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Indian food is a sort of cheat sheet for Indian households as well as restaurants. It’s the only place in the entire world where you get a bunch of varieties.

You even get a variety of chutneys such as onion, tomato, and so on. Now, the crucial appliance to make these products is a Mixer Grinder.

There are a few essential aspects that you should consider before you buy a mixie, such as motor speed & power, number of jars, jar lid locking, RPM mechanism, material quality, and so on.

Given the fact, Sujata is one of the leading & reliable brands which has all these qualities, and if you look at the user reviews, people loved their products.

Hence, I’m going to review the Sujata Mixer Grinders in this article. I have shortlisted a couple of best products manufactured by Sujata.

Further, I will share the complete review, features, pros, & cons of the shortlisted brands. By reviewing the entire article (which I recommend), it’ll be a lot easier for you to make the decision.

Though I have mentioned some of the most reliable products below, I would suggest you check out this particular model of Sujata on Amazon. The reason why I initially suggested the product is that it is incredibly reliable and durable. Lastly, it is worth every single penny that you are spending.

Let’s get started!

Overview – Which Sujata Model Is The Best?

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At the time when it strikes your mind to buy an appliance, the buying journey gets started then and there.

That said, many of us tend to get impatient and buy a product where there is still scope for improvement. Or, in other cases, we regret later.

I don’t want that to happen with our readers. That’s why I try to be completely transparent so that we can make a sensible decision.

Now, there are other excellent mixer grinder brands as well, such as Preethi Blue Leaf Models, which are comparatively reasonable in quality.

And with Sujata Mixer Grinders, you get to see a lot of models. The best part about them is that all of their products have a unique purpose, making it slightly easy for users to figure out what’s best for them.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that for a typical household, 500 Watts motor power is sufficient; however, if you think that you’re going to utilize the product more, go with 750 Watts.

Rest, a 3-4 set of jars would be more than sufficient for typical cooking tasks. Just that, the product needs to achieve the best results as per expectations.

Every penny that you’ll spend on Sujata mixie is undoubtedly worth your money because it has an increased lifespan and, at the same time, provides the best performance.

Now below, I’ll mention a bit about the brand and their journey to get a brief idea as to whom you are trusting. Also, right at the bottom, you’ll find a presentation table with all the features and details.

Let’s dive right in!

About Sujata Brand 

Image explaining the details about Sujata brand

“Trust The Expert” that’s all the brand says! I believe their tagline is sort of appealing and very well relatable as to what precisely they have accomplished!

Their ultimate vision is to provide top-notch quality material products to their users. And at the same time, giving them excellent value for money.

Sujata was established in the year 1980. It’s been more than 40 years, which is a long time. Today, Sujata’s products are being used in more than 18 countries across the globe.

They provide the best quality products at affordable prices without compromising quality, design, productivity, or safety.

Although they provide products in other kitchen & home appliance categories as well, however, it’s not so popular yet. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them in the coming years.

Most importantly, you’ll see “Small Cafe’s” “Juice Shops and other outlets having their brand printed on the products.

Thereby, it is evident that people trust the brand if their products are being utilized for professional purposes.

Let’s now proceed to the recommended model lists.

Best Sujata Mixer Grinders In India

Featured Image of Best Sujata Mixer Grinders In India

1) Sujata Powermatic Plus Mixer Grinder With Chutney Jar

Image of Sujata Powermatic Plus Mixer Grinder With Chutney Jar

It took me many hours to rank this model on the top; the reason being many models look similar.

However, this one has got the maximum positive reviews. It is available at the best price, and the heart of the product is its robust motor quality.

It has the most powerful motor in segments of 900 Watts that can run continuously for 90 minutes with double ball bearing technology for higher efficiency.

The thing that I liked the most is, it requires very minimal maintenance and, at the same time, provides a hassle-free experience for years.

The spin speed is massive as it runs at a maximum speed of 22000 RPM to ensure a super quick process. It also retains the originality of aroma & flavor in food or juices.

Since it has class I double insulated, the product’s body is shockproof, which makes it the safest appliance to use.

