Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN – Review

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Bosch and IFB, they both are one of the best-reputed sellers of washing machines. Thereby, this article is all about the in-depth comparison and difference between Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN.

Initially, when I started researching this topic, I couldn’t get enough resources, which shows the precise difference and details.

I then went ahead in-depth and analyzed all the user reviews, detailed product reviews, and many more resources. This one will be the most comprehensive review for all my readers to make the job even more comfortable.

Starting on a soft note, first off, I’ll say that you got that right. You wouldn’t find anything better than Bosch in terms of washing machines.

Since you have decided to go with Bosch, now the obstacle is which model to go with? 

No worries, I’ve got you covered, just wanted to let you know that this resource right till the end would be helpful. Make sure you go through the entire article (I recommend)

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Summary Table


Bosch WAK24168IN

Bosch WAK24268IN



Free Standing

Free Standing

Washing Machine (Type)

Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic




RPM Speed

1200 RPM

1200 RPM

RPM Control




Motor (2 years) & 2 years overall

Motor (2 years) & 2 years overall

Wash Program




Standard LED Display

Large LED Display

Temperature Control


Seperate Feature & Button




Package Inclusions

Drain Hose, Water Inlet Pipe & User Manual

User Manual & Warranty Card

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In-depth Comparison: WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN

Image of WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN washing machine

Now I’ll be covering all of the features for both the models. A lot of them are very similar.

Additionally, I’ll also cover the major and minor differences that matters.

Also, at the end of the article, I’ll share my recommendation as well: )

Let’s get started! 

Similarities Overview!

Image of the similarities between Bosch Washing Machines
  • Both the machines have the same “Free Standing” installation type.
  • The capacity of the models is around 7KG
  • They both have built-in protection, which takes care of any voltage fluctuations. (whether low or high)
  • They both have a silver body & door color.
  • Both of them have similar wash programs.
  • The machines’ capacity is around 7 KG, which is an excellent fit for a small family of about 4 members.
  • The maximum dryer spin speed of both the models is the same – 1200 RPM.
  • Both have the same stainless steel tub material, which is considered one of the best.
  • Water consumption 47 Litres for both
  • Energy consumption 0.99 Kwh for both
  • Noise level spinning & washing is around 74db and 54Db, respectively. These figures are considered efficient in terms of performance and convenience.
  • You’ll see a unique & Bosch exclusive Stainless Steel Vario Drum. It ensures that the fabric gets washed gently and prevents any sort of damage.
  • Both of them include a whole ten years of warranty on the motor and two years on the overall unit.
  • The weight and dimensions are the same for both, 600 mm x 850 mm x 600 mm.
  • Both of them include a Monsoon Feature mode, what it does is, once the wash cycle gets complete, it then rinses the clothes in hot water. This helps in removing excess detergent and, at the same time, makes the clothes dry quickly.
  • Additionally, both models have an “Active Water” feature. Its inbuilt sensors sense the laundry load and provide water accordingly.

Check Current Price – Use the links in the above mentioned table to check current deals.

Differences Overview!

Image of the differences between Bosch Washing Machines
  • One of the significant differences is, the WAK24268IN model has the temperature control button.
  • This means you can set temperature as per your preference, depending on the cloth type. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on WAK24168IN.
  • The overall ratings and prices are also different for both the machines.
  • The WAK24268IN also has an impressive big sports display right at the front, enhancing the overall quality and beauty of the appliance.
  • Just like above, the 2681 model has a unique RPM spin control feature. This means you can set up the temperature as per your preference.
  • I feel this is something not that critical. Either way, you can get the washing cycle efficient even if you do not get the option to control the Spin speed (RPM)
  • Another significant difference is, the WAK24268IN has “Eco Perfect” and load recommendation features, which is not the case with other models.
  • Eco Mode is a feature that utilizes less water temperature and lower wash. It ultimately helps in saving water and electricity. With that said, it still achieves the desired efficient results.
  • Lastly, it has a unique Allergy Plus and ECARF feature. It actually is a bit different from the regular wash cycle. It is known for its super hygienic washability.
  • Well, I would say this one can be important if you have a baby in the house. Additionally, it is also helpful if there is any member with allergy issues.

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Now, below, I’m going to present a table with a brief summary, check it out…

There you go!

Have a look at this video. You’ll be able to see real-time features & differences. They have explained it tremendously!

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Which one should you go for and why?

Image explaining the washing machine to choose between WAK24168IN or WAK24268IN

As mentioned, I had a very detailed analysis of both the models. It’s not only about the reviews and differences. I’m more than happy to help you make a decision as well.

See; currently, both the models have a price difference of approximately 8K.

Note:- The price difference mentioned is to share a brief idea; the price difference may vary or fluctuate over time.

According to user reviews and statistics, WAK24168IN is the most selling model of all time.

The reason being, both are comparatively the same; it just makes a difference because of these couple of features.

The WAK24268IN model is priced slightly on the higher side as compared to the other one.

People who have sensitive requirement such as Baby Wash, RPM control, Allergen Care and Digital Display can opt-in for the 2681N

I believe the 1681N should be the ideal choice for any individual until & unless you have any special requirements. This one is certainly worth your money.


So, this brings me to an end of the comprehensive reviews between Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN. I hope this guide was helpful to you.

I have covered all the details and differences between both models. Please do let us know if anything needs to be added. 

Your feedback matters!

Now, I’d love to hear back from you. Please let us know which one you selected.

If you have any further doubts or queries, please do let us know in the comment section below.

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