, features, and details. Please do let us know in case you’d like to add something to it.

A happy customer is what matters!

Please feel free to type in the comment section below as your feedback matters a lot!

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