It is ideal for both wet & dry grinding purposes; 2 dedicated stainless steel jars come for drying and an additional dome jar for wet grinding.

Specs Overview:-

You’ll get access to 3 different speed settings. You can set up the one as per your convenience and depending upon the requirements.

It is equipped with a great strength stainless steel blade that cuts the content fairer and faster at the same time. It has a transparent appearance and is unbreakable because of the material quality.

Now, there are a few essential things that I’d like to inform, and it’s going to be most helpful.

You’ll get a sense of burning smell during your first few usages, and that’s completely normal due to the varnish coating on the motor.

Secondly, please allow some time for the motor to cool down between different product use.

Lastly, always use a 750 Watts motor product for severe grinding purposes such as masala and turmeric batter. As this has 900 Watts, it should work correctly for heavy-duty jobs as well.

  • Robust Motor Capacity
  • Unique Honeycomb Filter
  • 22000 RPM speed
  • Suitable for Long Use
  • Great Design
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Brand Reliability
  • Many users mentioned jar was missing in the package.
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2) Sujata Dynamix 900 Watts

Image of Sujata Dynamix 900 Watts

Are you looking to get flexibility while choosing the best product? Then, Sujata Dynamix should be perfect for you.

It is available at the best prices, and in regards to the user reviews, it has been rated more than four stars with more than thousands of reviews.

It has a set of 3 Jars; the first one is a big jar with a domed shape for wet grinding. The second one is medium-sized for dry grinding and additionally a small jar for chutney making purpose.

Specs Overview:-

The quality used for making blades and jars is stainless steel for better durability. You’ll also find it extremely convenient as you won’t have to change the blades while changing the jars.

From preparing chutneys to Indian masala, this product will undoubtedly make your life more accessible than ever in the kitchen.

It has a robust & heavy duty motor quality of 900 watts, which is entirely safe and has an increased lifespan. The product has a shockproof body.

Most importantly, the packaging is perfect, and the product doesn’t occupy much space in your kitchen.

Lastly, you get a one year manufacturer’s warranty with this product.

  • Excellent Motor Quality
  • 3 Jar for Dedicated Purposes
  • Impressive Design
  • ShockProof Body
  • Different Speed Adjustments
  • Reliable Brand
  • Overheating of Motor
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3) Sujata Supermix 900 Watts Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)

Image of Sujata Supermix 900 Watts Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)

This model from Sujata is available at the best prices as compared to the above two models.

Also, the fact that you get the option to choose the jar preference as per your requirement.

Like the above products, it has a robust motor of 900 Watts and can continuously work for 90 minutes.

Specs Overview:-
Image of Sujata Supermix 900 Watts

This model is equipped with stainless steel blades, which do the job correctly. You’ll get two small-sized jars for dry grinding and one for wet grinding purposes.

It is a suitable fit for grating, mincing, wet grinding, chutney grinding, dry grinding, and blending purposes.

This model has a massive spin speed of 22000 RPM. You’ll get access to three-speed settings that you can set up as per the requirement.

It is entirely safe as the body is shock free as well as vibration-free. Lastly, you get a one-year manufacturer warranty with this product.

  • Highly Durable
  • Great Design
  • Shock Proof Body
  • 3 Set of Jars
  • Makes less noise
  • Occupies Less Space
  • Reliable Brand
  • NA
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Below you can see the feature differences mentioned in the comparison table.

Feature Highlights
Powermatic Plus
Power Required
220-240V ~ 50Hz
22000 RPM
22000 RPM
22000 RPM
Auto Switch Off


Locking System


Dry Grinding
1 Year Manufacturer
1 Year Manufacturer
1 Year Manufacturer
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All the models that I’ve reviewed of Sujata Mixer Grinders have almost the same sounding features; however, there’s only a couple of features here and there. That’s the sole reason for the cost difference.

However, every product has its unique purpose, and most importantly, users are overall satisfied with the quality provided.

Lastly, I’d say that please make sure to go through the features in detail to get the precise product as per your requirement.

I hope the Sujata Mixer Grinder Review helped you make the right choice for your house.

Now, I’d love to hear back from you. In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

I’ll be more than happy to help! After all, a happy customer is what matters!

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